Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 97: cut

"--kill you!"
A cold, ghostly voice rang in the ears of Young Thunder Kuang.
Sword energy bursts out, vertical and horizontal!
Before the smile on Young Thunder Crazed\'s face had time to recede, a cyan blade in his pupils got bigger and bigger, and when he didn\'t react, it fell straight down and struck it heavily across his neck.
A great head flew up into the sky, blood spurted wildly, and poured down!
"Hmm! What did you just say? Suicide ten times? Self-contained equipment?"
Qin Luosheng sprinkled the blood on the [Panlong Lishui] with an indifferent expression, and slammed the headless young Thunder Kuangs body, kicking away like a rag sack, and glanced around. Noisy like a duck, but now like a quail, the silent wastes sneered: "Kneel down and beg for mercy? Are you ready for a confession?"
"Come, let me see how good the so-called confession is. It can make me, who committed such a serious crime, only need to read it again to get the understanding of the whole world!"
No one dares to respond!
"Is it dumb? Didn\'t you scold you just now?"
Qin Luosheng raised his right hand, exuding a cold air of "Panlong Lishui", and pointed at a player with thunder words above his head, "Come on, you are the only one, take out your boss\'s so-called confession!"
"I...I don\'t!" he replied tremblingly.
The answer to him was a cold sword aura.
"wrong answer!"
With a blank expression on his face, Qin Luosheng looked at the other person: "Say it!"
"I do not"
Another sword!
One after another, no one can escape that sword, whether it is a shield battle with a tyrannical life super-high defense, or a thief with high agility and high dodgeability!
One sword will be cut!
One sword will kill in seconds!
Everyone is trembling!
The expressionless man in front of him, killing people like a dog, was like a demon king coming to the world, his aura opened, shocking the sky and the earth.
Facing him, it was like a rabbit meeting a tiger. It was a memory from the depths of genes. The bloodline was suppressed, and even the idea of ??resistance could not be raised. With sore hands and feet, he could only quietly wait to be slaughtered!
among them!
The players of the Thunder Guild are the most!
This is the second time they have experienced this kind of taste. The memories lurking deep in their hearts have resurfaced, and because they have been taken care of, most of their aura has fallen on them, which is really miserable.
"Weeping soul, you sinner, if you have the courage to kill me, kill one me, and thousands of others, did you kill it? Don\'t think we will succumb to you, you are not worthy. Your head is lost With a big scar, eighteen years later, he will be another hero. What\'s more, this is a virtual world. What can you do with me?"
Under heavy pressure, there must be a rebound.
Qin Luosheng was ruthless and murderous, and finally, a warrior stepped forward.
"Oh, is that right?"
Qin Luosheng lifted his eyelids slightly, and looked straight at the middle-aged man who broke the fear caused by his aura and sobered many people. Without hesitation, he rewarded him with a sword and sent him to the west: "I I cant do anything to you, justcut you!"
"Weeping soul, you..."
"Dog stuff, I..."
"Brother, I\'m leaving now, don\'t rush..."
"Big brother, let me go, younger sister is just watching the fun..."
"Boss, it\'s none of my business, I just collect money to do business, I will return the money, don\'t kill..."
Zhan Zhan Zhan Zhan Zhan Zhan!
Take one sword at a time, cut one step at a time!
Killing in the wild, blood is flowing!
Hard-skinned, begging for mercy, crying, repenting, wailing...
What to do with me?
Ever since I chose to stand on the opposite side of me, I was already an enemy!
Be cut!
"You devil, I fight you!"
Finally, someone uprised.
"Brothers, let\'s go together and kill this bastard!"
Group response!
For a time!
Brilliant magic of various colors, thousands of sharp arrows, countless warriors\' heavy-cut swords, and daggers attacked by thieves, poured down!
MISS, -1, MISS, -1, MISS, MISS, MISS, -1, MISS, MISS, -1, MISS, -1, MISS, -1, MISS, -1,...
Numerous damage figures popped up from the top of Qin Luosheng\'s head!
There are also countless white lights bursting into the sky!
The density of tens of thousands of people is unimaginable.
With the ability of the novice stage, even the archer with the farthest attack distance is only 5 meters.
How many people can fit in a five-meter space? On a straight line, there are at most ten people.
So, what about the attacks of people five meters behind him?
It was not his Qin Luosheng who fell on him, but what they called "allies"!
One round of attack!
Manslaughter, at least thousands of people!
Really, my good "teammate"!
"This is the so-called crusade team?"
Qin Luosheng was bored.
A group of mobs are scattered like hemp, not to be feared at all.
The **** ones are still squeezing forward, and some clever players have quietly retreated back, and don\'t want to continue to wade in the muddy water.
After all, this matter has no direct relationship with them. They either take money or join in the fun, nothing more, it is not enough to make them desperate.
If it were to die once, let alone the money and equipment dropped, that level alone would be enough to make them cry. God knows how much time and potion it would take them to get back to this level?
For this mess, it\'s not worth it!
"So courageous!"
At this time, the Thunder Kuang Shao, who was sent back to the Novice Village, came. He looked at Qin Luosheng who was slaying frantically with a sword, and then took another look at the idiot ally who was just like a headless fly, only knowing how to use skills indiscriminately and constantly killing his "companion" by mistake. , He was so angry that he stared at Venus.
"Asshole, are you so dare? How dare you?"
Young Lei Ting Kuang had never expected that Qin Luosheng would really dare to risk the world\'s disgrace, and against the will of so many people, directly attacked and carried out the massacre.
He also did not expect that Qin Luo rose 1VS tens of thousands, this particular still had the upper hand! ? ?
"Oh, you are here!"
After killing another player from the Thunder Guild, Qin Luosheng glanced at the young Thunder Kuang hurried over, and said hello with a smile.
What\'s the matter, brother?
Are we so familiar?
Young Lei Ting Kuang was also bewildered by Qin Luosheng\'s sudden greeting, standing there, looking confused!
"By the way, did you bring your confession? I want to appreciate your masterpiece and see how brilliantly literary, it can cross races and countries, and resonate with the whole world!"
The thunder madman is full of black lines!
"Weeping soul, are you crazy?"
He yelled: "How about your strength? Can you still kill us? We have tens of thousands of people. Even if you stand and let you chop, how many can you chop?-even if you chop to death, we can How? It took only a minute or two to get here from the village. We lined up for you to kill. Did you finish killing?"
"you\'re right!"
Qin Luosheng suddenly took the sword and touched his chin to think seriously: "Why don\'t you let me kill ten times? I always have revenge and revenge. You just let me commit suicide ten times. I will kill you ten times. Second, the matter has been exposed, what do you think?"
"Dreaming!" Shao Ting Kuang glanced at Qin Luosheng coldly, with a brutal face: "Do you think you are a god? Kill me ten times? Ha ha! With the strength of cheating, the tail is up to the sky?-just now You just attacked, and now I am in the crowd of tens of thousands of people, I see how you kill me ten times!"
"Did the negotiation break down? Alas!" Qin Luosheng looked regretful: "What about you, do you want to be willing to act as a shield for that guy?"
The answer to him was endless abuse!
Qin Luo did not change his face and turned a deaf ear. He stretched out his hand and took out a scroll placed in the corner of his backpack: "If this is the case, don\'t blame me! Next, let you see and see, the so-called hell!"