Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 138: General Skeleton-Under the Ghost Skull
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 138: General Skeleton-Under the Ghost Skull

A huge number of injuries popped up from the top of Qin Luosheng\'s head. Before he started doing it, his health dropped by nearly one-third. Isn\'t this too difficult?
With a muffled snort, Qin Luosheng turned his head and spouted a mouthful of blood.
"Ding, you are internally injured, all attributes are reduced by 20% for 1 hour!"
Qin Luosheng:...
what is this?
Dog system!
Knock you!
Did you hear me knock on you?
"Boy, let go of the mistress!"
Holding his chest, Qin Luosheng hardly helped Luo Li to stand up. Qin Luosheng saw the monster that showed its figure from the dark clouds. A huge skeleton with a height of three meters, holding a big sword, covered in darkness, like steel bars, at this moment, like a deep pit. In the skull\'s eyes, the blood-red ghost fire was shining with a weird red light, and the violent killing intent made him shudder.
Holding Luo Li\'s soft willow waist, Qin Luosheng\'s mouth slightly hooked, and his hands couldn\'t help but force, making Luo Li\'s delicate body closer to him.
"court death!"
Big Skull\'s eyes flickered crazily, an expression of anger, even if he was more than thirty meters away, Qin Luosheng was still palpitating.
"Hey, don\'t be impulsive, otherwise, you will kiss here!"
Seeing the big skull brandishing a big knife and preparing to kill him, Qin Luosheng quickly lifted Luo Li\'s extremely pretty face, held the willow waist with his left hand, and raised his chin with his right hand, as if he was going to kiss him. I haven\'t done so, but I was desecrated by other men, you said, what would your master think?"
"Despicable kid!"
Sure enough, the big skeleton was deceived, stopped, and waved his big knife madly, cutting out one after another terrible sword energy, but after all he did not dare to go forward.
"Hi, this is really terrible!"
Even though he was just acting for Big Skeleton, all his actions were gambling, but this action was real, embracing such a charming and natural woman, as a normal man, Qin Luosheng was not only heartbroken, but also agitated.
"As for me, I just passed by here. I am innocent. This matter had nothing to do with me!"
Stubbornly resisting the sex, Qin Luosheng said to the big skeleton: "Or, to make a discussion, I will leave here immediately, you go on your Yangguan Road, I cross my single-plank bridge, everyone should do nothing, how?"
The big skeleton pondered for a few seconds, then agreed, pointed at Luo Li, and said: "You let the mistress go, I will let you go!"
"Hey, you don\'t have any sincerity!"
Qin Luosheng sneered and said: "When I am a fool? If I put this only bargaining chip, you will let me go?"
"My ghost said no two, say let you go, just let you go!" Big Skull said loudly.
Qin Luosheng: "I don\'t believe it!"
Ghost Skull:...
"Then how are you doing?" Ghost Skull said cruelly: "Don\'t think that you have a mistress in your hand. You can make terms with me. It irritates me and stabs you. A woman is just a mere woman, but the owner would not Blame me too much!"
"I don\'t want anything!"
Qin Luosheng frowned slightly, weighed it, and said, "I just leave here safely. As long as I keep a small life, that\'s all."
"I..." Qin Luosheng didn\'t wait for him to say something, and interrupted directly, "You don\'t need to say your promise, I can\'t believe it. I won\'t bet my life on your so-called verbal promise. ."
Helling to go crazy, Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to go around the corner, and quickly continued: "Either you follow me and walk out of this mass grave, and I will return this woman to you. Or everyone is dead. Don\'t doubt, although I can\'t beat you. , But before dying, if you want to do something to this unresistible woman, you can\'t stop me."
"Little devil, don\'t be too far-fetched, who do you think your uncle ghost is and will be threatened by you?"
The ghost skeleton was furious.
"I don\'t know who you are, but isn\'t it obvious that you are not threatened?"
Qin Luosheng was holding the winning ticket and said with a smile: "If you really don\'t care as you said, now you are not here to talk to me, but directly kill. It seems that this woman, To you, no, it should be said that it should be very important to the master in your mouth. Otherwise, you wouldn\'t be like this."
"What do you want?" The ghost fire in the ghost\'s eyes flickered again. He hesitated for a few seconds before speaking. The tone and gesture were no longer the same as before, and it has slowed down. "Don\'t say take the mistress away from the mass grave, this I will never promise you."
"Really?" Qin Luosheng sneered: "Then there is no way! I won\'t believe you. From now on, I will give you one minute to consider, or I will either agree to my terms, or I will kill the woman."
Ghost Skull was shocked: "You..."
"Don\'t doubt my determination, I won\'t fall into your tactics, and give you more time to gather your companions!" Qin Luosheng was extremely calm, and analyzed clearly: "One minute, only one minute, beyond this time, no matter you Promise or not, this womans fate is up to me. Oh, with such a great beauty Huang Quan as the company, I wont be in vain!"
The ghost skeleton, who was put under pressure, was silent again, struggling to make a decision.
"Ghost skull, don\'t worry about Luo Li, kill that kid!"
The stalemate passed by for one second, and Qin Luosheng clearly felt that the ghost skeleton\'s psychological defense line was gradually disintegrating. When he thought he had won the bet, suddenly, a soft voice floated from nowhere.
"Yes, master!"
After watching the ghost kneeling respectfully, he stood with a murderous sword, and when he looked over, Qin Luosheng\'s disguised calm disintegrated instantly.
"Boy, go to hell!"
The Ghost Skull brandished a big knife, and violently killed him, "Do you think the master would care about that woman? It\'s a bit useful, but it\'s that way. Now that it\'s in the hands, it\'s the same whether it\'s alive or dead!"
Qin Luosheng gasped wildly in his heart!
Detection technique!
[General SkeletonGhost Skull (Enhanced Golden BOSS)]
Grade: LV20
Health value: 500000
Attack: 6500
Defense: 2000
Speed: 320
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: Ghost skeletons are of unknown origin. The undead skeletons that were originally born in the mass graves absorb countless grievances thrown into mass burial of dead bodies, plunder the stigma, gradually strengthen themselves, and eventually become the ruler of the skeleton field, calling themselves the general of skeletons. Not long ago, the mass graves were changed. The ghosts and skulls took refuge in the mysterious people and became their generals. Together with the other two powerful men, they attacked the Knights of Rose that came to explore, captured its leader Luo Li alive, and prepared for a special ceremony. .