Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 42: The power against the sky is sublimated successfully
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 42: The power against the sky is sublimated successfully

"who are you?"
No matter how arrogant, Empress Naga had to pay attention to Qin Luosheng at this moment, the human race that was previously like an ant in her eyes.
In other words, as early as when Qin Luosheng escaped from the lore Bing Ling bombing formation, she had already retracted her contemptuous eyes.
However, it was too late!
Wrong step, wrong step!
As early as when the arrogance of Queen Naga rose, it was already doomed.
It is conceivable that a magician who is being sealed, consumes too much magic power, and even has magical power disorder in his body, is approached by the violent warrior and ends.
"who am I?"
Qin Luosheng, who was attacking frantically, had a dumbfounded expression, without stopping, but still replied: "It\'s just an ordinary human!"
Ordinary humans, um, nothing wrong!
"You think that the emperor has been sealed for a long time, so you are so easy to deceive?"
Empress Naga looked unbelievable!
Qin Luosheng:...
"believe it or not!"
Angrily threw a sentence, Qin Luosheng stopped responding, and attacked.
Sirius\'s time limit can be very short, definitely not to waste!
Even according to the current situation, with an absolute critical strike, the basic attack has almost 2500 damage, and there are 20 seconds left. Under the premise of an effective attack in 1 second, it is enough to leave only 30,000 health points. Queen Naga killed!
However, Qin Luosheng has no bottom!
Queen Naga is a golden boss and a hidden special boss. How can the queen of the ancient Naga tribe be killed so easily?
With the current situation, in the final analysis, this product is too arrogant, otherwise, a rookie who hasn\'t gone out to a novice village in his district, how can he face to face the empress of others, so close? ! (Manually funny)
Continuous damage numbers floated from the top of Queen Naga\'s head, and the long blood bar also fell one by one under the attack of Qin Luosheng\'s old life.
Soon, Queen Naga\'s health dropped to 10,000 points!
Qin Luosheng is still not slow in his hands, but his heart is already a masterpiece!
The reason why BOSS is BOSS does not only mean that they have higher attributes and stronger strength than ordinary monsters, but also because they have the explosive power that players are afraid of!
What is the biggest characteristic of the player?
That\'s right, just like Xiaoqiang!
Various professional teams, with meat shields, output, treatment, containment, and control, and precise cooperation, these are not mentioned, basic operations.
However, relative to BOSS, the most terrifying thing about players is not that there are too many people and relying on shameless gang fights, but that they can never be killed!
If the BOSS is dead, it is really dead. Even if it is refreshed again, the data is different. It is no longer the previous BOSS, especially some BOSS, such as the Naga Queen and other hidden BOSS, which are unique and completely dead when they die. Now, there will be no refresh.
What about the players?
It\'s okay, labor and capital can be reborn!
If you drop a level, give me a little time to get up and practice, and I\'m a good guy again.
How to play this?
No solution at all!
Faced with this kind of infinite rebirth, infinite growth, and infinitely arming his Xiaoqiang, the invincible BOSS can only disarm and kill!
Players have characteristics, so BOSS naturally!
explosive force!
Powerful and terrifying explosive power!
This is the most terrifying method of BOSS, and it is also the root of players\' fear of BOSS!
Ordinary monsters, no matter how powerful their attributes are, they are destined to be mowed by players and reduced to experience points for leveling, because they are no matter how strong they are, they cannot be the opponents of players with unlimited recovery.
BOSS is different!
Xiaoqiang\'s immortality is not true immortality, but tenacious vitality!
The player does not die, nor is it really immortal, but will not completely die, but once you die, you will pay a high price. Dropping a level is only the most basic punishment. In addition, there will be random drops on the body. Equipment, and penalties for items in the backpack.
This is incredible!
You can use time to pile up the level and get back!
But what about equipment and props?
It depends on luck!
Ordinary monsters have a low burst rate. If you want to practice leveling and fighting equipment at the same time, unless you are a wall, or a child of destiny, don\'t think about it, wash and sleep early, you have everything in your dreams.
The source of the equipment is naturally with the boss!
But if you want to kill BOSS explosive equipment, you need excellent strength!
But strength is piled up by equipment!
This enters an endless loop!
The severe death penalty makes players dare not provoke the BOSS easily. Although they know that the BOSS is carrying a lot of treasures, once they are successfully killed, if they are lucky, they can even get rich overnight and have a half-life worry-free!
Krypton gold players are okay, anyway, if you have money, you can buy equipment!
What about ordinary players?
Even if you encounter a boss, you have to weigh it!
BOSS super thick health, super attack power, super defense power, etc., these are not a problem!
For players, as long as the shield battle can be carried, as long as the priest\'s milk wins, as long as the potion is sufficient, no matter how thick the health value is, you can be killed!
This is tantamount to shame!
But BOSS has a mechanism to overcome this kind of rogue play!
break out!
Unparalleled strong outbreak!
At that time, BOSS has the ability to be able to play players in seconds, and will not give a chance to recover at all, and will directly destroy the player\'s greatest advantage!
When the BOSS\'s health is reduced to 20%, this burst mechanism will be further triggered!
Either it will be violent, such as attack power increase, defense power increase, speed increase, health recovery, etc., with the super high basic attributes of BOSS, once this is improved, it is like a nightmare for the player!
Either it will evolve, such as evolving from a Bronze BOSS to a Silver BOSS. The upgrade of the level will bring about an all-round increase in attributes, which is simply desperate!
Either it will change abnormally, such as blackening. As the saying goes, blackening is ten times stronger, and whitening is weaker by three points. This is not to say!
There are also awakening bloodlines, transformations, etc., and there are many ways to burst!
This is what Qin Luosheng is facing now.
The lifeline of Queen Naga has been reduced to the critical point of BOSS outbreak, 20%!
He was cautious, praying in his heart.
Unfortunately, the goddess of fate did not seem to hear his prayer!
Empress Naga, who had been unable to move because of her magical power disorder before, slumped on the throne, suddenly stood upright, her icy eyes full of extreme killing intent, and tightly locked him.
"I have to say, you are very good! You are the first to be able to push the emperor to this point!"
Empress Naga\'s cold tone was like an ice skate, slamming into Qin Luosheng\'s heart, making him chill both physically and mentally.
"You should feel fortunate! This blow has been nurtured by the emperor for many years. It was originally prepared for those despicable betrayers. Now, the emperor will give it to you!"
Empress Naga stood up, and her figure was transformed quietly into the shape of the Naga clan, a six-armed fishtail.
"Naga Secret Skill-Weak Water Vortex!"
A terrifying magic power rose up, and an unspeakable coercion radiated from Empress Naga. Qin Luosheng, who was the first to bear the brunt, felt heavier all over, as if being held down by a mountain, moving slowly like a snail.
With the Naga Queen\'s cold drink, the high-revolving energy water **** full of destruction, like wild horses that run off, swiftly rushed towards Qin Luosheng.
Gorgeous and magnificent!
But with endless breath of death!