Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 135: Ghost Bride
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 135: Ghost Bride

Qin Luosheng, who had seen through the official routine, smiled disdainfully, not paying attention to these.
In fact, with his abilities, he has the greatest chance of obtaining a help order.
However, the BOSS is hard to find, and the explosion rate is touching. Even if the first piece of help is sure to sell at an unimaginable price, he has no feeling at all. He will do it if he encounters it, and he will explode, without deliberately demanding.
"This ranking is kind of interesting!"
In contrast, Qin Luosheng is very interested in the ranking system, "The four major rankings are open, and the money rankings are not considered, and they are not comparable to those big tyrants, but the remaining three, I dont know if I can be on the list. , Especially the equipment rankings, I dont know how many can be on the list and how many holes it will occupy!"
That\'s right, it\'s so arrogant!
If it is something else, Qin Luosheng still doesn\'t have much confidence. After all, China Land, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the folk masters will be beaten sooner or later!
But the equipment ranking is different!
Others may be able to obtain powerful equipment, Qin Luosheng has no doubt about this.
The equipment that can be obtained is at most gold level, right?
And he!
Gold-level equipment is the lowest-grade existence on the body!
Since there was a starlight miracle, this one has been equipped, um, who else? ! !

22 o\'clock in the evening!
Neon flashes!
However, this is usually the time when the nightlife is on. People are full of voices, cars come and go, and there is a constant flow of people, but today, it is deserted.
Without him!
The update of "Dimension of Destiny" is about to end. Except for a few game time, they are now going out for food, waiting for 0:00 in the morning, and continue to devote themselves to the struggle. Most of the other aspiring young people are estimated to have retracted in bed and are quiet. Waiting for the last few minutes of opening the server.
"It\'s almost time, let me go too!"
First ran to the toilet and drained the water. Qin Luo ascended back to the room, connected the game device in a light car, and lay quietly on the bed, with a beautiful expression on his face: "Fortunately, there are still 2 hours of game time. You can play until In the early morning, and then a new day, the game time resumes, and its really cool to have fun again!"
In a few minutes!
Time is guiding 22 o\'clock!
"The Destiny Dimension" is now available!
"enter the game!"
Qin Luosheng immediately started the game to connect to the device without delay in a second!
"Ding, welcome back to the world of destiny, and wish you a happy game!"
Ignoring the system\'s routine notification sounds, Qin Luosheng drew out [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], turned on the sword qi vertical and horizontal effect, and was mad at the seven or eight skeletons that had been refreshed and were now surrounding them.
Level 15 ordinary monsters, seven or eight, there is no way to hang Qin Luosheng on the wall. After the speed is fully suppressed, as long as the encircling circle cannot be formed, basically even Qin Luoshengs hair cant be touched. , Fell one after another, tragically killed by the sword.
"Fuck, is it all white again?"
After killing the skeleton monster, he glanced at the ground, except for the coins, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but yelled at the ghost, helplessly picked it up, and then used the gathering technique.
"Ding, can\'t collect!"
Qin Luosheng:...
It\'s really correct!
It doesnt matter if the equipment doesnt explode. You dont even have a little bit of oil or water on your body, and youre so poor. Is this Nima too much?
"Should I change to another place to practice?"
Qin Luosheng was very depressed.
Although leveling is important, equipment is also very important, as are materials!
after all!
He also has a small shop that is out of stock. The equipment can be sold directly, and the collected materials can also be used for refining!
"Forget it, just here!"
After weighing it up, Qin Luosheng dispelled the idea of ??changing the place. Here, he alone can enjoy the entire monster group, but there is no guarantee in other places.
"There are no players in this place before, so it is considered a wasteland development? So, there should be wild BOSS, and there are still one-blood bosses that will explode good things!"
Thinking of BOSS, Qin Luosheng felt itchy again.
Although the jungler suit on his body is still very strong now, there is no need to update, but it is not completely impossible to update, what if more powerful equipment bursts? Even if you abandon the suit attributes, you have to change it!
"If the introduction is correct, this mass burial post is a recent change. In this case, there must be an incredible big-BOSS here, or some strange treasure will be born, otherwise, there will be no such thing as today. Like a situation!"
The more Qin Luosheng thought about it, the more it made sense, his eyes were brightening, because he smelled the breath of hidden missions.
move on--
Overcoming obstacles and thorns, the number of skeletons who died tragically under his hands is countless, it is no longer possible to tell how many there are!
"Is there no boss?"
I swept the entire area until the end, not to mention the BOSS, not even the elite monsters and strengthening monsters, which made Qin Luosheng feel very uncomfortable, even if it has already increased by more than half of the experience value, it is quite fragrant. Yes, but without a boss, there will be less flavor, um, not satisfactory.
"Huh, is there a trail here?"
Standing at the end of the mass grave, the unwilling Qin Luosheng searched for it. After all, his efforts paid off and he found a hidden trail.
"Is the BOSS behind?"
With a smile on his face, Qin Luosheng stepped up without hesitation and moved forward along the trail.
Without walking for a few minutes, the vision suddenly became clear!
Qin Luosheng quickened his pace and rushed out of the trail. What he saw was an area as wide as the mass grave where the skeletons were behind.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
What the hell?
What about the good boss?
Why are these ghosts?
Grade: LV15
Health value: 40000
Attack: 2500
Defense: 800
Speed: 125
Skills: None
Introduction: Ordinary zombies were originally the dead who were thrown into the mass graves. Because of the impact of death, the body that had not melted recovered and turned into a zombie, without consciousness, only instinct, and hated light, life and flame.
Isn\'t this the clone monster of Skeleton, just changed its appearance and changed its skin?
Compared with the skeleton, the health value and defense power are stronger, but the attack power and speed have been weakened a lot, but it is still rubbish, completely invisible.
"Give me this set of circular maps?"
Taking a deep breath, Qin Luosheng gripped two epic one-handed swords tightly, with killing intent in his eyes, and instead of retreating, he killed the group of stiff zombies, "I want to see, how many mirror maps do you have? How big is this mass grave, Lao Tzu can\'t clean it up!"