Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 89: Dad... Dad
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 89: Dad... Dad

With cold laughter, the laughing Qin Luosheng\'s heart is chilling!
"Originally, you offended the little lord, this seat will crush your bones and ashes, and let your soul fly!"
Feng Lao looked frenzied: "However, this seat has changed its attention now. You are such a weak devil, but you can explode this kind of power. You have a magic weapon first, and then you have the power of time. I don\'t know what secrets are still hidden. Maybe it can help this seat get out of here, and even resurrect the little lord."
"Jie Jie Jie Jie Jie!" At this point, Feng Lao was trembling with excitement: "This seat will not kill you, this seat will be very careful to withdraw your soul and slowly torture."
Qin Luosheng was suddenly excited, with an unprecedented sense of badness!
"This **** has been pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!"
He raised his head and glanced at Feng Lao. Under his violent storm, he kept catching the attacks with his body, but he didn\'t have the slightest fear. On the contrary, he looked like a demon experiencing this kind of pain with great interest. He was instantly chilled!
"He\'s playing? He\'s playing! From the beginning to the end, he hasn\'t looked at me directly?"
Qin Luosheng\'s mentality collapsed: "Could it be that, as he said, is he immortal?-what should I do?"
One sword after another!
One sword after another!
Under Feng Lao\'s "humility" without counterattack, Qin Luosheng successfully killed him again!
The familiar black mist appears again!
Feng Lao, who was wrapped in black mist, was resurrected once again in full condition under Qin Luoshengs eyes cracking!
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes turned red, and he rushed forward like a mad cow, and killed him with a sword.
"Okay, I\'ve had enough of playing, and the interest in this seat has been worn out by you!"
Feng Lao waved his hand indifferently, a powerful force that had never appeared before burst out instantly, bombarding Qin Luosheng\'s chest, knocking him out.
"Now, be good, don\'t move, I promise to be gentle, so you won\'t feel pain!"
Is that the end?
Qin Luosheng who was flying in the air closed his eyes tragically!
I\'m still too weak!
I am sorry!
Zhang Xin, there are many soldiers, I have failed your expectations!
After smashing it hard, Qin Luosheng rose up from his heart with a mouthful of blood, and rushed directly to his mouth, like a faucet, spraying several meters high!
"Damn boy, get out of here, your dirty hands dare to touch the little lord, this seat will let you taste countless tortures in the world, and you can\'t survive or die!"
Feng Lao\'s manic voice buzzed in his ears.
"Oh, I have to take my bones and skins, I will listen to you?"
Qin Luosheng\'s consciousness was a little vague, but he did not faint. He turned around and turned from his back to lying prone. He opened his eyes and looked at the sleeping beauty who was still asleep. The so-called "little lord" in Feng Lao\'s mouth suddenly became evil. , Towards her, stretched out a hand of sin!
"What is this? That\'s weird!"
Qin Luosheng\'s fingertips touched the little girl\'s jade-like, white cheek, and his heart was shocked: "It\'s so soft, so elastic, and it\'s warm-is she alive?"
"How courageous! I dare to blaspheme the little lord, now I am going to thwart you!"
At this time, Feng Lao is here!
Seeing that Qin Luosheng\'s fingers had touched the little girl, Feng Lao immediately went crazy.
The bitter blow hit Qin Luosheng\'s back fiercely!
Another spurt of blood!
Qin Luosheng, whose spine was interrupted, slowly slipped down along the crystal coffin!
After being hit twice in a row, even if he has three times the defense and three times the energy and blood, he can\'t hold it. There is only a trace of dead blood hanging. As long as he is attacked again, even if it is only touched, he will die!
"Are you angry?"
Qin Luosheng with his mouth bleeding and his eyes blurred, looked at Feng Lao who was thunderous in front of him, and couldn\'t help showing a smile: "I am useless if you can\'t kill you, but if you can sicken you before you die, your labor and capital will be earned! "
Unfortunately, it didn\'t happen!
It is a pity that Zhang Xin and the soldiers were not able to rest in peace!
What a pity!
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were dim, and the light gradually faded. He, who had no energy, was quietly waiting for the arrival of death!
However, at this moment, an unspeakable pulse of life rose from behind!
That is!
Crystal coffin!
"LittleLittle Lord!??"
The ghost claws raised high by Feng Lao have not fallen, because his eyes have shifted from the dead Qin Luosheng to the little girl who suddenly "lived".
"Why? Why is this? Why did you wake up?"
Feng Lao trembled with excitement, speaking incoherently.
For countless years, he scrupulously abides by his duties, has been guarding here, guarding the crystal coffin, guarding the little master in the crystal coffin, and he has never had a wrong heart!
God pity!
His loyalty is finally so good that the clouds can be seen!
Never even dreamed that the little master who had been sleeping for endless years would wake up at this moment!
"Old slave, meet the little master!"
Seeing her body floating up, like a god-like little girl, Feng Lao\'s knees fell heavily on the ground, his head was deeply buried, and he wept with joy.
The little girl did not speak, and ignored Feng Lao, who was kneeling, just sticking out her little fragrant tongue and licking the blood on her face.
This is enough to make any man\'s crazy action, reverse the ultimate charm of all living beings, but no one appreciates it.
Of the two people present, one was dying and was about to faint, and the other threw himself to the ground. They were extremely pious and did not even dare to lift their heads.
The little girl who swallowed Qin Luosheng\'s blood floated down and fell in front of Qin Luosheng, a pair of chaos and loneliness, as if the eyes of the universe were hidden, gradually returning to clarity.
She looked at him, her expression suddenly!
a long time!
She tilted her head, lightly opened her lips, seemingly confused, and asked tentatively, "Who are you? Why do I have an inexplicable affection for you?-Could it be that you are..."
Who is speaking?
Qin Luosheng, whose consciousness has been blurred, seems to have heard something?
In his drooping eyes, he saw a pair of bright white legs like snow!
Even though he was in a state of extreme weakness, Qin Luosheng still had a wave of nameless **** in his heart, and it was naturally this calf, only this calf!
The unparalleled charm is beyond words!
"...It\'s really you!!"
Kneeling down, the little girl stretched out her hand, gently pulling away Qin Luosheng\'s scattered hair with jade-like fingers, revealing the hidden face. She confirmed that she had a complicated expression.
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t see who the person in front of him was, nor could he hear what the person in front of him was saying. He tried hard to raise his head and look at her, but after all he reached the limit, before the action was completed, he fainted completely. past.
"Ding, your spirit has reached its limit, and the brain waves are in a dangerous situation. The system will force you to kick you offline!"
In the ear, the extremely cold electronic synthesis sound of the dog system was faintly heard. Qin Luosheng wanted to complain, but before he could act, his consciousness suddenly darkened and fell into silence.
"Who? Who hurt you to such a situation?"
Qin Luosheng is dizzy!
The little girl went crazy!
The indescribable terror pressure swept away. Under this pressure, the Mingguang ore, which was extremely hard and contained the power of light, was directly shattered, crushed, and turned into dust. The entire mine was also "shivering." ", as if to collapse at any time.
"is it you?"
There is no living body around, only-Feng Lao.
The little girl lowered her gaze and looked at the old servant who was kneeling on the ground, wanting to express her surrender, her eyes cold.
Feng Lao\'s body trembled like a sieve, but he did not speak.
He dare not!
also can not!
Coming from the suppression of blood, when facing his little master, he couldn\'t even speak, only shuddering, lying on the ground like a dog, without dignity, let him be slaughtered.
"You hurt him!"
The little girl glanced at Feng Lao blankly, and stretched out her hand ruthlessly to this loyal servant who had guarded her for countless years: "Then you, go to death!"
Small and exquisite jade hand, lightly hold!
Space collapses, energy surges!
With an immortal body, who has lived for countless years and has been in trouble for hundreds of miles, the strength of this powerful, far beyond the existence of ordinary epic BOSS, between the seemingly jokes of handshake, the body seems to be squeezed by some force It\'s the same, first crushed, then powdered, and then decomposed into the smallest particles, completely eliminated, even ash!
"I finally found you!"
After solving Feng Lao, the little girl regained her gaze on Qin Luosheng who was already unaware, walked over, and leaned her head carefully on his chest, her beautiful face appeared blushing, her eyes closed, her long eyelashes continued Shaking, arching gently, and sending out a satisfied **: