Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 122: Qin Luoshengs worries
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 122: Qin Luoshengs worries

"Oh, clich!"
Looking at the top ten posts on the forum, compared with the last time eight out of ten were related to him, this time the top ten posts directly came to a Grand Slam.
It\'s just that the quantity has gone up, but the quality is still in place, which is really worrying!
With so many people in the world, can\'t it be possible to find a "literati"? It\'s the same rhetoric that comes and goes, what fak, cnm, bitch, bageya road,...nothing new, it\'s really disappointing.
That\'s it?
Qin Luosheng smiled disdainfully!
The Zu\'an Grand Stage, with ups and downs for ten years, is still riding Summoner\'s Canyon today, with both parents there, immovable like a mountain, what big scene has you never seen?
There are so many words over and over again, but to sum it up, it\'s just a one-line scolding, do you want to scold him to death, or to laugh at him?
Qin Luosheng can ignore the anger of the players, but the official attitude is too important!
Although the propaganda uses a series of labels such as "absolute freedom", "never interference", and "everything is under the control of the mastermind", who knows how it is actually?
Politicians can believe what they say, it can only be said that they are either idiots, or they have not experienced social beatings!
"Dimension of Destiny" does have countless auras on its head, but in its bones, it is after all a game, a game created by humans.
Quite mysterious!
But how mysterious is it? It is still created by humans.
As the human beings of the creation gods, the hegemon of this planet, how can other uncontrollable factors appear? The main brain must also serve mankind, to be precise, to serve the existence of those big people behind the scenes.
"Unfortunately, there is too little information to analyze at all!"
Qin Luosheng shook his head secretly.
After all, he is an alien traveler, and the status of his predecessor is also very low. A poor student, a dick, the real secret, he doesn\'t know, what he can know, that is, the information that the big people are willing to release, nothing more.
Invariably change!
The mastermind has a certain degree of autonomy, which is for sure, because the big men compromised with each other.
Blue Star is very similar to the Earth. Basically, apart from the fact that the science and technology tree is a bit crooked, the other aspects are exactly the same. There are also so many countries and so many disputes and contradictions. In relative peace, there are still constant wars.
Because of the more advanced technology, the situation of Blue Star is worse than that of the earth. Because of the advanced technology, it also means that the weapons of war have become more powerful and more destructive.
Everyone is a human being, and they all eat together on this planet. Before the interstellar travel technology is mature and controlled, and before an alien planet suitable for human habitability is found, no one dares to risk the world\'s disobedience to start the war of destruction.
The war cannot be fought, but what about disputes?
Sports competition?
Or is it an economic war?
It is difficult to have essential results!
Only war and violence can resolve contradictions!
If you think it is right, the virtual game "Dimension of Destiny" should be born under this background, right? ! !
The contradiction in the reality is transferred to the virtual world, even if the brain is broken in the virtual world, and the world is destroyed by red eyes, it is enough as long as it does not affect the real world.
The contradiction transfer is successful, but there are too many uncertain factors!
In reality, I am stronger, I am stronger, I have more troops, I have more weapons, and I have more nuclear bombs...
And "Dimension of Destiny" is just a game world, a virtual world, a data world, and it can be used. You only need to move your finger to change the data, and you can achieve earth-shaking changes. It is like a god, manipulating the entire world, and one person is against the country Whatever it is, it is impossible for one person to challenge the whole world alone!
and so!
Who will supervise "Dimension of Destiny"?
Who can trust it to other countries?
Don\'t worry about it!
Then, under mutual distrust, only an outside "person" can be found, authorized to him, and in control of the overall situation. This is fair to any country.
The mastermind, when it gets bigger, is the product of the mutual compromise of all countries on the Blue Star, and when it is smaller, it is the product of the creation of checks and balances between powerful countries.
For this reason, even if humans are absolutely in control, the mastermind has a lot of autonomy!
As long as the human will is still the mainstay, the mastermind is only a puppet after all.
And Qin Luosheng made such a big turmoil, caused a storm to sweep the world, and even caused turmoil throughout the world, forcing the official operation of the United Nations-Destiny Group, to hold a press conference to stabilize the situation, not only Too much, and there are many black hands behind the scenes.
after all!
When the whole world signs an agreement to transfer all disputes to the "Dimension of Destiny" for settlement, then the meaning of "Dimension of Destiny" is no longer ordinary.
As a big country in the world and the Five Constants in the world, China has its own extraordinary strength, and because of that dark age, countless western countries have offended countless countries. Therefore, under the leadership of the Stars and Stripes, they are afraid that they will throw dirty water after the fall and the interests of certain countries. Talk about Chinas threat theory, brainwashing the nation.
In reality, it is impossible to fight. In the game, Huaxia is the only one who has born such a ferocious existence as "Crying Soul". Who can feel at ease?
Taking advantage of the weakness of human nature, magnifying the jealousy in people\'s hearts, manipulating the world, targeting China, and targeting "Cry Soul", it is only natural.
Ordinary people who have been dazzled may really think that "Soul Crying" is a despicable cheater. However, knowing so many secretive bigwigs, they know better than anyone, whether "Soul Crying" is cheating or based on their true ability. !
It is precisely because we know that "Weeping Soul" is really strong. If we let it go and let him grow up, the variables will be too great and it is likely to threaten the whole world. Therefore, he will not hesitate to take the risk of offending China and be dirty in secret. It is bound to be strangled in the cradle.
According to the normal development, the mastermind detection will definitely come to the conclusion that "there is no problem, not cheating, and no BUG is used.
Because this is true!
With outfield factors disrupting, it\'s different!
This is exactly what Qin Luosheng is worried about.
Once national-level forces participate, especially the five permanent countries, the game behind it is simply unimaginable, and the specific results are simply unknown.
"Ding Dong!"
Qin Luosheng, who was in infinite contemplation, was suddenly awakened by the doorbell.
Look at the time, almost an hour has passed!
"Have I been in a daze for so long?"
Qin Luosheng is a little unbelievable!
"Forget it, it\'s useless to analyze and analyze here. What should come will still come!"
He got up, opened the door, and took the heavy takeaway from the takeaway boy. Qin Luosheng returned to the dining room and laid out the packaged dishes one by one, "Hope, there will be good news. After all, the motherland is not a vegetarian." , This is not the dark age before the founding of the country!"