Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 51: Demons blood sacrifice
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 51: Demons blood sacrifice

Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice
Type: Earrings
Grade: Epic
Demand: None
Effect: Strength -30, Constitution -30, Agility -30, Spirit +100, Toughness +10
Special effects: [Devils Whispers] Passive effect: 30% chance of immunity to control; Active effect: After turning on, the devils whispers will keep you awake and absolutely immune to all controls. It lasts up to 30 seconds. After the effect is over, you will fall into Chaos effect for 1 minute! Cooling time: 30 minutes!
Incidental skills: [Devils Blood Sacrifice] Use your own blood as a sacrifice to gain the power of the devil. Effect: suppress your own HP limit, and the effect cannot be restored during the duration of the effect. You can choose two amplification methods: , get compressed HP Point attack power (including physical attack power and magic attack power), , get the attack power (including physical attack power and magic attack power) that is a percentage of compressed health! Cooling time: 5 minutes!
Introduction: The blood sacrifice of the devil, also known as the cursed earring, is rumored to be the legacy of the master forging. Carrying the hatred of destroying the door, the hatred of destroying the race, but because the enemy is too powerless to avenge, he sacrificed his soul and life to the devil, and sealed all his hatred and evil thoughts in the earrings. His disciples avenged the teacher, wore them to gain the power of the devil, and wiped out 13,862 people of the enemy\'s clan. Later, his character changed drastically, he became a demon, and was wiped out by the right way. The blood sacrifice of the demon was also completely sealed, and was later stolen and his whereabouts were unknown.
Qin Luosheng:...
how to say! ?
There is really nothing to say!
These earrings are simply amazing!
Its performance, just like its name!
It is a double-edged sword, and an extremely dangerous double-edged sword!
Unlike other equipment, most of them are positive, which will bring players a steady increase!
Every performance of the devil\'s blood sacrifice is absolutely fair!
If you want to be positive, then some aspect will become negative!
The young man is not deceived!
It\'s like making a deal with the devil, he will give you what you want, and he will take something from you!
The four basic attributes, except for the dreaded 100 points of spiritual increase, the other three, all lose 30 points!
There must be something!
It also implies blood sacrifice!
Taking blood as a sacrifice will naturally weaken your body, reduce your strength, physique and agility, and greatly increase your mental power, which is very reasonable!
The same is true for the accompanying special effects and accompanying skills!
Immune control, and then fall into a controlled state, the duration is twice the former!
Exchange your own blood for strength, this is equivalent exchange!
How much is paid, how much is rewarded!
Walk on the blade!
Once opened, life will inevitably be sacrificed!
Not yours, but your enemy\'s!
Worthy of the name "Blood Sacrifice"!
"It\'s terrible!"
Qin Luosheng sighed!
If it\'s the real world, this kind of thing, it\'s going to go as far as you can, without taking your head back!
Living in a new era of harmony and happiness, does he feel too long to touch such things?
However, this is the game world!
Then it\'s okay!
So what?
It\'s a big deal, just drop one level!
A second later, labor and capital are a hero again!
This earring is really too strong, the kind that is so strong that it is unspecified. If it hadn\'t had too much negative influence, it would definitely not be of the epic level!
"It\'s a pity! It\'s a bit of a violent thing for me!"
Qin Luosheng shook his head!
Although there are no requirements for wearing this thing, there is no doubt that the magician is the most suitable!
It is only the bombing fort like the magician, which is reduced by the three attributes and has little effect, and at the same time increases the spiritual benefit the highest!
The magician who is most afraid of being controlled by seconds is the magician. The special effect [Devil\'s Whisper] perfectly solves this problem!
Also, the terrifying [Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice] is basically tailored for magicians!
After all, unlike warriors, these melee occupations need to fight the enemy head-to-head. If you activate this ability to kill the enemy by one thousand and eight hundred, it might be just a scratch on the skin, and you will die directly.
The magician is different!
As long as you find the right location, someone is protected, you can even turn on full power, force 1 point of health to be retained, and sacrifice all the remaining health, or directly increase the attack power by up to 99%, and the output ability is simply exploding!
At this stage, [Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice] is just a cancer!
Take, for example, a magician with a level 10 full spirit!
Count the equipment!
The maximum health is 200 points and the maximum speed is 80!
Don\'t talk about special effects and additional skills, just wearing the reduced attributes is enough to drink a pot, especially the health value, but owes people 100 points, and can only force 1 health point!
What can 1 point of health do?
Crisper than porcelain dolls!
If you touch it, or even a jump, you may belch!
too difficult!
"Curious things have miracles, and miracles have miracles. This thing will definitely surprise me in the future!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t wear it, but put the [Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice] back into his backpack!
Normally, this cut a full 90 points of important attributes, and it must be hidden to death!
But when it comes to danger, he will use it without hesitation, take his own blood as a sacrifice, even if it is a deal with the devil, he will have to gain power!
"Unexpectedly, there is even this kind of equipment!"
Watching [Devils Blood Sacrifice] enter Qin Luoshengs backpack, after the evil oppression in the dark disappeared, the Feng Xing three who had never even dared to breathe, breathed a sigh of relief with a complex expression .
Little Chili Mumu stopped chattering at this time, wanted to speak a few times, but swallowed back when the words came to her lips.
It\'s a girl, even though [Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice] is like an artifact to a magician, she is really scared!
Of course, she also knows that even if she speaks, it is impossible for others to sell this kind of thing, and it won\'t work for much money!
Seeing that the Fengxing three were somewhat silent, Qin Luosheng also knew that the [Devil\'s Blood Sacrifice] had a great impact on them!
Without disturbing their peace of mind, they continued to check the next victory products by themselves!
There is another piece of equipment, which is rewarded by the system along with the [Golden Seal] for killing Queen Naga!
There are three skill books, two of which are made by Queen Naga, and one is rewarded by the system!
And, one scroll!
The equipment is a dagger, silver grade. After being sublimated by the starlight miracle, there is no jump, but it becomes a gold grade. What a pity!
Good too!
There are many players playing thieves in the Destiny World. This dagger will surely be able to sell for a high price. It just so happens that there is no money to trade with the Wolf Eye of Artoo, and it can be used to pay off debts!
Next, three skill books
[Speedy stab (gold)] consumes a certain amount of mana, conducts a rapid onslaught and causes a lot of damage! Demand: Berserker!