Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 26: as you wish
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 26: as you wish

"...The hero has already appeared, girl, is your stage set up?!"
About 100,000 wolf eyes will be credited, and maybe a special BOSS will be included. Qin Luosheng in a good mood touched his chin and said jokingly.
Mu Mu, who was molested, gave a cold snort. This time the name "chick" didn\'t make him flaunt his teeth and claws. He just turned his head unsatisfactorily, indicating that the baby didn\'t want to care about you, but the small movements that came from time to time were a bit trying to cover up. Cute and intriguing.
"Brother Crying Soul, thank you for saving the field."
ACTO, who was almost killed by the BOSS, was shocked and sat up from the ground, thanking him.
"No need to!"
Qin Luosheng waved his hand indifferently, and said, "It\'s just a deal!"
The position must be set, and the mentality must be right!
It\'s better not to get involved with this inevitably extraordinary person in reality.
Transaction belongs to transaction, friendship belongs to friendship.
Can\'t be confused!
This time, because one hundred thousand wolf eyes couldn\'t force a hand, the price was to offend the team with the suffix "Thunder" on their head.
"Boy, who are you, dare to oppose our Thunder Guild?!!!"
The duck to the mouth actually wants to fly?
Is it tolerable or unbearable!
Mu Mu called Lei Hao, and the young Lei Ting Kuang headed by him hadn\'t spoken yet. A dogleg standing next to him couldn\'t help but jump out and began to yell.
"Friend, more is worse than less. If you let go now, you will get the friendship of my thunder mad young man." Thunder mad young man Lei Hao squinted half sincerely and half threateningly.
"Thunder Guild!"
Seeing the ID displayed on the heads of more than a dozen people in Thunder Crazed, the onlookers were suddenly upset.
The Thunder Trade Union, one of Chinas top ten game guilds, has its power in dozens of the hottest games nowadays. It has dominated Chinas online world for decades and is a real behemoth.
After the "Dimension of Destiny" turned out, all other games were eliminated. Like other opponents, the Thunder Union consolidated its forces into one, and all settled in it. After opening the service in just a short time, it attracted hundreds of thousands of scattered people to join, and its power expanded rapidly.
And the leader of such a super-large force as the leader of the Thunder Trade Union is the new current chairman of the Thunder Union, the thunder mad!
"Young thunder mad? Never heard of it!"
Qin Luosheng\'s indifferent words made all the members of the Thunder Trade Union furious, and the disguised smile of the named Thunder Kuang Shao instantly returned to its original gloom.
"The contract for the transaction has been formed!"
Regardless of the group of clowns jumping on the beam, Qin Luosheng lifted his weight to deal with the Naga sacrifice, and at the same time, looked at Qingsi with a serious expression on his face and said, "Then, tell me, what do you want me to do? You killed this boss? Orkill those flies?"
The extremely arrogant words caused the entire area around Luohe to fall into a strange silence.
However, what is strange is that it is so unrealistic that one person threatens the chairman of the Thunder Trade Union plus a dozen elites. When seeing Qin Luosheng\'s plain but indifferent face, everyone feels it is normal. It\'s a matter of course.
apart from--
Thunder Guild!
"Another idiot who knows nothing!"
"Ha ha!"
"Want to find a sense of presence? I\'m afraid you are looking for the wrong person!"
"When did our Thunder Union be pointed at the nose and scolded a fly?"
"President, it seems that your reputation is not loud enough!"
"Just kill it or go through the program? Forget it, just kill it! It\'s a bit distracting."
The anger of a group of elites from the Thunder Union.
After playing dozens of games, have they ever been so provoked?
In the past, which one of them was not a famous master?
The clashing guild is even more famous in the whole world!
Unexpectedly, after gathering millions of elite members of the entire guild and entering the "Dimension of Destiny" with the momentum of the thunderbolt, they were so ignored by an unknown soldier, treated like an ant.
The subordinates are clamoring frantically, but the thunder mad young man is very calm.
Gently stretched out their hands, the clamoring group of subordinates immediately shut up.
He turned his head, looked at Qin Luosheng, and asked seriously, "Are you the first person in North America, Adam known as the Son of God?"
Qin Luosheng shook his head: "No!"
He continued to ask: "Then you are the No. 1 God of War Jevich in Russia?"
Qin Luosheng shook his head again: "No!"
"Then are you the emperor who never falls on the top of the British Hall of Fame, or the chief of the French Supreme Hall, Napoleon?"
"never heard of that!"
"Oh? Are you the Eastern Sword God Liusheng Zongyuan, or the top master Taiga in Southeast Asia?"
"Aren\'t you? Could it be that you are the first in my Hua Tiantian list, the Eastern Emperor who is known as the Emperor of the North? Or the Emperor Wu who is second in the Heaven List and the Emperor of the Southern Heaven?
"I heard it, but it\'s not me!"
A series of questions and answers made everyone feel dizzy and dumbfounded.
Because of the name that thunder mad catches, all are famous legendary powerhouses, and they are the first person in the online world in a country, even a region, or even a continent.
They are a symbol of invincibility, all of them are fierce and mighty, and one person crushes one country.
Their IDs are different, but they have a common, universally recognized title
The strongest!
Supreme Emperor!
as well as--
"Since you are not them, what right do you have to dare to be so arrogant in front of me?"
The calm expression of Thunder Crazed Shao suddenly became extremely hideous, and the slanted triangular eyes released endless cold light, like a poisonous snake that found its prey, slowly opening its mouth, revealing the poisonous snake teeth.
Cold and terrifying!
"Who are you? Are you famous or strong?"
Qin Luosheng sneered: "What if I am arrogant in front of you?"
"Okay! Big guy is awesome, big guy 666!" Fengxing roared, instantly incarnate as a little fan.
"Wow, so handsome!" Mu Mu also beamed his eyes and looked like an idiot: "I didn\'t expect this guy with stinky facial paralysis would have such a manly side."
Another teammate:...
Damn it!
This is too rigid, right?
That is the thunder mad young man, the current chairman of the Thunder Union, dozens of affiliated unions under his command, sitting on millions of elite members, commanding millions of non-staff members, and even more famous for being vicious and vicious.
This kind of super boss, there are people who dare to be so hard?
Thunder mad laughed a little: "I don\'t hate people with personality, but I hate fools who are incapable and brainless."
After speaking, he waved his hand boringly, "Kill it!"
The members of the Thunder guild, who had already been unable to restrain themselves, were ordered to swarm forward like wild dogs that had run out.
"It\'s not as simple as dying once to offend me, Young Thunder Crazed!"
Lei Ting Kuang glanced at Qin Luosheng who was about to be overwhelmed by his subordinates, and said coldly to a middle-aged man beside him: "Send someone to stare at him. He will kill once when he leaves the village. I want him to never leave Xinshou Village."

Looking at the group of people approaching, Qin Luosheng grinned and looked at Qingsi: "Hey, you haven\'t answered me yet. Did you kill the boss orkill these flies?"
"Should I choose?" Qing Si asked calmly.
"Of course, after all, isn\'t you the employer who paid 100,000 wolf eyes?"
"In that case!" A cold light flashed in Qingsi Gujing Wubo\'s eyes, and said indifferently: "Then-kill these flies! They are quite noisy!"
is it?
"as you wish!"