Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 79: Before the decisive battle
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 79: Before the decisive battle

Health: 1142/100000!
a little!
Just so close!
Qin Luosheng is extremely unwilling!
If the duration is another second or two, or if the environment is not in this waterless place, the battle is over!
That\'s enough!
"What else can you do if you have only over a thousand health points?"
Qin Luosheng glanced contemptuously at Zhang Xin, who had run away, and together with him raised the weapon in his hand.
You have swordsmanship, and I also have sword spirit!
"Crazy... Shadow... Absolute... Kill... Slash!"
If the body is running through thunder, it turns into an afterimage!
Easily avoiding Zhang Xin\'s desperation, dozens of sword lights swayed out, surrounded him, front and back, left and right, rushing crazy!
1000% speed blessing!
Qin Luosheng even had difficulty controlling his body. Fortunately, the shadow warrior\'s special ability kept him from losing control!
One cut!
Two cut!
With just two slashes, Zhang Xin\'s remaining life value was completely emptied, holding the big knife tightly, half kneeling on the ground without saying a word, his cloudy eyes lost the light!
"Ding, congratulations on killing the General Sang DemonZhang Xin, gaining 80W+ experience points and 300 reputation!"
The enemy has been destroyed, Qin Luosheng also relieved the King Shadow Lore Slash, and recovered from the afterimage!
A big explosion, like a goddess scattered flowers!
Almost tired and paralyzed Qin Luosheng, seeing this, his body instantly stood up!
"Not easy!"
Qin Luosheng burst into tears in his eyes: "I finally met a normal monster with explosive equipment!"
Outside the mine, the zombie hair does not explode, only the ultimate guardian of the mine, the bronze zombie, explodes!
In the mine, the decaying miners and fallen soldiers are also not exploded, only Zhang Xin in front of them, exploded!
This is not specially arranged by the dog system, so what do I eat live!
Qin Luosheng is filled with indignation!
Seeing the starry light in front of me, I temporarily spared the dog system, so I won\'t complain about it for the time being!
"Ding, your game time is about to end. Please go offline within five minutes. After five minutes, the system will start a forced offline!"
Qin Luosheng:...
What a pot of cold water poured down!
It just happens to be too tired, off the assembly line to take a good rest, get enough energy, make up for the state, and wait until tomorrow, and then go to the behind-the-scenes for a while!
Qin Luosheng did a carpet search, not even letting go of a copper plate, and put all the spoils exploded by Zhang Xin into the backpack space of the phantom ribbon!
After confirming that there were no omissions, Qin Luosheng walked to the corner and chose to go offline!
At the moment Qin Luosheng\'s figure disappeared, the silent body of General Zhang Xin fluctuated, and a transparent figure slowly emerged!

real world!
An underground base!
"Professor Hawkins, there is an order from the White House!"
The soldier knocked on the door and got permission to enter. He lowered his head and handed the order book to the handsome blond man in a white coat. He respectfully said, "My President, I hope you can do it soon!"
"I see!" Professor Hawkins is tall and mighty, like Apollo in mythology, but his personality is opposite to his appearance, gentle and polite, humble and elegant, not like a scientist, but a nobleman in medieval Europe, a great scholar of ancient China. .
"Please tell the President and the princes of Congress, I will produce the results as soon as possible!" The result of the order form, glanced at the content on it, Hawkins said to the soldiers: "This matter has progressed, it will take some time, please also the President Sir, stay safe and restless, everything will be great America!"
The soldier held his head high and excited, he saluted seriously, then left, and sent the message!
The gate is closed!
"It\'s a bunch of shameless biaozi!"
Hawkins, who had a gentle smile on his face, instantly turned gloomy, crumpled the order book in his hand into a ball, threw it into the trash can, and sneered: "A greedy and selfish idiot, I always thought I could Control everything, control everything, in fact, like a pig, it is hopelessly stupid!"
"However, I can\'t turn my face with you now. After all, searching the world, it is difficult to find a second person who can provide such good research conditions. Isn\'t it the great America, the so-called overlord of this planet!"
Hawkins looked mockingly: "It\'s a pity that hegemony is at the end of the day, and the era of truly super-evolutionary human beings is about to come. The country? In front of the new human beings who start real evolution, no, it should be said that they are gods, they will also become ants. !"
"You say yes? My lovely Alice!"
No one answered Hawkins, there was silence in the research room full of science fiction!
Hawkins, who was falling into the beautiful conjecture of becoming a god, didn\'t notice it. In the water vessel he called **Lisi, the blond girl who had been sleeping for a full ten years, her eyelids trembled insignificantly!

The next day!
The sky just turned white!
Qin Luosheng who was lying on the bed opened his eyes and woke up!
Cancel the set alarm clock, get up, and wash.
"The decisive moment has finally come!"
The cold water moistened his face. Looking at himself in the mirror, Qin Luosheng clenched his fists and cheered himself up: "Come on!"
At the beginning, he didn\'t have much confidence. After meeting the great general Zhang Xin, he was even less confident!
too strong!
The strength of Zhang Xin who is just the gatekeeper is so perverted, the power of the black hand behind the scenes is really unimaginable!
Even though he still has his hole cards not played, just for today\'s battle, but he has no bottom!
The hole cards are effective at critical times!
But if you don\'t even have the qualifications to play against others, the so-called trump card can only be a joke.
That\'s right!
Qin Luosheng now suspects that he doesn\'t even have the qualifications to play against the black hand behind the scenes!
He used to look at attribute data comparison!
But through the battle with Zhang Xin, he deeply realized the importance of fighting style and combat experience.
Only Zhang Xin, who was instinctive in combat, broke out from the beginning to the end except when his health dropped by 20%. At other times, it was all general attacks!
One knife is called hack!
One knife is called sweep!
Make it simple!
Back to Basics!
This is a killing skill tempered on the battlefield, refined to the extreme!
Abandon all the bells and whistles, discard all the minutiae!
One by one, point to the point!
It\'s almost like a fighter machine!
"Mengxin encountered the Great Demon King, what evil did Lao Tzu do!"
Qin Luosheng laughed bitterly!
Winning Zhang Xin depends entirely on opening up!
Zhang Xin had no consciousness, only the fighting instincts left in the corpse, which was so embarrassing and embarrassing. If it weren\'t for the shadow warrior who was really against the sky, coupled with a lot of high-level equipment that he had cheated on, I\'m afraid he wouldn\'t even have a chance to use his skill stack to kill Zhang Xin with damage.
"Forget it, don\'t think about that. Anyway, this battle is inevitable. Think about it. Instead, let yourself fall into the quagmire and deny yourself. It\'s already difficult. Once the fighting spirit is broken and the fighting spirit disappears, then it really is completely gone. Chance!"
Shaking his head, Qin Luosheng threw the messy thoughts out of his mind, pulled the towel to dry the water on his face, then went back to the room and changed into clean clothes, picked up the phone and the key, and went out for food!