Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 46: Identity exposure
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 46: Identity exposure

With a flash of white light, Qin Luosheng returned to Novice Village!
"Look, it\'s that mysterious soldier!"
"Fuck, brother, I\'m your long-lost brother!"
"Big brother, beg you, professional shit, who knows who uses it, never let you down!"
"Brother, would you like to make an appointment? You can rush!"
"Choose me, elder brother chooses me! The younger sister is 18 this year, white and beautiful, master degree from XX University, big breasts, buttocks and long legs, she lives well without clinging people, you can come to your door!
"Dude, are you interested in selling your equipment? The price includes your satisfaction!"
There are a lot of people at the resurrection point of Novice Village!
As soon as Qin Luosheng walked out, he was immediately surrounded.
? ? ?
what\'s the situation?
Qin Luosheng was a little dazed for a while!
Look down!
That\'s right!
The light of the equipment has been turned off, and it looks unremarkable, nothing to attract attention.
Is it the whole set of equipment?
its not right!
At this stage, many players should have assembled a complete set of equipment, and most of the people who have surrounded them have a complete set, which is definitely not the reason.
"Could it be that the ID of "Crying Soul" was exposed?"
Qin Luosheng felt tight.
Even though he is very high-profile on world TV, he never hides his ID, but usually he is as low-key as he can be.
It\'s not something to be afraid of, but once exposed, it will inevitably cause a lot of trouble, which is not good.
"Brother Crying Soul, where are you?"
At this time, ACTO sent a urging message.
"I\'m surrounded by the resurrection point!"
Qin Luosheng replied helplessly.
Yato laughed: "You are really big-hearted!"
"What do you mean?"
Qin Luosheng asked curiously.
"Brother Crying Soul, did you forget the battle in Luohe yesterday?"
Yatu said: "The video of your fight with the Thunder Union has already been raging and heated. Now, who doesn\'t know that there is a fierce man in our Novice Village. Even the Thunder Union does not take it seriously and is extremely powerful. Abnormal, many people are guessing whether you are weeping souls!"
Qin Luosheng burst out in a cold sweat!
That\'s it!
It turned out that there was a problem with this link!
It hurts now!
The Thunder Guild is not a cat or a dog, it can abuse their existence, and its strength is self-evident.
It just so happens that the ID of Cry Soul has recently swept the screen frantically, showing up frequently in the world.
Combining the two, many people must guess that he is the Weeping Soul.
Needless to say, this newbie village must have been squeezed out by the spies of countless forces. Even if there are no members, it will inevitably buy individual players as informants.
"What\'s so special, what evil did Lao Tzu do?"
Qin Luosheng wanted to cry without tears!
Thinking of being stared at by others all the time in this novice village in the future, I couldn\'t help but feel a chill.
Now it is level 10, you can leave here anytime and anywhere, go to the city, really get out of the novice stage, start traveling!
"Wait a minute!"
"Now go and trade with ACTO!"
"After getting wolf eyes, go and trade with Wu Lin!"
"As long as those powerful props are in hand, immediately complete the mission and the abyss trial!"
"Two things, try to get them all done today!"
As Qin Luosheng thought, he squeezed away from the crowd and ran away quickly.
Fortunately, the real spies are basically waiting at the entrance of the village. He didn\'t expect that at this stage, he would be so extravagant to use the City Scroll. This is a consumable for 1 gold coin. If you have this money, you can buy it. Doesn\'t it smell?
Run all the way!
From afar, Qin Luosheng saw the Yatu people standing next to the appraiser.
Without him, Mu Mu and Qing Si are here!
These two girls are so eye-catching, it is hard not to notice!
"Haha, I don\'t think you can be so embarrassed by the big bad guy!"
The first person to speak is always Mu Mu this little pepper.
Qin Luosheng:...
Seeing the abnormal commotion among many players around, I knew that his identity had been exposed.
In order to avoid the containment of the resurrection point, Qin Luosheng didn\'t talk nonsense, and directly took out the equipment and props exploded by the Naga Queen and handed it to the appraiser.
"Ah, soul crying warrior, these equipment!"
The appraiser looked surprised: "It seems to be a treasure of the Naga clan, could it be..."
"Yes, I went to the bottom of the Luohe just now!"
Qin Luosheng said anxiously: "Master, please hurry up, I have some urgent things to go to the temple!"
"Okay!" Hearing the temple, the appraiser immediately looked serious and said: "These items are all top-quality goods. I will give you a 20% discount and wipe off the odds. A total of 12 gold is required!"
Damn it?
12 gold!
Qin Luosheng almost didn\'t explode!
He has been desperately living for so long, and the total is less than ten gold!
Had it not been for the contribution of Queen Naga just now, he couldn\'t even afford the appraisal fee now.
Rao is so, currently he has a little more than 12 gold.
Qin Luosheng wondered whether this appraiser could see through the player\'s money, otherwise how could this guy accurately give this price?
This is 12 gold!
Even if you buy it, you can buy one. It is definitely the top-tier silver equipment right now?
But now, it\'s just the cost of identifying equipment?
This is too luxurious!
What is the current 12 gold concept?
For ordinary casual players, having 1 gold on them is already a huge sum of money!
Only those big guilds and big businessmen, relying on their contributions, or relying on the high price of RMB, can exceed this number.
Looking around for a week, watching all the players around, especially not far away, many people are rushing here, Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth and decided to pay.
With the gold coin in hand, the appraiser immediately smiled brightly, waved his big hand, and the obscure and dim equipment immediately radiated various colors!
Fortunately, Qin Luosheng chose the shield mode!
In the shielding mode, other players can only see that he is appraising the equipment. As for what is appraised, since they can\'t see the color light, they don\'t know what grade it is. Otherwise, it is estimated that this colorful brilliance will cause riots.
"You get what you pay for, and you won\'t deceive me!"
Even though he didn\'t look at the equipment attributes, but this shining brilliance was really seen, Qin Luosheng\'s expression was happy, and the feeling of being slaughtered was immediately relieved.
"Quickly follow me!"
Qin Luosheng whispered, and started to run, and a smoke slipped away.
The four of Yato were taken aback, and immediately followed.
"Ding, the player Weeping Soul invited you to join the team, do you agree?"
While running, Qin Luosheng sent a message.
ACTO, who was forming the team, did not hesitate to disband the team, and then accepted Qin Luosheng\'s team invitation.
"Ding, Yato join the team!"
"Ding, Qingsi join the team!"
"Ding, Mu Mu join the team!"
"Ding, Fengxing join the team!"
The five-man team is completed in an instant!
"Brother Crying Soul, where are we going?"
ACTO looked at the army of players following them with a horror, feeling a little headache.
Fortunately, Novice Village is a safe area and cannot be PKed. Otherwise, this group of people can drown them with one spit.
But it is precisely because the Novice Village cannot PK, once surrounded by these guys, it is difficult to break through. It happened that they were taken by Qin Luosheng to run into the alley. Isn\'t this seeking a dead end?
After a few minutes-
"Here, come in!"