Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 70: Storm gathers the world torrent
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 70: Storm gathers the world torrent

"Ding, congratulations on changing your job. Hidden class: Shadow Warrior, reputation +500!"
"Ding, your class changes, the additional attributes of the trainee warrior disappear, and the additional attributes of the shadow warrior are acquired!"
"Your health +1000, mana +500, strength +50, physique +20, agility +50, attack speed +50%!"
"Ding, you lost your job: Trainee warrior, forgetting skills [Elementary Heavy Slash] [Elementary Double Slash] [Elementary Encouragement] [Elementary Rage]!"
"Ding, you successfully changed your job to a shadow warrior, and obtained exclusive skills: [Shadow Slash], [Shadow Sting], [Shadow Strike], [Shadow Escape], [Shadow Hide], [Shadow Clone], [Shadow Trick], [Crazy Shadow Lore Slash]!"
"Ding, since you are the first player to obtain a hidden profession in Destiny World, the system will make a worldwide announcement. Will the ID be revealed?"
A series of system prompts sounded one after another, shocking Qin Luosheng\'s mind!
"Do you want to reveal the ID? If you don\'t choose within five seconds, the system will default to reveal!"
The system sent a second reminder, and Qin Luosheng recovered from the shock, and quickly replied: "!"
"Ding, the Huaxia War Zone player "Crying Soul" successfully transferred to the hidden class [Shadow Warrior]. As the first player to have a hidden class, you will receive rewards: luck +2, savvy +2, a special scroll, and 1500 reputation! announce!""
One stone caused a thousand waves!
The ear-shattering system announcement caused an uproar among billions of players in the entire Destiny World!
How long has it been since ACTO entered the city and transferred?
TV is here again!
Moreover, it is the **** crying soul again!
In the past, it was enough to kill the BOSS. This time, the movement was made so that everyone was not calm!
Hidden career!
This is something countless people dream of!
With it, even ordinary players can leap into a strong player, perhaps due to limited talents, they can\'t become a great god-level master, at least, it\'s no problem to rank among the first-class!
It can be said!
Hidden career is the ladder to the sky, whoever has it can climb to the sky in one step!
It\'s sour!
Really sour!
"What good things are not for me?"
"How come all the good things belong to others?"
"Why didn\'t the Novice Village come out, and all the hidden jobs came out?"
"How come it\'s Huaxia again?"
The whole world is crazy!
The Chinese players are okay. Even if they take acidic water, they are the compatriots who make the profit. Even if they cant be noble and selfless to be happy for others, you can see the incompetent anger of players from other countries and the constant spitting of fragrance. Naturally, I feel quite comfortable, and I can barely accept it!
Gringo dont think so!
This is not!
In a short period of time, all places where you can communicate, such as forums, Weibo, and post bars, all exploded. Especially the official website of the game is the hardest hit area. Posts appearing in hundreds of thousands or even millions per second!
What about in reality?
The customer service line of the game\'s official group is basically paralyzed. Tens of thousands of beautiful operators MM have tears in their eyes, and they are full of grievances listening to the classic national curse of the players from various countries and angry to the extreme!
The entire wiring hall, depressed and dull, quickly turned into crying!
Why have I ever been wronged?
Quit do it, quit it!
The operators MM directly cut off the phone line, and the hot-tempered ones scolded them back!
This time, the imbalance in the situation has been exacerbated!
Players blast!
Staff strike!
The flames of anger turned into flames!
The official boss was shocked!
In a short period of time, the storm has gathered and is about to sweep the world, and at the center are the crying souls of the Chinese players who are making trouble, and the innocents who are lying down with guns!
Want to respond, but it\'s too late!
The only way is to respond positively and give an explanation!
This time, the old-fashioned official explanation is no longer possible to solve the problem!
The old rhetoric is not enough to quell the anger that has been provoked over and over again, and suppressed the anger of the players who have been dissatisfied for a long time!
If the official does not give a satisfactory answer, the world torrent will overwhelm them and completely destroy them!
It\'s a big trouble!
It\'s really a big deal this time!

The world is in a frenzy!
Qin Luosheng, the culprit, ran away irresponsibly!
That\'s right!
Qin Luosheng ran away!
After replenishing a little potion at the drugstore, he ran out of Novice Village without looking back, got rid of the trackers behind, and ran towards the dark forest quickly.
Can\'t tolerate him not running!
In fact, even if he did not visit the forum and enter the official website, Qin Luosheng knew how great the storm this time was!
See the whole leopard in a glimpse!
The players in Novice Village No. 6666 are crazy!
Dont level up, dont go to the next level, dont do business, dont treat girls...
Everyone, looking for him like a mad dog, the legendary Weeping Soul, just got a master of hidden profession!
Qin Luosheng is not completely exposed!
But it\'s almost exposed!
There is no shortage of smart people in this world!
Since the Battle of Luohe, the hard-working Thunder Union exposed himself to the eyes of everyone, the analysis of his identity has never stopped.
So far, at least 80% of players believe that he is the Weeping Soul!
With such a big event happening, the players in No. 6666 Novice Village are not crazy!
The legendary boss is very likely to be by his side. Don\'t say let him take him as a little brother, even if he gets an autograph and successfully combined a movie, he can become a popular star and attract the attention of the whole world.
Who can bear this temptation?
Not to mention, success in dedication, success in wooing, success in tie-up, etc., maybe the chances are too slim to be counted, but if it is done, it will turn into a phoenix on the branch in a month!

"It\'s crazy!"
In the corner of the Dark Forest, Qin Luosheng closed the official forum of the Destiny Group, rubbing his stiff face with a dull face, and the corners of his mouth twitched constantly.
"Forget it, let\'s take a look at my hidden profession!"
The matter has developed to such a point that it is no longer controllable and can only wait quietly for the results of the official processing.
to be honest!
Qin Luosheng is not very worried!
Besides, worrying won\'t help. It\'s better to let go and focus on the next task. This is a big problem!
"Health +1000, mana +500, attribute points +120, and attack speed +50%!"
Qin Luosheng counted the additional attributes of the shadow warrior, and praised it fiercely: "Should I say, is it worthy of a hidden job? The addition of this attribute is ridiculous! Not only does the attribute increase, there are nine special attributes, which are too BUG. No wonder that as long as you get a hidden job, even a pig can take off and become a master!"