Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 90: The wind blows a pool of spring water
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 90: The wind blows a pool of spring water

eal world!
Magic City!
Some villa!
"Master, I think this is a good opportunity!" The meticulous middle-aged housekeeper stood solemnly, bowed slightly, and suggested to the young man who was lying limp on the sofa.
"Of course I know!" The young man squinted his eyes and took a lazy puff, and asked, "How did you investigate the matter?"
"No progress!" The butler saw sweat on his forehead and bowed his head without hesitation.
Don\'t hide it!
Don\'t beg for mercy!
Because it makes no sense!
After serving this lord for so many years, he knew very well how perverted this lord who seemed harmless to humans and animals but was actually extremely cruel.
It doesn\'t matter if your ability is insufficient, at most it is just a broken leg, but if you sloppy with him, you are looking for death!
That\'s right!
Death in the true sense!
This guy can really kill, dare to kill!
"Oh!" The lazy tone suddenly became cold and cold: "I remember, I personally asked you to tell you that this is the top priority and is listed as the highest priority.-Resources of the entire group Use it as you like, and deploy the personnel at your discretion. Now, you just tell me this?"
"Master! We can\'t penetrate the Destiny Group with our strength!" The butler swallowed fiercely, lowered his head and trembled: "Furthermore, Destiny Group does not know the player\'s information at all. All of this, All are divided into the main brain for safekeeping. Only he has the player\'s database. Unless he wants to, no one knows the information of other people, whether it is a worldwide institution or a country!"
"Then you won\'t think of other ways?"
The butler reached out and handed over the document held under his arm respectfully, and reported: "From the time you ordered the young master, we have activated the hidden spies and tried our best to investigate. This is the result!"
"I don\'t want to read it, just say it!" The young man threw the paper on the coffee table, changed his posture, and took a deep breath of cigarette. He looked confused, as if he was in Xidu, "This young master is in a good mood today. , I dont want to waste physical effort, you know, dont let me hear what I dont want to hear."
The butler\'s body bent down again, and he was about to bow at ninety degrees!
"According to our investigation, Crying Soul has nothing to do with the Lin Family, nor with the Yaodu Feng Family or the Emperor Mu Family!"
"They should have met in the world of destiny, there is no intersection in the real world."
"So, no matter we check, we can\'t find any relevant information!"
The housekeeper finished the report with a desperate look, waiting for the next fate!
As an old man of the Lei family, his ancestors were stewards of the Lei family for three generations.
This is no use for eggs!
The Lei family has been passed down to this generation. The only heir of the Lei Group, the prince Lei Hao in front of him, has not inherited the fine genes of his ancestors of the Lei family. He has a cruel temperament and is determined to do things fiercely. A lot of blood, a crime!
And Young Master Lei is not only cruel to the enemy, but also to his family. Even if he, the old Lei family, dare not make trouble in front of him, relying on the old to sell the old, because the last old guy who did this has been sunk by the Huangpu River!
"Oh! It turns out that the proud guy like Lin Yatu is just a crying licking dog?" Lei Hao sat up from the sofa, and plunged half of the burned cigarette into a valuable handmade product. The crystal ashtray laughed wildly and said, "It really surprised Ben Shao!"
As he said, he shifted his gaze to the butler who was still bending over and bowing, and his unchanging expression suddenly became a little nervous: "What about the Qi family? Is there anything between that dog thing and Qingsi?"
"No!" The housekeeper naturally knew that his master was obsessed with Qi Qingsi, the eldest of the Qi family. He didn\'t dare to neglect, so he quickly answered, for fear that the slowness would upset the demon king: "The Qi family is very mysterious and it is difficult to penetrate. It took a huge price to get news from the side, Miss Qi didn\'t even know Soul Cry!"
"Side view?" Lei Hao raised his brows and his eyes became gloomy: "Is it accurate?-I want accurate information!"
"Absolutely accurate!" The steward said: "The information we have obtained from more than a dozen directions accurately indicates that Soul Cry and Lin Yatu did not know each other before "Dimension of Destiny". The reason for the involvement is a coincidence. When the dungeon was placed, a team was formed."
"Then why did Weeping Soul help Lin Yatu\'s life when he was in Luohe?" Lei Hao felt frantic when he thought of Luohe\'s battle.
After this incident, not only the reputation of the Thunder Trade Union plummeted, but his thunder madness was also questioned. He was characterized by countless sunspots as a weak chicken, the largest parallel importer in history, the most incompetent president in history, and a false **** touted by marketing.
Even though it has been so long, the videos on the homepages of major video networks are still very popular, and he and the entire Thunder Union have been scoured and mocked constantly.
This is not Lei Hao\'s most angry!
What made him mad the most was the end of the video. After he died, the interaction between the **** of Weeping Soul and Qi Qingsi, who vowed to marry, and regarded it as forbidden, made him feel as if he had been greened.
"According to the investigation, it is only a deal for Weeping Soul to help Lin Yatu." The butler looked at Lei Hao, who had gradually become irritable, and was frightened. For fear that he would get nervous in the next second, he used the hard crystal ashtray. Zi slammed on his head and quickly reported: "Weeping Soul received a hidden mission that requires a lot of wolf eyes, so he asked Lin Yatu for help in the acquisition. It was also true that Lin Yatu took out a lot of wolf eyes as Remuneration, weeping soul is willing to be a thug."
"Oh? It turns out that Lin Ya did such a big move before to collect wolf eyes, did she collect it for the **** of Soul Cry?"
"Yes!" The butler opened the file on the coffee table, looked at the content on it, and said: "At present, the reputation and strength of the Yatu Pavilion are skyrocketing, and everything is brought by the crying soul. All the investigation information points to the crying soul using Lin Ya The wolf eyes collected by the picture completed the hidden task, and then divided a part of the task to reward Lin Yatu, and that\'s what happened next."
"Now the dungeon guide for the Nightmare Difficulty Trial Place circulated by the Elite Club of Yatu Pavilion is also from the hands of the Weeping Soul. In addition, Lin Yatu has also obtained a number of advanced props. Quickly clear the trial place of nightmare difficulty, and rush to level 10, becoming the first player to leave the novice village."
"Is that so?" Lei Hao said coldly: "So that strategy came from the hands of Weeping Soul? It\'s really easy to use!"
That\'s right!
Lei Hao also got the Raiders that should have been circulated only in Atoge, and he got it right away!
This is normal!
Large forces, especially the forces in the online world, no matter which one, has long been riddled with holes, and it is unknown how many spies from other forces the lurkers come from.
"Is it just like this? You should know that just like this, it won\'t let my anger go away!"
Lei Hao\'s cold voice lingered, and his twisted face was like a ghost. He looked at the housekeeper, his eyes were blood-red, like a beast about to choose and eat, the violent factor in his body was about to move, and the skyrocketing killing intent could not be restrained!