Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 115: The power of the mysterious sound source stone
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 115: The power of the mysterious sound source stone

"Little devil, do you want to provoke this king?" He said: "What a bad strategy!"
"Really?" Qin Luosheng chuckled, "Bad tactics are also tactics. I think you can eat this one. Tsk, dont mess with your steps, hey, left, left, Im attacking the left. , You should go to the right, what\'s going on to the left, touch porcelain?"
"Shut up!" He was angry!
"Well, don\'t be angry!" Qin Luosheng squinted, "Didn\'t you just say that my method is awkward? Why do I break my work in less than two seconds? Don\'t slap yourself in the face like this! This will make me right. Your impression is diminished."
"Think about you just now, that arrogant posture of independence and contempt for the world is so chic and noble. Even if the races are different, and each other is enemies, it still does not affect your position in my heart."
"Aside from other factors, I personally admire and look forward to you very much. With your pride and being sealed for tens of thousands of years, you are still aloof, I admire you."
"But now, your image in my heart is completely shattered!"
"It\'s so easy to be irritated, it shows that your xinxing cultivation is not at home. Knowing that I\'m aggravating generals, you are still fooled. I really can\'t believe it.
"Could it be that you just pretended to be a kingly demeanor? You are a foolish man in your bones? No way! No way!"
"I said, were you bragging just now? Looking at your posture, saying that you swallowed hundreds of millions of my human ancestors, I really can\'t believe it!"
Qin Luosheng continued: "You should have made it up, right? Right?Hey, there are no outsiders here. Just tell me, I swear by heaven, absolutely keep the secret, if you tell a third person , I must die."
Him: convex (ܳܳܳ)
"Oh! You can understand it without saying it!"
Qin Luosheng sighed: "Who can tell others about this kind of thing? A proper black history! Don\'t tell it to others, even if you look back on it yourself, it\'s embarrassing to want to die, right?"
"I understand it!"
"Isn\'t this when I was in Secondary Two? I did too!"
"At that time, I always thought that my destiny son, the center of the world, the protagonist of heaven and earth, everything was all around me. There are always all kinds of fantasy, all kinds of big talk, just open your mouth, and make peace. Your sentence: I have swallowed hundreds of millions of people in their lives. It\'s very pressing. I guess you must have gained a lot of attention when you said that? Well, it\'s really addictive."
Him:? ? ?
"Don\'t be so fierce!"
Qin Luosheng curled his lips and turned a blind eye to his cannibalistic gaze: "Now we are the two and there are no outsiders. What are you afraid of? If you feel embarrassed, I will also tell you about my dark history. , Wont everyone even be equal?"
"Ah... it was a bright morning, I was riding a bike..."
Just as Qin Luosheng was about to continue attacking his heart and disgusting him, suddenly, an unspeakable violent energy surged, causing him to shut his mouth immediately and wait intently.
"Boy, congratulations, you successfully angered this king!"
On the surface of his body, a faint green light appeared on the surface of his body. The thin light curtain seemed to be transparent, but it was full of power that made Qin Luosheng frighten.
"Your dirty soul really makes this king sick!"
He stretched out his hand, and the green light curtain flowed rapidly. In the palm of his hand, a high-speed rotating energy ball was formed, exuding the power of ruining the world: "So, this king changed his mind, and let you be wiped out. Right!"
"Is this the strong man in the ancient times?"
Under the indestructible fighting spirit, Qin Luosheng had no fear. Even in the face of an attack that was enough to turn him into fly ashes, he looked at him, the fighting spirit screamed, and his excited body trembled: "Sure enough, the gods and demons. What, its far from an existence that I can understand. Even if Ive been sealed for so long, Im afraid that my strength is not in case, a skill at hand can give me a feeling of facing the world, too strong, really too strong Up!"
At this moment, he is the **** and demon!
That kind of look, there is no compassion of God, no cruelty of a demon, and no emotion at all!
He, high above, overlooking the common people, is like a **** and a demon!
He still broke the power!
And the culprit who made him break through the air is naturally his Qin Luosheng!
It seems!
Qin Luosheng, who was incarnate as an Onmyoji, had a great impact on his soul!
This is too bad, right?
This is the so-called demon of the ancients, a peerless evil?
Such a thin mentality really has a negative image!
Can\'t stand the yin and yang strangeness at this level?
If you enter the Zu\'an stage, won\'t your mentality explode at any time? Even if there are a hundred parents, I guess it won\'t last a night!
Shake the mountain for a while!
The energy ball containing destructive power erupted in an instant, even in this extremely strong sealed land, it was still full of destructive power, and the originally flat terrain became pitted with rocks everywhere.
"What a terrible attack!"
After the dust settled, Qin Luosheng, who was already wiped out in his eyes, suddenly galloped out of the shadow, slashed with a heavy sword, and slashed on his heavenly spirit cover, "You almost gave me a second!"
" could it be possible!"
He was surprised!
Even though this move is not his unique move, it is also ranked among the moves he possesses. The gods, demons, and demons who died in this move are unknown, even if the power is insufficient now, the strength is inexhaustible. , It should be more than enough to deal with a human race ant!
What\'s the situation?
"What abilities did you use?"
Qin Luosheng glanced at the skill bar----
[Shadow Escape] LV1, 0/5000, effect It costs 500 mana and turns into a shadow, moving at will within 5 meters! Cooling time: 3 minutes! Effect Expends 1000 mana, within 3 meters, you can escape into the shadow of the enemy, immune to all physical and magical damage, lasts up to 5 seconds, cooling time: 10 minutes!
What ability?
The ability to escape into the shadow and avoid damage!
"Shadow escape, effect!"
After successfully attacking with a sword, Qin Luosheng did not want to fight, and after Shadow Dun\'s second ability, he quickly activated Shadow Dun\'s first ability and quickly retreated!
"It\'s not rude to come and go, since you are so gracious, then, next, I should return the gift too!"
Taking out the Water Vein Spirit Orb, Qin Luosheng did not hesitate to activate the power of the water element: "Water Pulse!"
The majestic water rushed out and turned into turbulent waves, sweeping towards Him.
Under the action of the water vein spirit beads, the rich water element turned into a vortex with strong water pressure, covering the entire corpse town.
Ze Guo!