Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 58: Night market
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 58: Night market

Instant cut!
Pick and cut!
They are the golden skills. Under the sublimation of the starlight miracle, theoretically, it is possible to jump, break through the shackles of the epic, and reach a higher level of legend!
This needs to look at the face!
Whether it is a little white face or a black charcoal face, it is time to verify the pedigree!
With excitement, Qin Luosheng carefully opened the attribute introduction column
[Quick Cut (Epic)] LV1, 0/5000, consumes 200 mana, locks on a single target within 10 meters, and instantly moves to the target to cut a blow, causing 200% damage and a certain chance to cause a stun effect ! Cooling time: 30 seconds!
What a strong skill!
Within 10 meters, an instant killing technique!
Although the damage caused was not strong, far inferior to a violent blow, but with this mobility alone, it was enough to sit side by side with it, and it also had a chance of stun ability, and the cooling time was only a short 30 seconds.
With Instant Slash, those guys who rely on flying kites for food, such as archers, such as magicians, will not just lie down and stare at him when they meet him, but they just kneel on the ground and call Dad!
"But, why is it epic?"
Qin Luosheng was a little unwilling!
He was extremely satisfied with the strength of Shun Zhan.
He didn\'t reach the legendary level, he was unhappy!
Without him!
I just don\'t want this to be a wave of self-evidence to prove one\'s pedigree, but it turned into a self-destruction!
He doesn\'t want to be a nigger!
"Pick and cut, you have to work hard!"
Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth and stared at the next skill book, screaming in his heart: "Legend! Ou Huang! Legend! Ou Huang!--"
[Pick and Cut (Epic)] LV1, 0/5000, consumes 300 mana, picks up the enemy with great power, causes 150% damage, and is forced to stay in the air for at least 3 seconds to be unable to move! Cooling time: 3 minutes!
A complete introduction to the properties is greeted!
In an instant, Qin Luosheng\'s face was black as charcoal!
He stared at the word "epic" and the word MMP, and he rushed to his mouth in the blink of an eye!
"I do not believe!"
"This time self-certification doesn\'t count!"
"Well, obviously the Lord of the Stars is not capable enough!" (The Lord of the Stars:???)
"The sublimation of the starlight miracle can only reach the epic at best, and cannot touch the legend!"
"It must be so!"
After a self-deception that broke through the sky, Qin Luosheng happily learned the two skills, and forcibly forgot the humiliating operation just now.
"Cool! It\'s an epic skill, with a control effect of at least 3 seconds. When singles out the boss, it will definitely be of great use!"
First is a instant cut!
Another challenge!
Both skills are extremely powerful and practical!
Instant slashing ability is powerful, and it can be used as an escape skill when it is critical!
A distance of ten meters is enough to escape the range of effects of many skills!
Of course, the premise is that there is a target for him as a target, let him use this skill.
The control effect of pick and cut is full, and you can use it as a blocking skill when you find the right opportunity!
The effect of picking and cutting is "forced" to stay in the air. Unless force majeure, interrupting BOSS skills to chant and release is definitely a 100% success rate!
"It\'s almost there, get it done early and rest early!"
After the excitement, the exhaustion became heavier.
Qin Luosheng stuffed the permanent augmentation potion and spirit grass into his mouth, seeing the added attribute points, nodded in satisfaction!
Strength, physique, agility and spirit, a total of 20 bottles, 5 bottles were distributed to Artoo, there are 15 bottles left, 15*3, each attribute has increased by 45 points!
Fortunately, charm, toughness, savvy and focus, each of them originally had 5 flowers, but after 2 were distributed, 3*2, each item increased by 6 points.
Of course, charm does not count!
Because the lord of the stars has given the ability to have a charm value of MAX, the fruit of charm is like a chicken rib for him.
"Offline! Offline!"
"Come back in five hours!"
Although you can sleep directly in the game world, it doesn\'t affect it, but the **** game company has set a limit on game time!
If you sleep here for five hours, don\'t think about hidden tasks. When you get to a point, you will be kicked off the assembly line. Let Wang Damin take the group of weak chicken priests to death!
By the time!
Two hidden missions, all announced GG!

real world!
Qin Luosheng took off the game helmet and let out a heavy breath!
Even though the game time is less than five hours today, he is really tired!
First, bravely rush to the land of Naga ancestors and have a battle with the Naga Queen!
Then rushed quickly to help the front line!
For the mission, it is to start the blood sacrifice of the devil and experience the "extreme pleasure"!
Between the two battles, there was a buffer break of more than one hour at Wu Lin, otherwise, it might not be able to persist!
"Go to sleep! Get a good night\'s sleep!"
Enduring the rush of drowsiness, Qin Luosheng quickly set the alarm clock. Regardless of the slimy and uncomfortable all over, he dropped his head on the pillow, and within a second, he fell asleep deeply.

The noisy sound rang, awakening Qin Luosheng who was sleeping.
With sleepy eyes, he opened his eyes hard and slapped the noisy alarm clock, preventing it from continuing its unethical behavior of making noises.
After a few minutes of returning to the bed, the sanity finally recovered!
get up!
Take off the short sleeves soaked in sweat!
Then go straight to the bathroom!
I took a swiftly and happily to take a cold, and then I was tired and refreshed!
In just four hours, I obviously did not have enough sleep, but it was enough. I recovered my spirit well, and I didn\'t have the malaise I had just now.
But physical strength!
Qin Luosheng touched his dry belly, did not wipe his wet hair, found a clean T-shirt from the closet and put it on casually, picked up the key and mobile phone, walked out quickly, and went straight to a snack outside the community. Go down the street!
The lights are flashing, and it\'s night market time!
Time is running out, and Qin Luosheng is not in the mood to look for food!
Just at the entrance of the alley, I randomly found a store that didn\'t seem busy and shouldn\'t need to line up!
After a little hesitation, I ordered a spicy hot pot!
After ordering, the waiter handed over the order to the kitchen!
Qin Luosheng took a sip of tea and took out his mobile phone to play a game, but was attracted by the topic of a young young man next to him.
"Hey, have you watched that video?"
"Are you a terrestrial? You just came back from Mars? Of course it is the one from Novice Village No. 6666!"
"Oh, that video? Of course I watched it! Fuck, that mysterious warrior boss is my idol!"
Listening to the "corner", Qin Luosheng was startled!
Isn\'t he talking about me?
Damn it!
But is the spread so high in one day? Already made everyone know?
And its not just on the Internet, but even on the streets now?
Qin Luosheng was a little confused, but also secretly refreshed!
As the protagonist of the event, or the protagonist of the victorious side, was so worshipped by countless young people, as idols, and longed by so many girls, shouting to give birth to monkeys, this taste, tut, very beautiful!