Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 140: Kill the ghost
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 140: Kill the ghost

"Can\'t just sit and wait like this!"
Skeletons have no wisdom, only instinct. However, the ghost skeletons that summon them have. Under the control of the ghost skeletons, a group of skeletons are like soldiers, obeying orders and encircling them, gradually surrounding them.
"You must find a way to open the gap!"
At the moment of crisis, Qin Luosheng did not confuse himself, but rather calmly analyzed: "Once you are surrounded, you will become a turtle in the urn. This battle will be lost!"
He raised his head and glanced at the ghost skeleton a few meters away, watching his sword still sticking to the ground and still summoning skeletons continuously, Qin Luosheng\'s eyes flashed brightly: "You can\'t let the ghost skeleton continue to summon like this, otherwise, there will be him Sweeping on the sidelines, under the premise of guarding against sneak attacks and distracting my energy, I will inevitably be consumed by a steady stream of skeletons."
Two swords solved a close skeleton. Qin Luo rose to the footsteps and changed his position. After avoiding the slashes of several skeletons from the pursuit, he withdrew more than one meter, and the skeleton behind him was already less than three meters away. Meters, the trend of encirclement is about to take shape.
"My augmentation effect has a limited time. Once it is exceeded, it will be difficult to fight the ghost skeleton!"
Qin Luosheng continued to analyze: "So, in order to achieve the desired effect, two things must be done: interrupt the continuous summoning of the ghost skeleton, and at the same time solve the skeleton as quickly as possible, or even kill it in an instant, don\'t waste even one. The precious boost time of second, otherwise, even if the 1V1 situation is blurred and the normal form is restored, it will be difficult to fight the ghost skeleton."
Swinging the sword again, opening the bow left and right, cutting off the two close skeletons, Qin Luosheng bowed slightly, locked the ghost skeleton, and disappeared in place before the large swords of several skeletons were cut.
"Quickly cut!"
Moving around, Qin Luosheng broke free from the encirclement of the skeleton group, and appeared in front of the BOSS ghost skeleton behind them!
Calling my little brother, watching the show with great interest, witnessing the upcoming tragedy, the ghost skeleton suddenly turned black. When he reacted, he was already the prey of the turtle in the urn, somehow he came to the front. , A cyan long sword with a faint dragon might smashed down bravely.
"Ding, the dragon soul effect is triggered, and the target general Skeleton-Ghost Skeleton, is in a frozen state for 3 seconds!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe his ears. He never expected that at this critical time, the dragon soul effect of [Panlong Lishui] would be triggered.
Although this effect was triggered frequently when cleaning the Skeleton Domain, Zombie Domain, and Ghost Domain before, but now I am facing a level 20 enhanced golden BOSS. This is only a passively triggered control effect. The probability of triggering should be low. That\'s right.
I just slashed more than a dozen swords with [Panlong Lishui], and there was no sign of triggering at all, that was proof. I never thought that this dragon soul effect is still a key man. Normally, it does not show the mountains and dews. At the critical moment, it explodes once and plays a very strong role to lock the battle.
Ghost fire flickered wildly in Guigu\'s eyes, looking at Qin Luosheng in disbelief, it seemed that he couldn\'t believe his great situation, and he broke the power in an instant.
"Nothing is impossible!"
Qin Luosheng sneered!
Although the stiffness effect is also a strong control, it only causes the body to stiffen. Like freezing, controlling the physical body is still normal in spirit, unlike strong controls such as fear, dizziness, and psychedelic, and the consciousness is not clear.
in this way!
Good too!
Just let the ghost skull see how the little brother he tried so hard to summon was instantly destroyed by a single blow!
"Water pulse!"
Without hesitation, he took out the Water Vein Spirit Orb and activated the only attached active skill, which helped him to build up a series of unique skills in the abyss mode of the trial land.
The hidden map of Luojia Village in the depths of the mass graves is like a ghostly mythical place. Although the water element is very lacking, the water vein spirit orbs cannot exert their true abilities. However, with Qin Luoshengs current increased attribute abilities, it is only based on water pulse strikes. 200% of the damage per second, plus a constant 500 points of water damage, is enough to clean the weakened skeletons.
A round of shock!
Second round of shock!
Three rounds of shock!
For a duration of fifteen seconds, it was only an impact for three seconds. Dozens of skeleton monsters all died tragically. As the ghost skeletons became stiff, the energy in the body could not be mobilized, so the summoning stopped, not only did no new companions come out. To assist in the battle, instead, their bodies, which were crushed by the water and smashed by the whirlpool, were washed away by the flood, and some directly sank into the ground swamp, being swallowed and disappeared.
"This is really clean!"
After killing all the skeletons, Qin Luosheng did not insist on continuing to sway the water pulse, but took them back. In the case of a real battlefield, the ground was refreshed when the skill ended, not only the skeletons disappeared, and there was no drop of water left.
"Asshole, die for this general!"
At this moment, the strong wind whistling behind him, the ghost skeleton, who had recovered from stiff for 3 seconds, looked at Qin Luosheng who was cleaning his little brother with his back facing him.
"Don\'t be so grumpy!"
However, this force sank with a very fast speed and slashed into the air again. Qin Luosheng\'s head seemed to have opened his eyes, and his body moved slightly, like a change in form, bringing up a afterimage from the front of the ghost skull. Moved behind him, instantly, offensive and defensive transposition.
"Go up to Lao Tzu!"
Putting the [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers] on the ground, Qin Luosheng gripped the hilt of the [Panlong Lishui] sword with both hands. From bottom to top, he slashed away with a vicious sword, "Pick and cut!"
A total of 668 points of terrifying power erupted in an all-round way. The seemingly thick ghost skull was 3 meters tall but with only bones. His weight was not as heavy as he imagined. Under Qin Luoshengs explosion, he instantly went up to the sky, suspended in the air, at least Stay in the air for three seconds, unable to move.
"Crazy attack!"
Opportunities are hard to find, Qin Luosheng has no hesitation in launching the attack speed increase skill. In an instant, his wrist is flexible and his attack speed is directly increased by as much as 50%!
There is no fancy skill attack, and some are just dazzling endless basic attacks!
Skill damage is strong, but between skills and skills, even if the connection is successful, there will be a certain period of time conversion. What\'s more, now basically all skills stay at the LV1 stage, and the distance between them is still one hundred and eight thousand. in.
When using two skills, there should be at least 1 second between them. This 1 second is too long, it is better to use the basic attack. After blessing 50% of the attack speed, one hand can cut 2.5 swords in one second, and in 3 seconds, with full force, the left and right hands can be combined to cut 15 swords, which can cause at least 20W+ damage to the ghost skeleton!
After 3 seconds!
Ghost skull landing!
Detection technique!
Qin Luosheng glanced over, and suddenly saw his state:
Health: 38224/500000!