Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 99: Young thunder
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 99: Young thunder

Such a big event that swept the world, in Novice Village No. 6666, I didnt know how many powerful spies were lurking. In addition, the idiot of the thunder mad boy did not hide the plan, so he recruited people on the official forums. The battle of blocking has long been known in the world and has attracted much attention.
Even if it just ended here, the news must spread all over the world!
Don\'t say that Yatu\'s hands and eyes are open to the sky, and there is a big boss platform behind it. Even if the rise of the opponents, he must now know the end of this 1VS tens of thousands of battles.
"Brother Crying Soul, with so much equipment, I don\'t have enough manpower!"
Yato sighed.
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes flickered slightly, and said, "I\'ll wait for your people for five minutes. After five minutes, I will leave!"
After speaking, without waiting for ACTO to reply, he hung up the communication!
not enough people?
Qin Luosheng believes!
But this is just an excuse, Qin Luosheng also understands!
Even if Yato believes that he is innocent, however, this battle involves a lot, the impact is too great, and may also affect reality, when he weeping soul will become the so-called murderer.
If Artoo dared to appear now and pick up this batch of "stolen goods" equipment, then you must be prepared to face the verbal criticism of the squalls and rains, and get into a show.
Once the operation is not good, it will even give the hostile forces the opportunity to be led by them to put the Accordion to death!
ACTO dare not bet!
Even if he wanted these tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, even if he knew that doing so would definitely offend Qin Luosheng, he could only do so!
Qin Luosheng is very clear about ACTO\'s thoughts!
He didn\'t blame ACTO, in fact, if you think about it, he will definitely make the same decision!
Knowing Gui knowing that when ACTO made this decision, the crack had already occurred, and they could never go back.
Walking forward, Qin Luosheng paid close attention to the starlight under his feet!
Ignore white equipment and black iron equipment!
Above bronze, pick it up!
One back and forth, the empty backpack space of the Phantom Ribbon was packed with hundreds of pieces of equipment!
"It seems that these guys are underestimated!"
Qin Luosheng smiled and looked at the stars in his backpack, very comfortable: "Although 80% of them are white and black iron, it is useless, but it can find 600 bronzes and more than 30 silvers. Its enough to show that ordinary players are not as poor as they thought."
More than 600 pieces of bronze, after the starlight miracle sublimation, the guarantee is more than 600 pieces of silver, the current cutting-edge mainstream, high value, can sell a good price!
There are more than 30 pieces of silver, guaranteed gold, even at a fire sale price, it will definitely sell for more than a million!
Gallop all the way back to Novice Village!
In the past, the bustling village, at this moment, is extremely quiet!
It was originally full of hundreds of thousands of people. Excluding the players distributed at the major leveling points and those who were not online, there were at least 50,000 to 60,000 in the safe area. After all, the novice dungeon trial place, the teleportation point is also in the village.
Now there are only two or three big cats and kittens. After a rough calculation, it is estimated that there are only a few hundred people, less than a thousand.
It just so happened that Young Thunder Crazed was there!
"Oh, isn\'t this Young Master Lei? Why, are you still walking around in the game? I have been waiting for you for five minutes, why didn\'t you see a figure?"
Qin Luosheng said.
"Cry soul!"
Lei Ting Kuang gritted his teeth, wishing to skin and bone Qin Luosheng, and eat his flesh.
He Lei Hao, has he ever been so wronged?
He hates it!
He wants revenge!
Looking around, there is no one!
Look at him, a spare tattered outfit!
Look at the crying soul opposite!
Compare the two!
Decisively counseled!
"Guard, guard!"
Lei Ting Kuang was scared, but he did not admit defeat. Looking at the red and shiny "Crying Soul" on Qin Luosheng\'s head, his eyes lit up and he shouted frantically.
"Weeping soul, you executioner, if you wait, you will get retribution!"
Lei Ting Kuang had an arrogant expression: "You have killed more than 50,000 people and the crime is terrible. Just wash your **** and wait for you to sit in the prison! When you are out of prison, you may not know how long it will be. Then, I I will continue to pursue and kill you endlessly to avenge today\'s revenge."
"What a waste!"
Seeing the already madman Thunder Knife, Qin Luosheng shook his head: "It is my fault to treat you as an opponent, you are not worthy of rubbish!"
"what did you say?"
Young Thunder Kuang furious, roared: "Don\'t let me find you in reality, otherwise, you will know what cruelty is!"
"Really? I\'m waiting for you!" Qin Luosheng didn\'t move his eyelids, and sneered: "It turns out that the so-called Thunder Trade Union head is just a dog, which makes people laugh.
The words of Thunder Crazed were stagnant, waiting to organize a counterattack. At this time, the guards came!
"Guard, guard, here and here, it is him. Look at him. The crime value on him is enough for ten to twenty years, right?"
The thunder screams!
"Crying soul, you chop, this time it\'s cheap for you, and it didn\'t fall into Ben Shao\'s hands!"
Lei Ting Kuang gritted his teeth and said angrily: "However, for you, sitting in prison is even more torture!?-From now on, in the world of Destiny, there is no such person as the Weeping Soul, so you can rest assured Stay in the dark prison for a lifetime! Hahahaha..."
"Have seen a Warrior of Soul Cry!"
The guards who rushed over, withdrew their swords, raised their swords towards Qin Luo, respectfully saluting and kicking to the end.
what\'s going on?
The laughter of the thunderous young man came to an abrupt end!
"Good morning, two!"
Qin Luosheng nodded and said hello, and then under the dull gazes of everyone, he pointed to the thunder and frenzy, and said flatly: "This person speaks loudly and speaks wildly, like a stray dog, barking savagely, and slurs in his mouth. , It\'s really obstructing viewing and uncomfortable."
The two guards looked at each other, one of them stepped forward and walked to the front of Young Thunder Madness, and said coldly: "Young Thunder Madness warrior, your behavior has violated the "Regulations of Public Security Administration" of the empire. Now, I will deal with you in accordance with the law. You punish you. 1, pay a fine of 10 gold coins; 2, go to jail for one day!"
You are so dumbfounded!
No, is this Nima mistaken?
Can\'t you see the famous tmd next to you?
Lao Tzu is fined and jailed if he just utters a fragrant sentence? This guy has killed so many people, the name is red, you just ignore it?
Should it be so dark?
Do you want such a double standard?
"Dog stuff, count you cruel!"
Young Master Lei Ting Kuang\'s eyes went dark, and he almost didn\'t faint. He viciously looked at Qin Luosheng who was watching a good show, then glanced at the frost-faced guard, he was stunned again!
Recognize it!
Before he paid the fine, the guard\'s next sentence made his eyes red!
"You insult the Weeping Soul Warriors are my hero. Heroes must not be insulted. Now the evidence is conclusive, and the crime is a plus. Also, you are suspected of causing riots in others. You have the intention of rebelling, and you are punished for multiple crimes. Now, follow us. Let\'s go!"
Thunder mad little: wdnmlgbd!