Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 41: Attack and attack
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 41: Attack and attack

"Queen Naga, are you still so proud now?"
Without hindrance, Qin Luosheng easily broke through to Queen Naga\'s side. Seeing this incredible and arrogant queen, she still sneered and sneered on the spot.
"Damn the human race!"
Queen Naga gritted her silver teeth again, but this time she didnt say anything harshly. After all, she was just being played fiercely, causing such a difficult situation now. The offensive and defensive transposition is no longer her control. It\'s time.
"Go on the road with peace of mind!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t talk nonsense, and started to attack!
Now he is facing the queen of the Naga clan, no one knows how many hole cards this guy controls.
If nothing else, just relying on the hand just now, you can see the leopard in your eyes.
She is now in a disadvantaged position. The opportunity should not be missed. Don\'t take advantage of her illness to kill her. She will be killed as soon as she can. Is it necessary to wait for her to recover?
"Ding, the leopard burst effect is over!"
The body is heavy!
After the leopard\'s sudden increase in lightness, it disappeared in an instant.
If the speed is gone, it will be gone!
No harm!
Now that she has rushed to Queen Naga\'s side, speed or something is not the most important thing!
This skill has completed its mission and there is no waste!
The two fighters\' augmentation skills are arranged within one second!
Then there is--
The arrogant wolf shadow rose up behind Qin Luosheng, and roared up to the sky, and let out a howling wolf that shook the wild.
"Wolf God phantom?"
Empress Naga\'s pupils suddenly shrank, and the energy that had just been condensed in secret, was shocked and mentally dissipated under the sudden howling of the wolf, and instantly dissipated.
"The empress greeted with so many Bing Ling just now, this landlord friendship is really the ultimate!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t know about Empress Naga\'s psychological activities. After turning on Sirius, he didn\'t want to waste a single minute for a total of 30 seconds. He did not hesitate to launch a fierce attack right now.
"It\'s the so-called coming and going without being indecent! Our human race, especially my Chinese people, pays the most attention to etiquette. Since we have received the empress\'s love, then there should be a small profit rebate, and we will exchange courtesy!"
Qin Luosheng had a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, and his gentle appearance looked like a spring breeze. However, on the contrary, his eyes were extremely cold, full of violence and killing intent.
"Please take the sword"
[Bloodthirsty] Being lifted aloft, the sharp edge looks brilliant under the surrounding crystals.
"Frenzy-heavy blow!"
A frenzied five-digit damage burst, and the light yellow damage number faintly floated from the top of the Naga Queen\'s head.
In an instant, the Naga Queen, who had only a total of 50,000 health points, had a thick blood bar, which was completely empty at a speed visible to the naked eye!
"Ding, your violent blow triggers the absolute severe injury effect, and the Naga Queen\'s attributes are reduced by 20%!"
The system prompt sound made Qin Luosheng jump up happily.
What a sleepy encounter with a pillow!
This time, the Naga Queen, who was reduced by 20% of all attributes, made it even worse!
His winning percentage has also increased a lot!
This originally unequal battle finally pulled the super-inferior situation to his side a little.
"Impossible! How can there be such a terrible attack in this deserted land that can hurt the emperor to such a degree?-Human race, who are you?"
Empress Naga, who was still calm, changed her face after this violent sword.
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s ensuing offensive, she no longer had the cold look just now, she clenched a fist in a panic, and the energy burst into her body, forming a circle of water-like energy ripples, which quickly spread out.
Qin Luosheng rolled away!
Like a ball, roll down the steps of the throne!
"Resisting the ring of fire? No, it should be called resisting the ring of water!"
Standing up extremely quickly, Qin Luosheng looked horrified.
too fast!
Empress Naga\'s skills exploded so quickly, there was no sign at all, it seemed like an instant, and it was impossible to guard against.
Fortunately, this skill is not a killing skill, but a shock retreat skill, which can also be called a defensive skill, and it did not cause him any damage.
"Sure enough, it\'s not an ordinary golden BOSS. It has a secret inheritance method that is different. With this hand, it greatly improves the survivability. Even if you are close, you can easily pull away again. It\'s too strong!"
Thinking of the unstoppable shock when the energy and water patterns burst just now, Qin Luosheng broke out cold sweat on his forehead.
Close combat vs. far attack is inherently disadvantaged!
If the long-range attacker is an archer, it is even more like a Japanese dog. The attack is accurate, the critical strike rate is high, the attack speed is not slow, and the movement speed is also strong. It can\'t catch up at all in close combat, especially in complex terrain. , Proportional forests and mountains can surrender directly, otherwise they will be shot into a sieve like a target.
The long range of the magic type is slightly better, because the movement speed is too slow, but correspondingly, the attack will explode a lot. After all, the spell turret is not called for nothing. Usually facing this kind of opponent, it is either close combat or bombed on the approaching road. To death, either by hacking the magician to death in close proximity, there is basically no third ending.
Qin Luosheng vs. Empress Naga!
It\'s the classic melee vs. long attack!
A rookie player who has not been transferred, fights against a BOSS with ancient secrets and has reached the golden strength!
The gap is huge!
This should have been a one-sided battle without any suspense!
However, Queen Naga made a mistake!
In other words, she underestimated the enemy!
If it hadnt been for the first time to set the score, holding her empresss identity aloft, to prevent Qin Luosheng, who is in her eyes, no different from a dirty bug, from approaching her sanctuary, but an honest enemy, it would not be reached. The bottom now.
Surging magic power, skills are instant!
Such a terrifying combat ability is almost invincible!
Just using Bing Ling, this most basic water magic, as long as it keeps attacking, it is enough to resist Qin Luosheng at least ten meters away, and he can\'t make any progress.
Unfortunately, Queen Naga chose to kill with one blow, but failed!
There is no regret about selling medicine in this world!
Her arrogance is destined to pay the price!
The price is her life!
Forced to activate the skills, the energy in the Naga Queen\'s body became more disordered, and her magic power was about to return to normal soon. After Qin Luosheng retreated, the time was greatly delayed.
"Snake pace!"
With sharp eyes, Qin Luosheng clearly saw the blood flowing out of the corner of Queen Naga\'s mouth, and naturally understood her situation at the moment, activated her speed-increasing skills, and rushed forward again.
Heavy Chop+Second Chop!
The soldier\'s primary skills are fired in two bursts!
The skill damage is very weak!
However, after passing the three amplification skills, Cyclonus increased the basic attack power blessing!
Under the absolute crit of Sirius, three Huang Tongtong figures floated from the top of Queen Naga.
Three swords!
A total of more than seven thousand injuries!
Queen Naga\'s blood bar plummeted again!
Today, it is nearly half!