Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 28: The Devil is Coming
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 28: The Devil is Coming

There was silence, like a ghost.
Everyone looked closely at the man standing upright, his head full of question marks.
Is this person a player or an NPC?
NPC? The words and deeds are completely different.
Is this a player too?
What is Lao Tzu?
Is there such a perverted player?
The Thunder Guild has battled elite masters in dozens of games. It\'s all about siege and fight. The key is that they can\'t even break the defense. Is this too outrageous?
If it is said that because of equipment, skills, props, or talents, the defensive power explosion table can barely pass. But how can a kid explain that Yijian?
The defense is so against the sky, the attack is even worse? ? !
This kind of **** existence actually appeared in Xinshou Village?
Are you sure that B is not GM?
It\'s a dimensionality reduction blow!
How do you want the navy to wash this?
Forget it!
Buried it!
Can\'t wash it!
No doubt hanging on the wall!
"Fuck, the boss is really good!"
Feng Xing instantly turned into a little fan, his eyes were shining with stars.
"Huh, that\'s it!-I know how to be handsome."
Mu Mu\'s mouth was stiff, and the idiot could tell that she was insincere with her duplicity.
"Boss, this man..."
Next to Yato, a calm-faced young man wanted to speak but stopped.
If someone else is around, he will definitely be recognized at a glance.
One of the decision-making levels of Yatoge is also one of the top managers. Lin Yatu\'s right-hand man may not be very powerful, but his IQ is super high, and he belongs to the type of management talents and military advisers.
He has planned several large-scale battles and helped Accord to achieve a complete victory, thus laying the foundation for Accord to become the top ten online game guilds in China, and he also achieved his reputation as the "faun".
"Don\'t think about it, this person is impossible to recruit."
Brothers for many years, Yatu saw through Muyuan\'s mind at a glance, shook his head, and said in a sonorous tone: "He is the Weeping Soul, the master that the whole world is looking for now."
"Do you know the character of a master? Basically, he is a maverick. The same is true for him! Even, I feel that he is a little moody, sometimes acting like a dick, sometimes cold as a mountain, lonely and arrogant, and unpredictable. ."
"We don\'t need to recruit him, we don\'t need to win him over, we just need to keep in touch with him, not to provoke, not to offend, so that we have seized the opportunity.
"Well, boss, your evaluation is too high, right?" Muyuan was a little surprised, he had never seen his boss treat someone like this.
"Gao?" Yatu smiled, and said earnestly: "After you come into contact with him, or after you watch him fight up close, you will agree with my evaluation."
"Such a god?" Muyuan still didn\'t believe it.
Even though Crying Soul has been on TV twice in a row and is well-known all over the world, it is almost a household name. Now he has shown that unparalleled terrifying strength in the battle with the Thunder Guild, but he is only alone. Can he still sit like an Accordion? Compared to the superpowers with millions of elites?
"You do not understand!"
Yato shook his head, staring closely at the man who was trapped in the thunder guild in front of him, but like a tiger in the flock, sighed: "He is very strong now, but he is not invincible. Ten people can\'t use 100 people. A hundred people cant use a thousand people, and a thousand people cant use a thousand people. If you pile up, you will die, and you will die if you are tired.
"Then why?" Muyuan didn\'t understand.
"Because this is just him now!" Yato turned his head, looked at his brother who had been with him for more than ten years, and said seriously: "In the future, maybe the number of people is meaningless."
Mu Yuan was dumbfounded.
"Do you know!" Yato ignored the abnormal expression of Makihara, and said to himself: "Just a few hours ago, we formed a team and entered the trial ground of Hard Mode. His abilities are beyond My imagination. And, at that time, he must have hidden awkwardly, and he must have hidden more than one hole card."
"He was very strong a few hours ago! Now, he is stronger." Yato said: "Do you know what this means?-It means that he is getting stronger and evolving, which is beyond our imagination. speed."
ACTO\'s finger forward: "Look, what is he doing?"
Makihara looked over, his tone was a bit difficult: "He\'s playing?!"
"Yes, he is playing, he is playing!" Yato said with a cold face: "You know the strength of the Thunder Guild. If it is our Yato Pavilion who is besieging him now, will the situation be better? "
Muyuan was silent.
"He can play tricks on the elites of the Thunder Guild. He treats it as nothing, which shows that he is very strong, and the fact is that. Facing a siege of more than a dozen people, he is easy to do, and he doesn\'t even bother to hide, push all the way, and destroy it. It\'s not a battle of magnitude."
"In the face of numerous attacks, whether it is a warrior, a rogue, an archer, or a magician, or a dark, animal husbandry, hit him, either by compulsory deduction of 1 HP, or by being completely MISS."
"This also shows that his defense has reached a certain level. At the same time, he accepts the onslaught of warriors, the crit of thieves, the weak attack of archers, the elemental bombardment of various magicians, and the weakening of the curse of the dark animal husbandry. And-unscathed."
"That\'s all, the key is that his attack is also outrageous. I won\'t talk about the crispy skin. Even the shield battle with the strongest defense and the highest health is just a sword in his eyes."
"The defense is incomprehensible, the attack is invincible, plus you don\'t know, but I have intuitively understood the super speed in the trial place, as well as the terrifying footwork and abnormal combat consciousness."
"Do you know how terrible this is?"
"He is almost synonymous with invincibility, at least for now, no one can match him."
"Perhaps someone will surpass him in the future, but he will only surpass him now, because others are improving, and he is also improving."
"In just a few hours of our leveling in Luohe, he has passed the nightmare difficulty trial site alone."
"You should know how difficult the nightmare mode is. We can\'t even pass the next level of difficulty, but he can pass the higher level of nightmare mode alone."
"The most important thing is that he only entered the trial site for the second time. Once you enter, you will control all aspects of the trial site. This kind of learning ability is terrifying."
"He is simply non-human!"
"Therefore, this kind of person must never be provoked. The idea of ??recruiting him will directly choke me to death. It is our greatest opportunity to get his friendship."
Mu Yuan\'s mind was in a mess, and he was completely stunned by Yato\'s words. He quietly asked: "Money status and these vulgar things are not good, then-what about beauty?"
As he said, he looked at Mu Mu, who was excited, jumped and fisted, his face flushed, and the Qingsi, who stood still like a snow lotus in Tianshan Mountains, and looked like a nine-day fairy.
"Impossible!" Yato once again turned his attention to the Weeping Soul who was enjoying the torture, recalling the scenes of teaming up with him in the trial land, and said with a wry smile: "He will not be bound!"
"What?" Mu Yuan was completely shocked, his eyes widened, and he asked incredulously: "Mu Mu\'s words can barely be understood, but even Miss Qingsi?"
"He may have feelings for Mumu, but he will be stubborn and show no face to her, indicating that he is at least impossible to be influenced by beauty." Yato took a deep breath and said: "And Qingsi"
"When he first saw it, he was surprised and lost, but he was not drunk or even sinking, but he quickly woke up, and did not pay much attention to Qingsi later."
Mu Yuan said: "Is that..."
"No, not at all. I know very well that he is not lustful, because his eyes are clear and clear, without **** and greed."
"The beauty of Qingsi cannot be resisted by any normal man, nor can weeping souls. It\'s just that he is more appreciative than possessing."
Muyuan shook his head, his eyes a little lost: "There is such a man in this world?!-It\'s a pity that we met him first in Artooge, but we have no fate after all."
"That may be true!"
Yato looked aside without a trace, and seemed to be no different, but Meimu stared at the weeping blue silk, showing a slightly weird smile, and thought to himself: "This man, once he grows up, maybe Not only can it solve the life-long events of my childhood sweetheart, who thought I could only die alone, but it also allows me to take advantage of the situation and go forward with the wind, and develop the Accord to become the No. 1 in China, even the No. 1 in the world."
"Hundred thousand wolf eyes, this deal, no, it should be said that it is an investment, it is really-it\'s a bargain!"