Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 63: Bronze Zombie
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 63: Bronze Zombie

The screams made Qin Luosheng\'s heart stop suddenly.
Turn around!
He was momentarily sluggish!
I saw a ghost shrouded in darkness. At this moment, holding a living heart in one hand, he lifted a strong man of about two hundred catties with the other, and buried his head in his neck!
Wang Damin let out a loud roar, startled and angry, regardless of his injuries, driving his weak body, he rushed forward with a sword.
"do not come!"
The corner of Hans\'s mouth was bleeding, and his eyes were bloodshot. He wanted to struggle, but he was restrained by an unknown monster. Now he was like a chicken, completely powerless. He could only take a breath and move towards the brother who wanted to come and die. Shouted the last sentence.
Wang Damin didn\'t listen at all!
But to go?
How can it be!
That is his brother!
It is also from small to large!
It is also a comrade in arms who was born and died together!
How can you just watch him die like this?
For the purpose of the task and the overall situation, he could be ruthless, not even bury the bodies of his sacrificed companions, and even to prevent their corpses from changing, he also desecrated the remains and made up the knife after death.
God knows what kind of grief he made these decisions! ? ?
right now!
mission completed!
He no longer needs to be a calm butcher, but to be himself and follow his heart, even if the price for this is life!
and so!
He drew his sword without hesitation!
Not only to save Hans, but also to save himself!
A loud noise!
Hans\' corpse was thrown away by the monster and smashed heavily in front of Wang Damin, blocking his progress!
Looking at the terrible death of his brother, Wang Damin\'s eyes instantly turned blood red.
"Be careful!"
Wang Damin was confused and stayed, but Qin Luosheng didn\'t!
On the other side, he clearly saw that the monster that Hans had dealt with, immediately turned the target, his eyes locked on Wang Damin, and the dark ghost claws rushed away.
Wang Damin, who was awakened by Qin Luosheng\'s roar, was shocked. He looked up and looked at the ghost claws exuding evil dark power. He was terrified and wanted to retreat subconsciously!
Hearing the chanting of curses coming from behind, he paused!
It was just a triangle of defense of three people. After Hans died, it was torn immediately, and the priests who were focusing on setting up the seal enchantment were exposed under the eyelids of the monsters, without defense!
right now!
He is here!
Instead of the position guarded by Hans, he is the last line of defense!
Never go back!
Even if you know it is dead, you must use this flesh and blood body to block the monster, even if it is only a second!
Wang Damin will not retreat from a deadly battle, his intention is clear!
At least Qin Luosheng understands it!
He was frightened and anxious!
Wang Damin is different from other NPCs, for him, it has a special meaning!
Yu Gong, Wang Damin is the head of the militia group and the son of the village chief. He belongs to the official NPC. He has a special status and status. He needs to mediate and contact the monsters in the mines afterwards.
Yu Si, the village chief Wang Laomin and alchemist Wu Lin have taken good care of him. This is a debt of favor; Wang Damin has also raised some points many times, and awakened him at critical times so that he is no longer confused. This is a kind of pointing ; Also, Wang Damin\'s life is related to one of his hidden tasks.
For public and private, Wang Damin, he Qin Luosheng, Baoding!
"Quick Cut"
The body turned into a stream of light, and Qin Luosheng appeared in front of Wang Damin from a distance in an instant, [Panlong Lishui] and [Bloodthirsty] intersected, blocking the sudden attack of the ghost hand.
"[Detection Technique]!"
[Bronze Armored Zombie (Golden BOSS)]
Grade: LV10
Health value: 80000
Attack: 750
Defense: 800
Speed: 130
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: Zombies are not among the six realms of gods, immortals, humans, demons, demons, and ghosts. They are abandoned by the world and all beings. They are born with grievances, feed on blood, and are immortal.
Is this a zombie?
Qin Luosheng was a little unbelievable.
No wonder!
Just now this guy took out Hans\'s heart. He didn\'t eat like a zombie, but lost it in disgust, and buried his head in his neck. It turned out to be sucking blood!
[Panlong Lishui] blocked the ghost claws, [Bloodthirsty] took the opportunity to follow the launch of [Shun Slash], slashed fiercely on the body of the bronze zombie.
Sparks are flying!
At the same time, a huge force bounced back, Qin Luosheng became unstable, and the [Bloodthirsty] in his hand was almost shaken out.
"This Nima, is it too hard?"
Ignoring the pain coming from the tiger\'s mouth, Qin Luosheng stared blankly at the damage numbers on the top of the bronze zombie\'s head, and the corners of his mouth twitched.
The skill effect of [Instant Slash] is not only a 10m super long-range sniper kill, but also 200% damage and a certain chance of stun effect!
Not to mention the vertigo, there is no trigger!
But this 200% strength damage!
Just cut less than 300 health points?
Is this steel plate?
The golden boss of the same level 10, even if the attributes of this bronze zombie are not comparable to Queen Naga, it is not the same type as Queen Naga. It is simply a nightmare of the physics department!
The life value is super thick, up to 8W+!
The defense is super strong, even higher than the attack!
It\'s a good shield!
"Are you going to use Thunderfall Talisman and Divine Fire Talisman?"
Qin Luosheng was a little reluctant.
Along the way, in order to cover the team, most of his inventory has been consumed, and now there is not much left.
This kind of top-quality consumable props is one less one, and it must be used on the blade.
And the bronze zombie?
Even though thunder and fire are his nemesis, he is not worthy!
"Go back a little and let me come!"
Roaring at Wang Damin, Qin Luo rose to the ground, kicking heavily on the bronze zombie, following the force of the counter-shock, temporarily avoiding the edge, and avoiding the vicious claws of the bronze zombie.
[Bloodthirsty] Attack 931!
[Panlong Lishui] Attack 1460!
The attack exceeds the defense of the bronze zombie, at least it can break the defense!
The life value of this product is too thick. Even if you look at the attribute panel, victory is certain, but the battle is not just a comparison of attributes, there are more factors.
such as--
physical strength!
After going through all kinds of dangers, Qin Luosheng has been exhausted for more than a dozen battles, big and small, and the remaining physical strength can\'t support his long battle.
Therefore, you can only choose a quick fight!
The total health of the bronze zombie is only 8W+!
very thick!
Very crispy too!
The sky-shaking thunder that has evolved through the miracle of starlight, one is 1000+ real damage, the magic fire talisman and the thunder talisman, because of the restraint of the attribute, the damage will be even greater!
Using up the remaining items can at least reduce the health of the bronze zombie by half!
The remaining half?
Ha ha!
When I **can not exist?
800 points really hurt!
There are still 32 cans!
If you throw them all out, how many health points can the bronze zombie have?
When the time comes, cut a few swords casually, you can kill him!
This is too costly and not worthwhile!
"Just have a solution!"
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath, and waited intently: "Take a look first. It really doesn\'t work, you can only use props!"
It doesn\'t matter if the props are gone!
But you must protect Wang Damin to death and never let him happen!
After completing the hidden task that Wu Lin explained, maybe there is still a chance to buy back, even Wu Lin is happy, and doesn\'t even need wolf eyes, just let him go whoring!