Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 98: The world of purgatory ten thousand poisonous snake shadow array
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 98: The world of purgatory ten thousand poisonous snake shadow array

"Starlight blessing!"
"Ding, the Starlight Blessing is effective, please choose the target!"
"Choose-Starlight Miracle!"
"The choice is successful!"
"Starlight Miracle, Sublimation [Seal ScrollLow-level Forbidden CurseTen Thousand Venom Snake Shadow Formation"
"Sublimation is successful!"
[Seal ScrollLow-level Forbidden CurseTen Thousand Venomous Snake Shadow Array] It seals the forbidden spell magic drawn by the ancient snake clan powerhouse. Once activated, the poisonous array is formed. Within the formation, ten thousand kinds of poisonous snake phantoms are generated, fused with ten thousand kinds of snake venom, and killed All life, effect: in the 500*500 range, inflicts fixed 50000+X (X is the user\'s constitution*10) toxin damage per second (used by snakes, double the effect) for 60 seconds, plus poisoning, blindness, and fear , The deceleration effect, the pain mask is invalidated, and the pain is increased by 200%! Demand: None!
Turned over-ten times?
Although it still lasts for 60 seconds, it is enough. The large area of ??500*500 is enough to include all the idiots in front of them, and none of them can escape!
As for the damage?
Ha ha!
Still need to consider these?
Starting at 50,000 per second, even if he can\'t hold his wall hanging for even a second, how can this group of garbage be blocked?
It\'s just a pity, can\'t bring them more damage, after all, it is an instant kill!
Fortunately, the increase in pain has also increased tenfold, reaching 200%. That is to say, the system\'s shielding pain is invalidated, no matter how you adjust it, it will become 100% real pain!
It has been increased by 200% again, doubled!
I shudder when I think about it!
"Although it\'s a bit wasteful, after all, this is also a forbidden curse scroll, which can be met and unquestionable, but it can make me refreshed and it\'s worth it!"
"Then-let\'s start!"
The scroll spread out like a picture scroll, slowly unfolding!
The energy was tumbling, the green poisonous brilliance skyrocketed, surging up from the scroll, reflecting the sky and covering the sky.
"His hiss..."
"His hiss..."
"His hiss..."
The poison array is generated instantly!
In the formation, thousands of poisonous snakes neighed, and the scarlet eyes of the snake showed the extreme coldness. Those were the eyes of a predator without emotion!
"What is this? What is this?"
"Snakes, snakes, so many snakes, ah, hurry away, don\'t get in the way, I want to get out!"
"Wow...Mom, I\'m afraid!"
"Crying Soul, what are you going to do?"
Loneliness, helplessness, hesitation, fear,...
Watched by thousands of snake predators, the fear lurking deep in the genes of human beings is further amplified. The poisonous array has not yet begun to take effect. Many people have fallen on the ground, and there is even someone who is extremely afraid of snakes. Some people are on the verge of collapse.
Endless wailing and begging for mercy resounded through the entire Qingfeng Plain. Qin Luo\'s face was ascending as ice, and his heart was like iron. He turned a deaf ear, raised his right hand, and slapped the center of the scroll, which was surrounded by green energy and floating in the air.
"Ten Thousand Venomous Snake Shadow Formation, start!"
Energy roars, space trembles!
A ray of light burst out from the scroll, rushing straight into the cloud of poisonous snakes hidden in the sky.
In an instant, the poisonous cloud burst and spread, covering the huge range of 500*500 meters below!
at the same time!
Thousands of venomous snakes inhabiting the poisonous cloud, lost their sleeping place, and fell down from the cloud!
Colorful snakes of different lengths, like rain, launched an air strike.
The thunder mad young man and the others below are collectively stunned!
who am I?
where am I?
What am I going through?
No one answered, because huge decibels such as screams, roars, and crying were already in their ears. Other than that, there was only the endless venomous snake spitting out the "hiss" of the snake letter. sound!
"It\'s a great disaster movie! Ah-at least, I watched it very vigorously!"
Standing at the other end, Qin Luosheng looked excited as he witnessed the scene of tens of thousands of people being chased by poisonous snakes in the poisonous formation.
Extremely real touch, perfect body feeling, plus twice the pain!
Maybe it can only last for 1 second, but that\'s enough!
This kind of being in a snake cave, being company with ten thousand snakes, this kind of trembling and fear from the soul, is far beyond the comparison of physical pain.
Believe that this group of fools with no brains or ulterior motives will either go to a mental hospital or have a nightmare for the rest of their lives. They will never forget today, forget the present moment!
"Since you choose to be a gun, you have the consciousness to be a gun. If you want to blame it, you can blame the thunder mad, and you can blame yourself for being stupid!"
Countless white lights shot up into the sky, and Qin Luosheng stood there expressionlessly, watching the crowd of people who were still densely packed, and now they disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye, and there was no fluctuation in his heart.
In a few seconds!
White light is not there!
On the calm and breezy grassland, only the terrifying shadow array of ten thousand poisonous snakes is still running, poisonous clouds are floating, and the wind is gusting, underneath, thousands of poisonous snakes entwined and screamed to the sky.
Among the groups of poisonous snakes, countless corpses are lying on the ground, either being bitten by the group of snakes, or strangled to death by pythons, or killed by poisonous poison...
There are so many ways to die!
But the only similarity is that they face fear and despair, tortured and devastated to death!
"Is there more than fifty seconds left? It\'s really vulnerable!"
Qin Luosheng waved his hand to cut off the energy release of the Forbidden Curse. Suddenly, the scroll floating in front of him shattered, and the earth-shaking poisonous formation covering a huge range of 500*500 dispersed. The green poisonous cloud above also slowly decomposed. Re-exist.
Without the shackles of the poison array, the corpses all over the mountains were quickly refreshed and disappeared, leaving only the stars on the ground, like a carpet formed by equipment!
People are not rich without windfall, and horses are not fat without night and grass!
It really is!
Hard work so hard, not as good as the current vote!
Even if you don\'t know the specific number, but according to the setting of 1-3 pieces of equipment on the dead body, even if it is just a guarantee, this piece of equipment lies at least 50,000 to 60,000 pieces!
"Brother Yatu, it\'s time to pay back the favor!"
Turning on the communicator, Qin Luosheng contacted ACTO.
"Brother Crying Soul, I, I really dont know what to say!"
Acato\'s voice came, slightly confused, and a little nervous, very complicated.
"There are tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, you should know what I\'m talking about?"
Qin Luosheng did not delve into the anomaly of Artoo. In fact, he had already guessed. After all, he had seen a lot of people standing in the distance just now. Moreover, this game has a function called-Live Broadcast!