Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 76: General Sovereign Demon-Zhang Xin
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 76: General Sovereign Demon-Zhang Xin

Even though Lin Yatu believes in Weeping Soul, everything is too unbelievable!
Weeping soul!
too strong!
Strong is not like a player at all!
And it\'s not just strong!
Equipment, skill books, props...
Which is not too much is unbelievable!
Others equipment is ragged, and they dont even have a complete set. The highest grade is black iron. As for you, the lowest grade is silver. There are even epic equipment that cannot appear in the Novice Village, and there is more than one!
There are only one or two other peoples skills, and they are still basic skills for initial transfer. As for you, there are a lot of advanced skills. It comes with a plug-in. Killing BOSS is like cutting vegetables, hitting thousands or tens of thousands of damage, all kinds of seconds, one sword One!
Others only have potions, and they only have spicy chicken store goods that can recover 30 points per second. I cant wait to use one bottle as two bottles to save blood and never use it. As for you, there is a sky-shaking thunder in your left hand and a magic fire rune in your right hand. What kind of medicine is a healing medicine!
Should the gap be so big?
Why are we all players? You tm enjoy it, and we are like refugees?
Is it real or picked up?
That\'s all!
After all, many people don\'t know!
But now!
Hidden jobs are here!
It is also known to everyone!
Is it true that others have no temper?
If it\'s in the late game, you\'re lucky!
But this tm is still in Novice Village!
Even your uncle\'s third-tier main city did not enter, and you got a hidden job in the novice stage? !
Nothing said!
Dog care, cheating dog, official dog son, choose one!
Lin Yatu admits!
He is also sour!
Is this too difficult?
Is the crying soul dog thing an illegitimate child of God? Or did he save the galaxy in his last life?
Why are all the benefits given to him?
"Contact Crying Soul and tell him the official destiny move!"
The sourness turned sour, Lin Yatu also knew the severity, picked up the communicator and contacted his subordinates.
Regardless of whether Weeping Soul cheated or not, the benefits brought to him are real, without half adulteration!
If there is no Weeping Soul, how can he pass the test of nightmare difficulty so easily?
Without the Weeping Soul, there would be no dungeon strategy, without that large amount of props, and without his reputation as the first person out of Novice Village, Atoge would not have such a big momentum now.
All of this is given by Weeping Soul!
He Lin Yatu, thank you!
Weeping Soul is a cheater, so he will not fall into trouble, but will give him a hand, not only to repay his gratitude, but also because he knows how terrifying the Weeping Souls fighting ability and fighting consciousness are. After entering the dungeon and observing the battle of the crying soul, there is a very intuitive cognition.
Weeping Soul is not a cheater, so we have to pull it in, tightly hug this thick thigh, and now give Weeping Soul a message and release a friendly signal. It\'s just a matter of effort. There is no need for Weeping Soul to bear the affection, just remember a little Staying a little bit, you will definitely get more from him in the future.
No matter how you do it, you won\'t suffer!
"Boss, I can\'t get in touch!"
Soon, his reply came: "Young Master Fengxing and Ms. Mu Mu\'s game time is up, and they are offline. Miss Qingsi still has game time left, but I can\'t reach Soul Cry. The system says he is in a special space. , Unable to contact the outside world."
"Really? I understand!"
Lin Yatu was silent for a while, then hung up the communication, and sighed: "Should I say that I am really worthy of you, weeping soul, this kind of big event can also be calm and ignored. Such a big heart must be extraordinary. I really want to see you in reality to see what identity you are!"

Game world!
Dark forest!
The second floor of the mine, at the end of the tunnel!
Qin Luosheng squinted his eyes and looked at the stalwart man standing at the entrance of the third floor, wearing a feather helmet and chain mail, like a mountain like a mountain and standing with a sword.
[General of the Sovereign DemonZhang Xin (Strengthen Golden BOSS)]
Grade: LV10
Health value: 100000
Attack: 2350
Defense: 850
Speed: 255
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The Sovereign Army, affiliated to the Imperial Army, special arms. General Zhang Xin, born as a general, followed his father to the battlefield at the age of ten, and was incorporated into the Sovereign Army Corps. For more than 30 years, he made great military exploits. He was named the general and commanded 500,000 soldiers and horses. A few years ago, Emmanuel Mine Appeared and was ordered to guard him, but his whereabouts were unknown.
Qin Luosheng took a breath!
10W+ health, 2350 attack power, 850 defense, 255 speed?
This Nima is the golden boss?
This Nima is a level 10 boss?
I\'m afraid it\'s not the Naga Queen I met before, the first-class bronze zombie is a fake and shoddy product!
"It\'s also a level 10 golden BOSS. This letter has one more\'enhancement\'. The attributes are doubled compared to the Naga Queen?"
Qin Luosheng felt that the whole person was not good!
Only then did he completely recognize the actions of the Naga clan from the bottom of his heart!
With the Naga Queen\'s (brain-disabled) thought that day, still want to lead the Naga clan to counterattack humanity? I really don\'t know what to say. There is no other way except to bring the Naga tribe to extinction.
A Zhang Xin, a general in the human race, strength can crush her empress!
The comparison between the two races is very different!
It is conceivable that once the Naga clan really does something with moths, I am afraid that it will be possible to directly destroy the whole Naga clan if it is not just sending out a legion.
"A gatekeeper has such a strength, the evil demon behind the scenes!?"
Qin Luosheng\'s heart went straight to the bottom!
It\'s not that he wants to be negative, but that the dog system is really inappropriate!
Take a look! Take a look!
This demon general-Zhang Xin, is this a BOSS that people can defeat?
Don\'t say one person, even if it is a hundred full five-man team, it is estimated that it is only to give food!
Even if he is a hanger, he can\'t hold the official opening up!
Can Xiaotou + no backseat be compared to wall penetration + lock?
It\'s not a class at all!
"It seems that the hole cards prepared for the demons must be used here first!"
Qin Luosheng silently opened the skill bar, equipment bar, and backpack one by one, sorted out everything he had, and then closed his eyes and practiced tactics in his mind.
Dealing with a small **** can be gracious, and you can use it as a tempering stone to hone your fighting skills and run-in skills, but in the face of a general, if you still do this, it is looking for death!
Current game time: a moment in time!
Current real time: 21:17!
Game time remaining: 9 minutes and 32 seconds!
"Is there only 10 minutes left in the game?"
Qin Luosheng frowned slightly.
It seems that it is impossible to complete the task today!
It is already past nine o\'clock in the evening, and it is less than three hours before the next day!
This means that as long as 0:00, the game time will be reset, and there will be another ten hours of game time!
The mission time is one day, 24 hours!
From the beginning of the task of accepting the big sacrifice, until now, it is almost 6 hours!
There is plenty of time!
"The task time problem is solved, but there is still only one opportunity!"
Qin Luosheng raised his head and looked at Zhang Xin who was still like a statue. He took a deep breath and assumed a fighting stance: "So, that\'s all! Before killing the evil demon, let me meet the former general of the demon!"