Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 55: The power of the devil slays wildly
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 55: The power of the devil slays wildly

"Wang Damin, where is Wang Damin?"
The fast-paced Qin Luosheng arrived, bloodthirsty in his left hand, and the dragon in his right hand to get out of the water.
"The captain is in front. He is surrounded. Come on, warrior, please save the captain!"
A militiaman next to him vigorously slashed the monster that was confronting him, pestering a knife, panting vigorously, sweating like rain, obviously his physical strength and energy had reached the limit, but he did not care about himself, but anxiously asked Qin Luosheng for help .
Qin Luosheng slashed out a sword forcefully, Panlong Lishuis super high attack, fortunately triggered a critical strike, and directly dropped a demonized monster in seconds, relieved the exhausted militia, and then moved in the direction he pointed. Advance wildly.
The demonized monsters on the periphery are weak chickens, unable to resist Qin Luosheng, who is now armed with double swords, assaulting like a storm!
Soon, a **** road came out!
It\'s about skill and level, as well as the goodwill of the village chief, and may even affect the task of the great sacrifice. Qin Luosheng dare not care about it, and has tried his best!
However, there are too many monsters!
He used the augmentation skills, but he knocked the violent potion, and it was still not enough!
Even if the attributes are completely crushed, the health of these guys is too thick, and they are in groups, and it is difficult to clean up in a short time!
After killing a wave, another wave of monsters stood in front!
Five minutes later, there were at least twenty or thirty demonized monsters that died tragically in his hands, but he only advanced less than ten meters!
Too much!
Too dense!
"Can\'t go on like this!"
Qin Luosheng was very anxious and wanted to use the Forbidden Curse Scroll, but he was afraid of accidentally hurting, and was in a dilemma.
If you want to break through the siege, conventional methods are simply impossible, only soldiers are in danger!
After hesitating for a few seconds, Qin Luosheng finally settled down and took out the [Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice]!
Seeing this unremarkable appearance, but exuding indescribable evil, it seemed that there was really a terrible earring of a demon sleeping inside, he took a deep breath and put it on!
An extreme hostility rises from the heart and goes straight to the brain!
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes instantly became blood red, and his violent killing intent could not be suppressed at all!
Longing for blood!
Desire to kill!
Desire for destruction!
At this moment, his form has not changed, but his heart is like a demon!
The will is affected, the spirit is poisoned!
The weird thing is that he is sober, he has not lost himself or his reason!
It\'s like the dark side of psychology is infinitely magnified, especially the desire to kill, is constantly rising rapidly!
Forcibly resisting the urge to slaughter all the lives around him, Qin Luosheng quickly opened the attribute bar
Character: Weeping Soul
Grade: LV10
Occupation: Warrior
Talent: Lord of the Stars
Reputation: 3750
Power: None
Money: 0 gold 85 silver 23 copper
Basic attributes: Strength 235, Constitution 152, Agility 140, Spirit 250
Special attributes: Lucky 0, Charisma MAX, Perception 0, Tenacity 10, Focus 0
Health value: 12989/12989
Magic value: 13514/13514
Physical attack: left hand 886, right hand 1415
Magic attack: 463
Physical defense: 365
Magic defense: 36
Speed: 203
Dodge: 45%
Crit: 55%
Elemental resistance: water 20%; fire 0%; wind 0%; thunder 0%; earth 0%; light 0%; dark 0%; poison 0%
Skills: slightly...
So strong!
"this is me?"
Qin Luosheng widened his eyes in amazement.
This is a far cry from the previous attribute comparison!
No wonder!
The talent upgrade, coupled with the increase of Water Vein Spirit Orb, Phantom Ribbon, and Coiling Dragon Lishui, has this perverted attribute, understandable!
If it hadn\'t been for [Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice] to reduce some of its attributes, the panel looked even stronger!
"Come on, let me see how terrifying the deal with the devil will bring me!"
Qin Luosheng looked excited, his twisted face looked extremely hideous, like a lunatic!
"Activate, the devil\'s blood sacrifice!"
"Consumption of 5000 HP!"
Following Qin Luosheng\'s command, the pure black energy quickly overflowed from the [Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice] on his right ear, and surrounded him in just 1 second.
Unexpected pain appears suddenly!
These pure dark energies penetrate every pore of the body, rough and wild!
The most primitive plug is that every pore seems to be pierced with sharp needles, fiercely and forcefully, and because of the excessive excitement, the senses are enlarged and become more awake, and the pain is also increased. .
When did Qin Luosheng come into contact with this level of pain?
It is simply torture!
No matter how the pain escalated and became more intense, he didn\'t faint, but was made more and more sober by the devil\'s blood sacrifice!
I dont know how long it took until the black energy was finally submerged in the body, the pain subsided like a tide, and the system\'s prompt sound came!
"Ding, the devil\'s blood sacrifice is used successfully, your physical and magical attacks are increased by 5000 points, and your health is changed to 7989/7989!"
This is really good!
After some torture, Qin Luosheng seemed to have awakened some strange attributes!
He stretched out his tongue and licked the lip that had just been bitten by the severe pain. The blood dripping from his tongue, the smell of fishy smell made his hostility soar again!
"Come on, chopsticks, let me see if you can continue to stand in my way now!"
Holding a sword in his left hand [Bloodthirsty], currently attacking 5886!
Right holding the sword [Panlong Lishui], the current attack is 6415!
Qin Luosheng laughed!
Huge damage figures frequently appear!
Many demonized monsters have no enemies at all!
Hack all the way!
One sword one!
"It\'s so beautiful!"
A distance of hundreds of meters!
Hundreds of demonized monsters!
With the extremely abnormal increase, Qin Luosheng slaughtered all the demonized monsters in only three minutes and rushed to the forefront!
"who are you?"
Numerous militia NPCs who were surrounded, stared blankly at Qin Luosheng who had been killed suddenly, with a chill!
It was this man who was like a demon king who had just wiped out all the demonized monsters around him at an incredible speed.
" don\'t come over!"
The devil came over step by step, and the fear in the hearts of the militiamen seemed to be activated by something.
The instinct to save their lives drove them to raise their hands involuntarily, and aimed their weapons at the man who had just saved them!
"Is it safe for the time being?"
Ignoring the trembling, violent cold sweat, and the unsteady militias, Qin Luosheng raised his head and scanned the surroundings. After confirming that there were no monsters, he suppressed his inner desire to kill. The impulse to kill the group of NPCs in front of him, with great perseverance, ended the devil\'s blood sacrifice.
The cloud disappears and the rain disappears!
The power of the devil fades quickly!
Qin Luosheng flashed a flower in front of him, and the exhaustion that his body and spirit instantly fed back made him almost unsteady and fell to the ground.
"No wonder the increase is so abnormal, and the sequelae are too big!"
Suffocating the dizziness, Qin Luosheng patted his cheek vigorously, trying to clear himself up a little bit.
Looking up, looking at the guarded militiamen, he asked, "Wang Damin, who knows where Wang Damin is?"
He is anxious!
Arriving here with all the hardships, even at the mercy of the devil, making it look as weak as it is now, if the mission target fails, then there is a desire to die!
Wang Damin, you must hold on!