Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 43: The power against the sky is successfully sublimating
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 43: The power against the sky is successfully sublimating

"It\'s really over this time!"
Qin Luosheng had blank eyes and a bitter smile on his lips.
The hand has dropped, and the [Bloodthirsty] in his hand seems to have become dim due to the change of the master\'s mood and the sharp blade of the sword!
The heart of fighting spirit, even if it is not completely extinguished!
But so what?
The cruel facts gave Qin Luosheng a blow!
In the face of absolute strength, the so-called wisdom, the so-called calculation, and the so-called will are so small and useless!
Qin Luosheng was unwilling to pour out the waters of the five lakes and four seas even hard to submerge, but under the powerful pressure of the Naga Queen, it is difficult to move his body, let alone fight?
"Sure enough, is the gap still too big!"
Qin Luosheng is not afraid of the gold-level BOSS.
But Empress Naga, whose apparent strength is completely different from the information returned by [Detection Technique], cannot be viewed with ordinary eyes at all.
On the bright side, it is the golden boss, but hiddenly, it is not known how much stronger, which is completely beyond his current rookie strength.
"Is that the end?"
In the pitch-black pupils, there is shining brilliance at this moment, which is the light of death reflected by countless magical water balls.
"After all, it\'s too weak!"
Open your arms and close your eyes.
Qin Luosheng is ready to meet death!
He is not afraid!
Perhaps this failure is not entirely bad.
At least, let him recognize himself clearly, and his swelling heart has restrained.
The frog at the bottom of the well, no matter how strong it is, it can only dominate the well in the end, but it never knows how vast the world outside the well is.
Queen Naga, but a good lesson!
"Boom bang bang..."
The fierce magic water ball came, one after another, bombarding Qin Luosheng\'s body again and again.
The imaginary pain did not appear, Qin Luosheng opened his eyes and found that he was still in the Crystal Palace, not the novice village in the subconscious, with a dazed expression.
Turning his head and looking at the Naga Queen, she found that the cold and arrogant Queen Her Majesty was no longer calm at the moment, replaced by a face of horror and disbelief.
Is something turning around?
Qin Luosheng vibrated physically and mentally, and the fire of will that had never been extinguished instantly burned.
Open the battle log-
"Ding, you are hit by the weak water vortex, because of the effect of the water vein spirit orb, the damage is 0!"
"Ding, you are hit by the weak water vortex, because of the effect of the water vein spirit orb, the damage is 0!"
"Ding, you are hit by the weak water vortex, because of the effect of the water vein spirit orb, the damage is 0!"
Countless battle logs refreshed!
Qin Luosheng laughed wildly in an instant!
"It\'s really poor and there is no way out, and there is still another village!"
Unexpectedly, the Naga Queens secret technique, the powerful weak water vortex ball, turned out to be the water pressure, and the water vein Lingzhu happened to have an effect, ignoring the water pressure!
"Water... veins... spirit... beads!"
The well-informed Queen Naga thought of the key in an instant, gritted her teeth and said with hatred.
She is almost crazy!
It\'s been twice!
A human ant, originally a beam jumping clown that could be killed by just waving his hand, now, twice in a row, escaped from her must-kill game twice, still jumping around in front of her, unscathed.
"who are you?"
This is the third time she has asked. Every time she asks, her mood changes greatly: "You have a water vein spirit orb! It must be with those traitors!"
Qin Luosheng:...
Your Majesty, you really think too much!
No wonder you will be betrayed by your people. With your IQ, you have a very strong brain replenishment ability, all kinds of suspicious ghosts, who can be at ease when doing things under your hands?
"Sure enough! A betrayer who deserves to die!"
Queen Naga roared.
Qin Luosheng\'s silence was taken as a default by her.
Therefore, she is even more resentful!
Before, she thought that Qin Luosheng was a killer sent by the despicable people of the Naga clan in ancient times, but later discovered that they had misunderstood; then, she thought Qin Luosheng was a dirty thief and came to the ancestral land of the Naga clan for Stealing the treasure, now found out, misunderstood again
It turns out that this **** ant is a scum who colluded with the betrayers of the Naga clan!
She was furious!
As the emperor of the Naga clan, she hates the prosperous Naga clan that now has two or three big cats and kittens!
However, the Human Race and the Naga Race are two races in the end. It is normal for the Human Race to calculate them for the sake of race!
This is hatred!
However, both of the Naga clan, her people betrayed her, betrayed her as an emperor, and sealed her!
This is resentment!
"The emperor-unwilling!"
Queen Naga, whose mentality was completely broken, her extreme hatred made her eyes instantly turn red!
At the same time, a majestic magic power that made Qin Luosheng frightened, once again spread from the Naga Queen.
It is not the suppression of invisible power, but the magical factor visible to the naked eye, floating.
Countless water elements gathered under the call of Queen Naga, above her head, condensed into a cloud of magic power, containing terrifying destructive power.
"Human race, the emperor wants to let you know how much it will cost to collude with the betrayers!"
Empress Naga went away completely.
Qin Luosheng\'s face was completely green.
What a wall!
Just opened the big move, how long has it been since I didn\'t fight back, are you here again?
"This time, I guess it\'s really GG!"
Seeing that there is no half of the emperor\'s bearing at this moment, and even the reason has been swallowed, the Naga Queen, who is like a beast, Qin Luosheng is helpless.
With the lessons of the previous two times, this time, Queen Naga did not give him any chance at all!
The terrifying energy cloud has spread to the entire Crystal Palace, covering all places, even the most corners.
This is a real map attack, with no dead ends in all directions!
As long as you are still in this Crystal Palace, you will be attacked no matter where you are, and there is no way to avoid it!
Not only that, the attack of this pure water element is no longer the water pressure of the water whirlpool ball just now, but it is hard to hit with magic power. It is no longer possible to rely on water vein spirit beads to make opportunistic tricks.
There are only two paths before Qin Luosheng!
First, hard resistance!
It\'s a pity that with his body, with less than half a hundred magic defenses, he can resist a P?
Second, escape!
However, now that he is on the edge of the throne, too far from the gate of the Crystal Palace, the two speed-increasing skills of Leopard Strike and Snake Stride have also been used, and it is impossible to leave the Crystal Palace before the attack falls.
As for the space jump that can break the space, the cooling time is up to 1 hour, which is not necessary at all!
There is no way in the sky, no way into the earth!