Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 108: The power of the water vein floods the snake cave
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 108: The power of the water vein floods the snake cave

The high-pitched scream shook the entire snake cave.
The beautiful face of the snake girl disappeared at this moment, replaced by a terrifying face covered with snake scales.
Removed her camouflage, the snake girl who had recovered her real body opened her mouth wide without hesitation. The next second, the green venom poured out like a waterfall. The target was not Qin Luosheng, but the ground!
"Fuck? Your uncle!"
The snake eggs, which were sleeping quietly, broke out of their shells one by one under the action of the snake womans venom. The juvenile body quickly swelled under the venom soaking, and in just a few seconds, it became tens of centimeters to one meter. The adult snakes on the left and right are extremely hideous and terrifying, violent and unprovoked.
"You cannot be surrounded by snakes, otherwise you will definitely die!"
Qin Luosheng slipped in a cold sweat, watching the group of snakes act in an orderly manner under the control of the snake girl, as if they were forming a formation, could not help but be frightened, the sixth sense gave him a crazy alarm.
"Aura cloak, costs 10 aura points to activate the flying ability!"
Without hesitation, Qin Luosheng shook the aura cloak behind him, draining the accumulated aura spots and filling it into the cloak. In an instant, the shape of the cloak changed drastically, as if it turned into a pair of gliding wings, lying behind him.
"call out"
The group of snakes pounced, and Qin Luosheng slammed the ground fiercely, his body soaring into the sky like an arrow from the string, and he escaped countless snake kisses dangerously and dangerously and rushed to the distant stone platform.
Here is the resting place of the snake girl, high above!
Due to the authority of the snake girl, there was nothing around the stone platform, and no snake dared to inhabit the surrounding area, so it became Qin Luosheng\'s best foothold at this moment.
"Damn human race, **** human imp, you can\'t escape!"
The snake girl swept an angry gaze, one end, no, it should be said that it was half-headed snake hair flying, under her thoughts, the group of snakes that had been spawned came like a torrent, as if to drown him.
"Can\'t let them come, otherwise, I will definitely die!"
Flying is not omnipotent. Although snakes cannot fly, the terrain also restricts Qin Luosheng from avoiding the attacks of the snakes. Therefore, the only way is to destroy the enemy!
"Come on, let\'s fight back and see who of us will die first!"
Qin Luosheng looked like a vulture and took out the Water Vein Spirit Orb without hesitation, activated the water elemental energy, and activated the skill
at the same time!
"Starlight blessing!"
"Target, water pulse!"
"Give me the ultimate strength, sublimation to perfection!"
With a roar, Qin Luosheng no longer has any reservations in the desperate situation. The talent of the Lord of the Stars who merged with him is instantly effective. Through his will, he generates power against the sky and is blessed in the Water Vein Spirit Orb. .
next moment!
"Water pulse!"
The surging water element quickly overflowed, rapidly forming a whirlpool, and under Qin Luosheng\'s control, it aimed at the group of snakes that were impacting in front.
It\'s really a torrent!
Just as if the Milky Way inverted in nine days, and like a raging sea, a tsunami swept!
Originally there was only a 10*10 lock range, but now, after being sublimated to Consummation by the ultimate power of Starlight Blessing, Qin Luosheng no longer knows how strong he has become.
He only knew that the bottom of the snake cave, which was no more than 50*30, was completely submerged, and in just a few seconds, it became Ze Guo, full of water elemental vortices containing violent water pressure.
"His hiss..."
"His hiss..."
"His hiss..."
The endless venomous snakes neighed and sounded continuously, swimming and twisting crazily in the vortex, trying to get rid of the constant impact of the water vortex pressure.
Under the covering of the nest, are there any eggs?
The whole snake cave is submerged, where can you escape?
Snakes are originally acquainted with water, but this is not ordinary water, but water pressure. The extreme water pressure forms a terrifying and lethal vortex. They are only forcibly awakened from the snake egg by the snake girl, which is slightly strengthened. How can a little body resist?
Within a few seconds, countless groups of snakes fell one after another!
Under the strong water pressure vortex, the group of snakes could not even survive the corpse. They were torn into countless segments, and then they were forcibly stirred, transformed into meat emulsion, and completely blended into the water. They never saw any more, even the bright red ones. The blood is also assimilated, washed and fused by a huge amount of water, and the blood is never seen again.
"It\'s your turn, snake girl!"
Soaked in water, Qin Luosheng had water vein spirit beads, which was not affected at all. On the contrary, he felt like a fish in water, and his mobility was slightly increased.
Looking forward, Qin Luosheng moved the snake girl who was struggling in the vortex of water pressure, like a swordfish, impacted from the string, and hurried forward.
The power of water pressure is terrifying!
Even though she is a super life form at the peak of gold, the body of the snake girl is extremely powerful, but in this endless vortex, she cannot escape. The vortex is one after another, the quantity changes and the quality changes. Finally, she can\'t hold it. Wounds began to appear on the top, squeezed, torn, and so on.
"Shadow clone!"
The enemy met, extremely jealous.
The snake girl, who was in a bad situation, saw "Qin Luosheng", the catastrophe who had destroyed her home and slaughtered her people, and dared to take the initiative to send it to her door. Swing forward.
The sharp pointed claws carried endless hatred and violence, and pierced the body of "Qin Luosheng" fiercely!
Snake Girl\'s ferocious expression hasn\'t relaxed yet, the next moment, the alarm bell is loud, and her instinct as a monster makes her feel abnormal.
The **** human race that had been pierced through the body suddenly turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared. Behind her, a killing intent that made her cold all over, rose to the sky.
A heavy sword, slashed in anger and landed on the right neck of the snake girl!
Last time, blocked by snake hair!
This time, without the snake\'s hair, how could the snake girl stop the fatal blow?
The sharp blade cut across, and in an instant, the blade entered the flesh, like a red knife cutting tofu, without any hindrance!
Just as Qin Luosheng showed joy, thinking that he could behead the snake girl and end the battle, suddenly, [Panlong Lishui] the sword\'s edge halted, and the sound of the intersection of gold and iron came, as if it was cut on the stone. Similarly, the huge counter-shock force made his mouth numb, and it was almost impossible to hold the hilt of the sword.
The snake girl screamed violently up to the sky, her body slightly curled up, her tail was swaying, and her whole body exuded a green cold light!
Is this, highly toxic?
Qin Luosheng\'s pupils suddenly shrank, and on the spot he was about to withdraw the [Panlong Lishui] who had cut into the snake girl\'s half of the neck, and evacuated temporarily.
"Since you are here, don\'t even think about leaving!"
However, the snake girl suddenly waved her claws, and firmly clamped the blade of [Panlong Lishui], looked at him coldly and brutally, and said with a grin.
"Go to hell, despicable human kid!"
Qin Luosheng hesitated!
He hesitated before giving up [Panlong Lishui] to escape, or continuing to be tough!
It is this moment of hesitation that the final opportunity to escape is gone!
"The snake spirit burns, and the poison returns to its source!"