Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 91: The wind blows and wrinkles in a pool of spring water
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 91: The wind blows and wrinkles in a pool of spring water

"No... no, there is one more thing to report to you!"
Feeling Lei Hao\'s unconcealed malice, the housekeeper hurriedly in a cold sweat, lost his usual calmness, and stammered and said: "Weeping-weeping soul, I haven\'t left the Novice Village yet!"
"Oh?" Lei Hao\'s irritable heart paused and his eyes lit up: "Go on!"
The steward swallowed fiercely, knowing that he had escaped, but this was only temporary. If he can\'t satisfy the Lord in front of him, he will worry about the future, and the best result is to break his leg.
After taking a deep breath, sorting out the messed up thoughts, organizing the language, the butler said: "According to the spies we ambushed in Novice Village at No. 6666, weeping souls have been stunned for some reason. In Novice Village."
"He should be level 10 long ago, why is this?" Lei Hao interrupted the conversation as soon as he started, but the butler did not dare to be angry or speak, and respectfully waited for the master to speak. "Could it be that there is no deal between that guy and Lin Yatu? Even the first one to leave the Novice Village, the first transfer of honors and rewards?!! Such a big hand?"
No, you just think too much!
The butler stood by, hesitant to speak!
After thinking about it, I chose to keep my mouth shut!
Although this is unlikely, what if Soul Cry and Lin Yatu really have a PY deal! No one can tell!
The investigative report just said that the possibility is remote, and it does not mean it is impossible!
Now reminder, do you find yourself uncomfortable?
So what? No reward again!
But if you make a mistake, you can\'t afford the consequences!
"Go on!"
After thinking about it, Lei Hao was not sure, so he could only temporarily leave this behind and let the butler continue to speak.
"Weeping Soul is very mysterious. No one has ever seen him in the wild except Xinshou Village." The steward made a sentence carefully, for fear that any sensitive words would irritate Lei Hao, especially the word "Luohe". , Was shut in his mouth tightly, never spit out, "There is very little information about him, but undoubtedly, there is only one reason for him to stay in Novice Village: hidden mission!"
"Previously, some of our members crossed the plains and wanted to enter the forest on the edge of the Novice Village to level up and hunt for treasures, but they were stopped by NPCs. The reason they gave was that there were demons in the forest and they had been blocked, and outsiders were not allowed to enter."
"Evil? Really? This setting is not strange, but in a place like Xinshou Village, is it too early and unreasonable at all?" Lei Hao also became interested and asked, "Is there anything relevant? Mission? For example, suppression of demons, snooping for news, etc."
Hidden mission!
Its about a lot of experience points, advanced equipment, super skill books, and even more unknown rewards. It\'s because he is supported by the Thunder Guild, sitting on a huge amount of resources that ordinary people cant imagine, and he wont ignore this. The task of increasing their own strength.
"No!" The butler shook his head: "Those NPCs are very determined. No matter how we try, we are not willing to disclose more information, let alone release tasks."
Lei Hao was disappointed!
The housekeeper didnt dare to squeeze the tiger and beg to comfort him, so he could only bite the bullet and continued: The Soul Cry stayed in Xinshou Village. It is very likely that he had taken a hidden mission related to the forest. Many people saw him yesterday. When we ran to the forest, our people tracked him, but unfortunately he was too fast and was lost."
"Is this your good news?"
Lei Hao looked gloomy!
Weeping Soul does not share the sky with him, and now he has accepted the hidden mission. Once completed, his strength will inevitably skyrocket and the threat is even greater.
This old man, saying this in front of him, really does not want his life?
I originally thought that he was an old man from the Lei family. He was watching him grow up. Later, he will do it lightly and only abandon one leg. Now it seems that both legs and hands are gone, dare to play with him. Lei Hao, there is a kind!
"No! Just report this news to you, Master!"
The housekeeper naturally felt the violent killing intent in Lei Haos eyes, and he almost collapsed to the ground in fright. Fortunately, there is still heavy information to hold on, and there is hope. This is not a gaffe, "The real good news is this, you Look!"
I took a tablet, the butler skilfully swiped it a few times, and after entering an interface, he passed it over.
"Oh!" Lei Hao took it, looked at the content on the tablet screen, and laughed with interest: "This is really interesting!"
"As early as the very beginning, we mobilized all our forces to put pressure on the Destiny Group, and spent huge sums of money to buy out the navy, and drive the rhythm crazy on the Internet." Seeing that Lei Hao\'s eyes returned to normal, his breath was not as strong as before. The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief, Fortune Group held a press conference and promised to communicate with the master and thoroughly investigate the Weeping Soul.
"That\'s it?" Lei Hao smiled and looked at the housekeeper coldly: "You should be very clear that with the power of the mastermind, it is impossible for anyone to cheat or use bugs in the world of Destiny. The result of the investigation, It has long been doomed. Not only will this wave not bring any loss to Crying Soul, but it will also make him soar in popularity, completely surpassing everyone, and directly enshrining God."
"No!" The butler said: "Of course it\'s more than that. I had already started the layout before the press conference started. Now, more than 50,000 people in No. 6666 Novice Village have been bought by me!"
"Buy?" Lei Hao finally looked squarely, no longer looking so boneless, sat up upright, his tone changed from sloppy to solemn: "Tell me about your plan!"
"Our navy has been operating on a large scale online, frantically pouring dirty water on Weeping Soul, driving those ignorant idiots to think that Weeping Soul is a cheater, a sneaky villain who uses BUG, ??and says he is ashamed. Lost to the whole world, let the country be ashamed, and make China a laughing stock."
The housekeeper gets more and more excited as he speaks: "You know, many netizens have no brains at all, and they dont know if they are right or wrong. They only listen to one-sided words and they will use their imagination. What I think is the truth, and then it will become our pawn, which will naturally help us and be used by us."
"Also, we Huaxia people are very patriotic. As long as anything is connected with the country, it will cause huge public opinion topics. After our traction, now the Internet has been fried, and at least 70% of people are on our side. Begin to condemn the Weeping Soul frantically. The netting is completed, and now its only waiting for the storm to get bigger, when it will be swept by, and no grass will grow."