Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 50: Epic one-handed sword Panlong Lishui
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 50: Epic one-handed sword Panlong Lishui

Two pieces of epic equipment!
Even Qin Luosheng was a little nervous!
Nowadays, in the hands of players, the best equipment is golden equipment. Epic equipment is absolutely impossible!
After all, based on the two-level theory of BOSS, if you want to explode epic equipment, you must at least be a silver boss! (PS. BOSS two-level theory, that is, the equipment exploded by BOSS, which is higher than its two levels at most)
Is there a silver boss in Novice Village?
At least Qin Luosheng had never encountered it before, or even heard of it. Even on the forum, he had never seen similar information.
Of course, hidden bosses like Queen Naga are not counted, nor are the copy bosses in the trial grounds!
In the wild, you have encountered the strongest BOSS, and you are only bronze!
The equipment exploded by the Bronze BOSS is the highest gold!
Moreover, the more two-level explosions, only exist in theory, and it is estimated that the explosion rate is only one in ten million, or even one in billion!
Unless there are players who control the talents related to the lucky value, this situation is basically impossible.
There is no market for gold-level equipment, and the price is sky-high, what about epic?
At the epic level, the equipment has a qualitative leap, and the price of the gold level equipment cannot be used as a reference at all!
So it is priceless!
For this, Qin Luosheng has the most say.
Because he has epic equipment!
Whether it\'s the aura cloak or the phantom ribbon, there are too many equipment that exceed the gold level. It can be said that it is completely two orders of magnitude!
Nowadays, there are two new epic equipments in hand. It is pure self-deception to say that you are not nervous!
let\'s start!
Taking a deep breath, Qin Luosheng took the lead in picking up a long sword, which was simple in shape, elegant and beautiful, and was a pure ancient sword.
Its whole body is cyan color, and the charm is very full, especially on the sword body, carved with a dragon, it is vivid and lifelike, even the interval patterns of each dragon scale are very clear, and the whole body emits a pulse of life, as if alive. same.
In addition, this sword is the most eye-catching, and it is also the point in Qin Luosheng\'s glance. It is the flowing light and rhyme of the sword. It seems that there is a water halo, and there is water flowing, which gives people an indescribable honesty and comfort. The sentence in Lao Tzu\'s "Tao De Jing": Goodness is like water!
Open the property bar-
Panlong Lishui
Type: One-handed sword
Grade: Epic
Requirements: LV10, fighter
Effect: Attack +350, Strength +30
Special effects: [Dragon Soul] A living dragon soul inhabits in the Panlong out of the water. When attacking, it has a certain chance to trigger the remaining dragon power in the dragon soul, shock the enemy, causing a stiff effect for at least 3 seconds, and double the snake effect , Dragon Immunity! (The same target can only take effect once)
Special effects: [Lishui] The power of leaving the water in Panlongs water. The physical attack can be transformed into a water system attack (can be turned off). At the same time, when attacking, there is a certain chance to inflict water damage on the attacking target, reducing a certain amount Water resistance, and cause the target to be eaten away from the water, the body becomes heavier, and the recovery effect is weakened (continuous increase)!
Incidental skills: [Dragon Soul Impact] consumes 1000 mana, activates the dragon soul in the water of Panlong, and impacts energy in a straight line 10 meters ahead, causing 500% damage, and has a certain chance of being disabled, shocked, and feared , Cooling time: 24 hours!
Introduction: The origin is unknown. It is said to be the weapon of the gods. It uses Lishui, one of the top ten strange waters, as the main energy source. The soul of the true dragon is sealed inside, hence the name Panlong Lishui.
[Current status: energy deficiency]
Qin Luosheng:...
Mu Mu:...
What kind of fairy weapon is this?
Qin Luosheng felt like he was going crazy!
Let\'s not talk about the attack burst, it even comes with two special effects, a big attack skill, it is absolutely abnormal!
It deserves to be the thing that Queen Naga burst out, it\'s a cow breaking!
It\'s the Dragon Soul again, and it\'s the so-called Ten Wonderful Water Lishui!
It\'s one thing if you can\'t understand or not, just push the grid high!
Moreover, the most important thing is that this product does not seem to be at its peak!
That\'s how the energy is missing. Doesn\'t it have to go to heaven to retrieve energy?
"I didn\'t expect someone from Qin to get the weapon of God one day!"
Nothing to say!
"This dragon leaving the water must be mine, and **** can\'t take it away, I said, Qin Luosheng!"
Ignoring Yatu\'s scorching gaze, Qin Luosheng quickly took Panlong Lishui in his hand and swore his sovereignty.
"Brother Crying Soul!"
ACTO speaks tentatively.
"Needless to say!"
"No talk!"
Qin Luosheng came directly and refused to Sanlian!
"I know Brother Crying Soul cannot cut love!"
ACTO was speechless!
He really likes this sword, not only for its performance against the sky, but also for its appearance, which suits his taste too much.
However, he also knew what this sword meant to a warrior, it was absolutely not for sale, so he could only give up.
"Panlong Lishui belongs to Brother Weeping Soul, the sword that Brother Weeping Soul replaced..."
Qin Luosheng was taken aback for a moment, and then understood!
It turns out that this kid\'s real purpose is [Bloodthirsty]!
This is a common method!
When negotiating, many people deliberately raise their requirements very high or low, and the other party disagrees, so they say another requirement, a requirement not to exceed the bottom line.
At this time, through the comparison of the two requirements, due to the huge gap, the latter request is unlikely to be agreed, but it is because the previous unreasonable request is being compared, which will give the person an illusion and make him feel like this The requirements are not too excessive.
Of course, there is another reason!
Because most people cant do it coldly and as solid as a rock. Therefore, because they have rejected others once, they are not as embarrassed to continue rejecting them a second time. Especially the Chinese people who value the love and justice, face this trick, basically 100% Fooled!
"Brother Yatu, I am not a treasure, but this sword, I still have use!"
Qin Luosheng looked apologetic.
ACTO is stunned!
What do you mean!
Still useful?
With the epic Panlong Lishui, what bikes are needed?
Dont sell the replaced equipment for money, and leave it in the backpack to eat ashes?
Now you can sell it at a good price. You know, the replacement of equipment is very fast. One price today, another price tomorrow, depreciation speed is faster than currency!
Qin Luosheng didn\'t talk nonsense, shrugged, and shared a skill!
[Two-handed proficiency (special)] Passive effect: can equip and use two weapons at the same time, and increase the attack by 10%!
Seeing this in a sense, priceless skill, ACTO was silent for an instant, and then burst into tears!
I\'m too hard!
I just want a better one-handed sword, why should I see this skill?
so envious!
What do you want to do?
"My game time is up, let\'s go offline!"
Yato smiled reluctantly: "Brother Crying Soul, there are any good things you don\'t need, please be sure to think of me first, and the price will definitely satisfy you!"
After that, the speed of light is offline!
"He seems to be crying!"
Qin Luosheng sighed.
The corners of Fengxing\'s mouth twitched!
Are you the devil?
Did you expose people like this?
Also, please don\'t donate your eyes to those in need!
People just dont open the forest, or dont open the forest. How come you cry?
This is slander, bastard!
"The atmosphere doesn\'t seem right!"
Qin Luosheng blinked, and glanced at the three people who were silent, and his heart tightened: "These three guys, do you want to give a small report?"
I\'m not afraid to make a small report, but the atmosphere is too embarrassing, well, it\'s a bit heavy!
"Come, come and see the second piece of equipment. Oh, it\'s still a pair of earrings!"
Quickly took out another piece of epic equipment, Qin Luosheng heaved a sigh of relief when the three of them turned their eyes, and opened the attribute bar of the equipment cheerfully