Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 53: Hidden mission to save Wang Damin
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 53: Hidden mission to save Wang Damin

Feng Xing\'s off-line Annunciation is gone!
Under Qingsi\'s restraint, Mu Mu didn\'t dare to talk too much and was silent with her!
Qin Luosheng is rarely quiet, so he just took this opportunity to settle the accounts!
Wu Lin has a lot of treasures, there are five categories if they are classified!
The first consumable potions, plus the gunpowder cans, require a total of 1,000 gold to win all!
Next is the permanent booster potion, there are four kinds in total, all of which cost 4000 gold!
Then there is a permanent booster-like spirit grass, a total of five kinds, requiring 25,000 gold!
There are also five types of charm items, which cost 15,000 gold!
Finally, there are skills books, four books, each of 10,000 gold, and the sky-high price of 40,000 gold to eat all!
Add the total!
If you want to hollow out Wu Lin, you still need a huge sum of 85,000 gold!
in other words!
The package of 8 million wolf eyes just now needs to come!
"It\'s a bit hanging!"
Qin Luosheng was silent: "It\'s probably impossible!"
The previous eight million wolf eyes were collected in more than a day, but now, in just one hour, it is really impossible to accomplish this huge goal!
"However, I didn\'t expect to eat it all, just buy what I bought!"
Qin Luosheng shrugged, but his mentality was very open.
If you can buy them all, naturally you wont even have one wool left for Wu Lin!
If you cant buy it all, just buy it!
Two unused skill books will lose 20,000 gold coins!
The charm value is MAX because of the master of the stars, the charm fruit is useless, and you can spend 5000 gold less!
and many more!
Specifically, it also depends on how much energy that Yato has and how many wolf eyes can he collect!

One hour passed in a flash!
"Boy, it\'s time!"
Wu Lin\'s time was very accurate. Just when the time came, he immediately spoke: "Although your kid counted and took away my Wu family ancestor treasure, but I said in terms of conversion, I will sell as much as you can buy!"
"Thank you senior!"
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath and looked at Fengxing beside him!
Feng Xing approached him and whispered: "Now there are only more than 7.2 million, not enough time. If you give it another ten minutes, it will definitely reach nine million!"
7.2 million?
Qin Luosheng was in a daze!
He originally thought that he could receive five million yuan, but he had already settled silently just now, and had made a difficult choice of what he wanted to buy. Unexpectedly, ACTO gave him such a big surprise.
It takes a total of 8.5 million to buy it all!
There are now more than 7.2 million!
In other words, as long as you buy one less skill book, you can get all the other things? ! !
Taking a deep breath, Qin Luosheng patted Fengxing on the shoulder, and said in a deep voice, "Thank you Yato for me!"
Although this is a deal, he used the Raiders to exchange it, but Arto doesn\'t have to be so desperate. At that time, he will receive a little less wolf eyes, and there will be four or five million, which can also be paid.
However, he collected more than 7.2 million in just one hour, and Qin Luosheng understood the difficulty!
"Senior, let\'s start!"
Stepping forward, Qin Luosheng repeated the routine with Wu Lin again.
Get the wolf eyes from Fengxing, then turn around and trade with Wu Lin.
Although this is troublesome, there is no way.
Who called Wu Lin only gave him the qualifications to use 100 wolf eyes instead of 1 gold ambassador, and he couldn\'t trade directly with Wu Lin if he wanted to be popular!
With 1000 backpack space of the Phantom Ribbon, this transaction should be fast, however, the efficiency is slower than the last time!
That\'s right!
Qin Luosheng is delaying time!
If you can be slower, you can take advantage of the time difference in this transaction to allow Arto to collect more wolf eyes and connect it to the trading platform. He can also change a little more from Wu Lin.
After all, the number has not reached the ideal 7.5 million, and we need to work harder!
Hard work pays off!
The wolf\'s eyes with only a difference of more than two hundred thousand are still gathered!
This is enough!
As for the 8.5 million bought all, Qin Luosheng would not wishful thinking.
Informed Fengxing and told him to stop the acquisition. Qin Luosheng abandoned the skill [Meteor Fire Rain] under Mu Muyouyuan\'s gaze, and packed all other things away!
"You kid, you really have you!"
Wu Lin\'s face was green, shaking as he watched his treasure being taken one by one by Qin Luosheng.
Especially these treasures were also collected by Qin Luosheng face-to-face into the space of the [phantom ribbon], which gave him a double crit and almost vomited blood with anger.
"Senior, thank you very much!"
Compared with Wu Lin\'s uneasy face, Qin Luosheng made a happy smile, almost grinning behind his ears.
"Do you want this skill book?"
After the transaction was completed, the contented Qin Luosheng was about to leave, but Wu Lin\'s voice suddenly came from behind. He turned around with a look of surprise and asked: "Senior is willing to cut love? I am willing to buy two million wolf eyes, but you need you Wait an hour!"
Wu Lin roared, "Why do I want so many wolf eyes? There are already more than ten million, I don\'t know when to use them!"
After being sprayed with saliva, Qin Luosheng didn\'t dare to make any trouble, and smiled all over his face.
"Give it to you!"
Wu Lin threw his hand and threw [Meteor Fire Rain] to Qin Luosheng. Under his perplexed look, he said in a bleak tone: "Since the ancestors chose to avoid the world in this small village, generation after generation, these things, yes. Its not important for us, otherwise, do you think that the **** alchemy material like wolf eyes can be exchanged for Lao Tzus treasure?"
Qin Luosheng laughed!
"The war between gods and demons has passed thousands of years, and now the demons are ready to move. Even remote villages like ours have begun to be gradually polluted. It can be seen that the situation in other places is definitely more serious."
"I have no children in my life, Wu Lin. Damin and Xiaomin grew up as I watched them. I always treat them as sons."
"Yesterday there was news that the devilish energy in the forest has been eroding more and more severely. Damin and the others have already fought against the monsters and suffered heavy damage."
"It won\'t be long before the monster\'s second wave of attacks will begin. Once the frontline defense is broken, the monster army will drive in."
"By then, not only the village, but all the creatures living around it will inevitably die, and will even be demonized and become silly walking dead."
"Xiaomin has already gone, and I don\'t want Damin to follow in his footsteps."
"I can\'t control big things, and I won\'t force you!"
"However, you must save the life of Damin!"
"What if it\'s dead or alive, then it\'s up to fate!"
Wu Lin looked solemn!
"Ding, you have a trigger hidden mission [Save Wang Damin], do you accept it?"
At this time, the system prompt sounded in the ear.
Qin Luosheng was taken aback, glanced at Wu Lin, and accepted without hesitation!
"get out!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s acceptance, Wu Lin showed a dry smile on his face, but it was fleeting, and soon returned to the original state. With a wave of his hand, he sent Qin Luosheng directly out of the Wu family gate.