Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 44: The power against the sky successfully sublimated
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 44: The power against the sky successfully sublimated

"I have already insisted on this point, should I just give up?"
Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth, extremely unwilling.
The anger and fighting spirit in my heart are boiling.
The conditions for triggering [Indestructible War] have already been met!
However, the indestructible fighting spirit is also unable to return to the sky, and the effect of the increase does not allow him to kill him in a short period of time, especially before the formation of the Naga Queen\'s attack!
"There must be a way!"
Qin Luosheng looked frantically.
Skills, backpacks, equipment...
still none!
He was desperate!
"No, there is hope!"
Suddenly, Qin Luosheng remembered something, and looked at the talent column. The sss super **** talent, the lord of the stars, was on the list.
[Lord of the Stars (sss super **** level talent) LV3] Starlight is added to oneself, will not be destroyed, and will be blessed by the stars.
[Passive effect] The charm value is always MAX, each time you upgrade you will get three times the free attribute points, health value +4000, mana value +4000, attack power +60%, crit rate +30%, dodge rate +30%, speed +30%.
[Active effect] 1Starlight miracle: the light of the stars has the power of sublimation miracle; 2Starlight retrospect: the light of the stars has the power of retrospective time; 3Starlight blessing: the blessing of the stars has the perfection The ultimate power of sublimation!
Qin Luosheng ignored the previous one!
His gaze was focused on Starlight Retrospect and Starlight Blessing!
The energy of the water element is getting more and more turbulent, and the singing of Queen Naga is getting more and more urgent!
The unimaginable terrifying killer move is about to take shape!
He is also about to usher in death, and even the destruction of no bones!
Now, the only hope is the Lord of the Stars, these two newly promoted abilities that have not yet figured out the effect!
"It\'s up to you!"
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath, his eyes burning, and his pupils seemed to be burning.
"It\'s dead or alive, just bet this one!"
Take out the Water Vein Spirit Orb, grit your teeth and activate the skill.
"Starlight blessing!"
The stars flickered and sparkled.
"Ding, please choose a sublimation target!"
Sublimation goal?
Qin Luosheng was surprised.
Hasn\'t the goal been determined by the Water Vein Spirit Orb?
Is it?
I have used the Starlight Miracle before, but it is useless for the Water Vein Spirit Orb. The reason given by the system is that the power of the Starlight is not enough to sublimate.
Perhaps, just a talent that has been advanced twice, the energy contained in it is not enough to affect the existence of Lingbao at this level.
Did it fail again?
Qin Luosheng\'s heart fell to the bottom in an instant!
and many more!
Just as desperate, Qin Luosheng felt that something went wrong again.
It seems that the prompt of the system is-please select the sublimation target!
In other words, is it effective?
Starlight Blessing is not the same as Starlight Miracle!
Starlight miracle is for a whole, such as the sublimation of the entire water vein spirit orb!
As for the Starlight Blessing, one of the abilities of the Water Vein Spirit Orb is sublimated, the ultimate sublimation!
A happy smile appeared on Qin Luosheng\'s face!
Quickly opened the attribute column of the Water Vein Spirit Orb----
Water Vein Spirit Pearl
Type: Lingbao
grade:? ? ?
Demand: None
Effect: Strength +30, Constitution +30, Agility +30, Spirit +30
Special effects: [Water Spirit] Holds Water Vein Spirit Orb, affinity with water elements, increases water damage by 50%, increases water resistance by 20%, and is proficient in water. It can move freely under water without any hindrance, does not reduce power, and ignores water Pressure, and can easily control the water vein!
Incidental skills: water pulse strike, costing 1000 mana points, manipulating water elements to form swirling water scrolls, forming violent water pressure attacks on enemies within 10*10, causing 200% damage, fixed additional 500 points of water damage, against fire The creatures cause an extra 50% damage, and there is a certain chance of causing serious injuries, cutting, and freezing effects. The duration is 15 seconds and the cooling time is 30 minutes! (According to the quantity and quality of water element, the effect will be improved)
Introduction: The spiritual treasure of the water system condensed by gathering the spiritual power of the four seas is extremely precious. It is the supreme treasure in the eyes of Shuixiu. It is said that this treasure is only in the hands of the ancient water royal family. It is a family treasure from generation to generation, and it must be owned by the king. , Can easily control the water veins and become the **** of water.
"I choose to sublimate [Shui Ling]!"
Without hesitation, Qin Luosheng chose the special effect [Water Spirit]!
"Invalid choice!"
The smile on Qin Luosheng\'s face instantly stagnated.
How can it be?
No matter how you look at it, your understanding should be correct!
Where is the problem?
Could it be--
Qin Luosheng swept over again!
Water SpiritHolding Water Vein Spirit Orbs, affinity with water elements, increases water damage by 50%, increases water resistance by 20%, and is proficient in water. It can move freely under water without any hindrance, does not reduce power, and ignores water pressure. And can easily control the water veins!
"Affinity to the water element! Increase water damage! Improve water resistance! Know water! Free movement! No reduction in power! Ignore water pressure! Control water veins!"
Qin Luosheng mumbled over.
1, 2, 3... 7, 8!
Special effects Water Spirit, there are a total of eight effects!
Starlight blessing, perfect sublimation, ultimate strength!
Isn\'t it acting on [special effects] or [attached skills], but more detailed subdivided into a single ability?
"Ant, die!"
At this time, Empress Naga\'s attack took shape. With her extreme roar, the energy cloud above her head seemed to explode, instantly splitting into countless thumb-sized drops of water, pouring down like rain.
"The magnificent water burial is the most grand funeral of the aquatic people, and it is also the greatest gift that the emperor has given you! Under the violent water element, completely turn to ashes, hahaha..."
Time is running out!
Qin Luosheng jumped his eyebrows and gave up the ability to experiment [Starlight Retrospect], and pinned all hopes on [Starlight Blessing]!
If you fail, you will become benevolent
bring it on!
"Sublimation-water resistance!"
A loud roar!
"Ding, the Starlight Blessing is effective, and the target: Water Vein Spirit Orb, Water Spirit, Water Resistance!"
"Ding, your water resistance is increased to 100%, duration: 30 seconds!"
It\'s done!
"It\'s really a cut-off!"
The moment the starlight plunged into the water vein spirit orb, the water element above it had already fallen to the top of the head, and the difference in time was definitely not more than one second.
However, it is this time difference of less than one second that determines the future!
"I won!"
Seeing the surrounding water elements falling on the crystal floor, shaped like small cannonballs, one of them bombed a small hole, but fell on him like ordinary rain, without any effect, Qin Luosheng laughed.
"Hahahahaha... it is indeed worthy of the ability to be parallel with the starlight miracle, this ultimate power of perfect sublimation is also so against the sky!"
The faint smile quickly developed into a frantic laugh, and Qin Luosheng, who completely turned over, swept away the haze, walked forward slowly, and walked towards the Naga Empress who had fallen into a devilish posture as a winner.
No effect!
Not hurt!
Because of that 100% water resistance!
100% water resistance = water immunity!
What is the concept of water immunity?
It is equivalent to all magical attacks related to water, completely ineffective!
Under these effects, the Naga Queen, who is a water magician, has completely lost the capital to fight him!
Not to mention the current exhaustion of magic power, even in the heyday of Empress Naga, even raising her to mythical level and level 100 to the full level, it will not hurt his current hair.
This is the BUG of immunity!
No solution!
Go up the steps and approach the throne!
Qin Luosheng looked condescendingly at the already limp Naga Empress, weak, helpless, desperate, and unwilling, how different from the previous strong, unparalleled, arrogant posture, how huge! ! ?
[Queen Naga (Golden BOSS)]
Grade: LV10
Health: 1
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Speed: 1
Skills: 1
Introduction: The queen of the Naga clan is extremely talented, inherits the blood of the ancient Naga clan, possesses the mysterious and unpredictable power of the bloodline and racial supernatural powers. After the battle between the gods and demons, she led the withered tribe to escape from the world, and their whereabouts are unknown.
[Current status: extremely weak]
"who are you?"
This is the fourth time Queen Naga asked.
However, Qin Luosheng still had the answer
"I, just an ordinary human!"
Queen Naga\'s lips were closed, but there was no sound, she just laughed at herself, struggled to get up, leaned on the throne, and silently closed her eyes.
Fangrong is prosperous, with great manners!
She is still the Queen of Naga!
"Get on the road!"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes moved insignificantly, and he said softly, raising the [Bloodthirsty] in his hand!
Treating the supreme and talented queen of this clan, the powerhouse who still retains the emperor\'s grace even in the face of death, the only thing he can do is to send her on the road as a winner and give her a decent death!
This is respect!
It\'s also compassion!