Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 71: Cruel task punishment
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 71: Cruel task punishment

[Shadow Slash] LV1, 0/1000, consumes 50 mana, activates a single enemy, causing 150% damage, and has a certain chance to add bleeding effects! Cooling time: 3 seconds!
Unremarkable ordinary skills!
The same as the heavy cut of an ordinary soldier!
In the end, it is the shadow warrior\'s skill, the damage is a bit higher, and there is also a chance to bleed, and the cooling time is only 3 seconds!
This skill!
Low mana consumption, high damage, short cooling!
Three conditions are complete!
On the whole, very good, at least 90 points!
With Shadow Slash, Qin Luosheng can get rid of the embarrassing situation where most of his output was flat cut!
[Shadow Spike] LV1, 0/1000, consumes 100 mana, activates a single enemy, causing 150% damage. If the attack is on the back of the enemy, the damage is doubled, and a stun effect is added for 1 second! Cooling time: 5 seconds!
Power attack + control!
Good skills!
Unimaginable, this is just a small skill, a small skill with a 5-second cooldown!
The shadow stab is similar to the backstab of the thieves. It can also be seen that the shadow samurai is indeed a combination of thieves and fighters!
[Insidious Strike] LV1, 0/2000, consumes 100 mana, launches on a single enemy, within 3 meters, can launch a surprise attack, and instantly appear next to the enemy! Cooling time: 10 seconds!
This is not a damage skill, but a raid skill, or a surprise attack skill, used to break through heavy armor classes and close to the crispy skin of the back row!
Sinister Strike and Instant Slash are somewhat similar. They belong to the weakened version, but they can cooperate with the Shadow Spike to play a set of b, which can basically control the enemy 100% for 1 second, very strong!
[Hidden] LV1, 0/3000, cost 200 mana, escape into the shadows, deceive the enemy\'s sight, after entering this state, the speed is -80%, being attacked and actively attacked, the effect is cancelled, and lasts up to 60 seconds! Cooling time: 5 minutes!
Not to mention, alternative thieves are lurking, the best choice for sneak attacks and assassinations!
[Shadow Escape] LV1, 0/5000, effect It costs 500 mana and turns into a shadow, moving at will within 5 meters! Cooling time: 3 minutes! Effect Expends 1000 mana, within 3 meters, you can escape into the shadow of the enemy, immune to all physical and magical damage, lasts up to 5 seconds, cooling time: 10 minutes!
"Dual effect skills?"
Qin Luosheng was pleasantly surprised!
This skill is amazing, and I deserve the word [Escape]!
The first escape is flash escape, which moves instantaneously. Even though it is not as perverted as [Space Jump], the actual combat effect is very good and the practicality is very strong!
The second escape is to escape, avoid invincibility, hide in the shadow, what can you do with me? Regardless of magic or physics, what about shadows? There is no solution!
[Shadow avatar] LV1, 0/5000, cost 1000 mana, split a avatar with 50% strength of the body, controlled by intelligent AI, and can be commanded! Lasts up to 5 minutes! Cooling time: 10 minutes!
Can be attracted, can block the knife, can explore the way, can die...
The performance is complete, only you can\'t think of it, you can\'t do it without him!
[Shadow trick] LV1, 0/10000, consumes 100 mana per second, can control the enemy through the shadow, whether it can be controlled, how much time it takes to control, depends on the mental power of both parties! Cooling time: 1 hour!
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe his eyes!
Is there such a skill?
You can manipulate others through shadows, don\'t you want to go to heaven?
This made him think of an anime called "One Piece" in the previous life on Earth. One of the famous characters used special lines to control the enemy, like manipulating a puppet, he could not resist it!
Although shadow tricks are not so powerful, they are quite restrictive, and require extremely high mental power, but the effect is already very BUG, ??and Qin Luosheng dare not ask for too much!
This skill is a supernatural skill!
[Crazy Shadow Lore Slash] LV1, 0/50000, lock a target or area (maximum 5*5), turn into an afterimage of rapid slash, the speed soars by 1000%, each slash is constant 200% of the intensity damage, continuous 5 seconds! Cooling time: 5 hours!
Unique skills!
This is the ultimate skill!
Qin Luosheng burst into tears!
In the end, it is a hidden profession. Finally, fighters have the AOE (Area Group Damage) skill!
After reading the skills of the Shadow Warrior with excitement, Qin Luosheng also reached the end of this trip.
Looking at the dilapidated mine surrounded by the white mask, the five priests who had turned into light particles and merged into the seal could not help but sighed!
"It\'s dead or alive, it depends on this wave!"
Turning his gaze to the faint mine entrance, under the evil aura exuding, like a huge abyss waiting for the prey to come, Qin Luosheng took a few deep breaths before suppressing the fear in his heart and opened the task bar.
[Task name] Suppress evil spirits
[Task introduction] The source of the devil energy that affects the living beings has been investigated. It is determined that it was caused by the dark power of the sealed monster in the broken mine many years ago. For the safety of thousands of people, the demons must be killed to prevent the dark power from continuing. diffusion
[Quest content] Seal or kill the demons in the depths of the mine
Task timeTwo days
[Task Reward] Military merit 10000, prestige 3000, shadow warrior occupation permanent ownership right,? ? ?
[Failure penalty] Clear the level, the reputation of Novice Village -5000, the occupation of the shadow warrior, the talent recovery
Damn it? ! !
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t believe his eyes!
He stared at the [Failure Punishment] column, and almost didn\'t stare out!
"Damn old guy!"
In his mind, the kind face of the big sacrifice could not help but the eyes full of pity, Qin Luosheng almost didn\'t break a tooth.
The little fox has never played with the old fox after all!
Jiang is really old and spicy!
"Isn\'t this driving Lao Tzu on the road to the end?"
Qin Luosheng was not calm anymore, regretting in his heart for the first time.
Without him!
The punishment for failing this mission is too severe!
Not to mention the deprivation of hidden occupations, even if the heartache is still acceptable, after all, there are still opportunities to find other hidden occupations in the future!
But clearing the level to zero is a bit unnatural!
That is to directly hit back to the original shape!
It was already one step behind ACTO, and now it\'s still fighting in the Novice Village. If the level is gone and starting from the beginning, it will really fall into the quagmire completely and will always be suppressed by the first line.
That\'s all!
What makes Qin Luosheng unacceptable most is the recovery of talent!
This TM is a draw from the bottom!
Without the Lord of the Stars, isn\'t this a crash?
You know, Qin Luosheng\'s everything is built on this SSS super **** talent, if it is gone, he will be finished!
"Son of a bitch!"
Thinking of the current situation, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help screaming. If it weren\'t for fun, he would now want to run back and look for the **** old fox.
The cheating is not so cheating!
In vain, I respected him so much before, tusk, really blinded!
"It\'s a bituncomfortable!"
Qin Luo ascended to the sky and sighed, full of complexity.
The deal is done, even if you are not reconciled, what can you do?
This is a task with a time limit. You can\'t escape, and you can\'t hide. What else can you do except World War I?
"Is this the preciousness of hidden occupations? I finally got a little intuitive understanding!"
Such a serious failure punishment naturally has its reasons.
Task reward is comparison!
You can also see the value of the Shadow Warrior from here!
"Since there is no way out, then-do it!"
Qin Luosheng looked at the entrance of the mine dignifiedly, took out [Bloodthirsty] and [Panlong Lishui], held them tightly, and strode forward: "Let me see, you who are hidden in the dark , What is it!!!"