Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 110: Dragon Soul Revealed and Decapitated Snake Girl
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 110: Dragon Soul Revealed and Decapitated Snake Girl

Abandoning his right hand, Qin Luosheng\'s left hand seemed to be convulsed, and he swung frantically at the snake girl, bursts of sharp sword aura, and rushed away one after another.
Qin Luosheng laughed wildly as his shriveled body was filling up little by little.
The vitality captured by [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] is slowly recovering by hurting the snake girl.
Sword Qi is like a stormy sea, endless. Even though the snake girl is agile, she is too much restricted in the water to completely dodge such a dense sword curtain. There are several more scars on her body.
"Boy, I killed you!"
The Snake Girl has a rich combat experience, and she immediately judged the situation in front of her. Seeing that she could not get rid of this endless sword-like attack, she would inevitably be a chronic death if she dodges like this. She simply opened the door wide, without defense, she carried her body hard. Jian Qi, head on straight.
"Really decisive!"
Qin Luosheng sneered coldly, his left hand still kept waving, but his feet moved quickly and kept retreating, starting the most effective guerrilla tactics for players to fight BOSS.
"Want to catch up with me? In the next life!"
At home in the water, Qin Luo Shengan was able to be overtaken by the snake girl, wandering lightly, and controlled the distance to death, always keeping a distance between 5-7 meters from the snake girl.
Even though the frequency of the sword energy of slashing is reduced due to the movement, the snake girl rushes straight forward, without dodge or guard, all the sword energy falls on her without deviation, which is two or three in the previous ten swords. The effect of the sword is almost the same.
One minute!
Two minutes!
three minutes!
Under the dim water, Qin Luosheng is like a cat playing with a mouse, playing with a snake girl with ease. He has always had an absolute advantage, and the victorious Libra has gradually begun to lean towards him!
"It\'s really tough!"
The snake girl who was completely inspired by the animal nature, her head iron as always, was chasing her, and she had eaten at least a hundred swords in three minutes. Even with wounds all over her body, she was still alive and fierce.
Seeing that more than half of the five-minute effect of [Last Fight] has passed, and the snake girl has no tendency to fall, Qin Luosheng is also a little anxious.
What if you are in a hurry?
There is simply no way to make a quick decision, only bite the bullet and continue to fly the kite. There are still 2 minutes to see if a miracle can happen, do your best, and let your fate!
"Labor and capital have clearly blessed their offensive power, why is this damage so much like Gua Sha?"
Seeing another sword qi on the snake girl\'s body, leaving a small wound no wider than the width of her little finger, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but spit out: "Fortunately, it can cause damage, otherwise, it will really only be a strange move, or behead. Either find Qi Cun. Its not the point yet, just continue to attack quietly, watch the changes, and wait for the result."
Squinting and looking at the snake girl, Qin Luo didn\'t rise slowly in his hands and kept under his feet, but he was thinking about other things in his heart: "Although the damage to the snake girl is not great, the wound is not deep, but fortunately enough, it is spread all over. The whole body is in this state, even if you just move it, you will feel pain all over your body, which greatly affects your performance, and even leads to serious physical incoordination, which reduces your combat effectiveness."
"Not only that!" Qin Luosheng\'s eyes lighted: "These wounds are still bleeding. Although the amount of bleeding is very small, it can\'t hold up the bleeding. Moreover, the snake girl is still exercising so vigorously, which will inevitably lead to faster blood flow in the body. , Once the blood supply is insufficient and the body can\'t support it, then I won!"
Thinking of this, Qin Luosheng attacked more vigorously in order to cause more wounds on the snake girl in a limited time and make her bleed more.
The snake girl, who had been struggling to support, was even more difficult under the attack of Qin Luosheng\'s sudden violent one point.
at this time!
As soon as her brain was overheated, she felt the discomfort from her body. The snake girl rang a warning bell in her heart. She gave Qin Luosheng a bitter look and stopped chasing. Instead, she turned her body around and prepared to run away.
"I want to run now? It\'s a pity, it\'s too late!"
Qin Luosheng sneered!
Since I can play guerrilla warfare with you, the speed will naturally crush you. In this case, want to run? Simply dreaming!
"Zhan Zhan Zhan!"
Following the snake girl, Qin Luosheng still attacked constantly.
What is the difference between this situation and just now?
It\'s just that it has changed from a passive wandering attack to a continuous pursuit attack, isn\'t it the one who is leading the attack?
One minute passed!
Two minutes passed!
Five minutes in total!
At this time!
The effect time of Last Stand is over!
The snake girl is almost over!
In the first three minutes, he bit his scalp and rushed forward, with scars and blood flowing across the front of his body!
Two minutes later, he ran away with his tail sandwiched. Behind his body was scarred and blood soared!
Nearly two hundred swords, at least one hundred wounds!
With such a large number of bleeding mouths, how much blood can flow in the snake girl\'s body?
No one knows the answer!
Qin Luosheng only knew that the snake girl was dead!
Even if it is a demon, even if it is a cold-blooded animal, without blood in its body, it will still die!
The snake girl is not dead, but it is not much different. The breath has gradually weakened!
Looking at the snake girl who had sunk to the bottom and lying motionless, Qin Luosheng slowly fell down, calmly ignoring her bitter and bitter gaze, and cautiously leaned over, opening the bow with his left and right hands continuously, and the sword aura kept swaying!
The last battle is over, but the effect of sword energy, as long as it does not stop actively, as long as the magic power is enough, it will always exist.
The distance of 2 meters is short, but enough!
It was another minute of slashing, every sword aimed at the snake girl\'s neck, and rushed to behead it, but the vitality of this product was too strong, it was still not dead!
Qin Luosheng was completely speechless, what kind of monster is this tm? A snake, why is the defense so high? Is this the so-called "monster"? It has indeed broken away from the level of ordinary life forms and has evolved to another level!
What about the demon?
Isn\'t it still lying at the feet of Lao Tzu, the fire of life is about to go out?
"Tsk tsk, how good would it be to be decapitated just now if you didnt resist? Wouldnt it be the crime? I was chopped by a sword, boiled the frog in warm water, covered with scars all over his body, struggling in pain, bleeding out of blood and died. Is this what you want?"
Seeing the snake girl\'s eyes gradually dimmed, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but speak.
"Boy, go to **** with me!"
At this moment, the dying snake girl suddenly violent, taking advantage of the moment Qin Luosheng\'s body relaxed, she issued a desperate blow.
"It\'s naive!"
The corner of his mouth clicked, and Qin Luosheng\'s sloppy expression became cold and cold at the moment when the snake girl violent, and he grew wise after eating. How could he be stupid in the face of such a powerful existence as the snake girl that might make an offer at any time. Take it lightly and be turned against the wind by the enemy? Prevent it! Relaxing and sloppy is just a disguise to seduce the snake girl!
The figure turned into a shadow, and disappeared at the moment when the snake girl was biting. The next moment, Qin Luosheng appeared above the snake girl. With a slight movement of his left hand, the [Blood Soldier] in his hand disappeared, his arm was strong, and the veins were violent. He got up, gripped the hilt of the [Panlong Lishui] sword, exerted all my strength, and severely chopped it towards the snake girl\'s right neck.
Get up from wherever you fall!
present day!
The snake girl must be killed!
The energy was swallowed, and it seemed to feel Qin Luosheng\'s will, [Panlong Lishui] Jianfeng\'s brilliance was shining, and the dragon pattern imprinted on it seemed to come alive, emitting a mighty dragon.
Under the dragon\'s might, the snake girl\'s figure suddenly stopped. From the absolute suppression of her blood, she turned from a fierce monster into a soft gluten!
next moment!
The sword edge passed, a big head, galloping up!