Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 11: Place of trial
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 11: Place of trial

what\'s happening?
The system\'s prompt sound made the unprepared ACTO four stunned again.
Looking up, they saw the berserker who they identified as a silly berserker, holding a golden long sword, charging forward. Behind him, there is a mad bull with a dead end, beside the corpse, there are dots representing equipment. The stars are flickering.
ACTO:? ? ?
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Mu Mu: (?.?)
Crazy Bull
Grade: LV5
Health value: 800
Attack: 80
Defense: 30
Speed: 45
Skill: [Bull Crash]
Introduction: Originally, it was just an ordinary bull who inhabited grasslands and plains. It has a gentle personality. After being affected by a weak devil, it is easy to get dry and irritable, and will actively attack humans.
"This is the hard mode monster? It\'s too weak!"
Qin Luosheng complained.
This attribute, when calculated comprehensively, is slightly inferior to the level 5 demonized wolf.
At level 1, he can hang the demonized wolf. Now at level 7, he is fully armed and has two pieces of golden equipment on his body. Can he still be used to it?
A violent attack of up to 326 points fell on the mad bull whose defense was only 30 points, and it exploded.
Level suppression, coupled with its own 25% critical strike chance, this trigger rate is terrifying.
General injury 294, crit 588!
Triggering a crit is two swords and a mad bull.
The efficiency is amazing.
And how long does it take to make two swords?
1 second!
Equivalent to a spike!
The mad bull\'s weak attack could not break the defense at all, even if it was not missed by Qin Luosheng, who dodged the extremely high MISS, he only hit 1 point of mandatory blood deduction.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t bother to pay attention to an attack that couldn\'t even be itching, even if hundreds of mad bulls attacked together, it wouldn\'t help.
This level of strangeness, he doesn\'t even use potions, he can stay at his peak state just by sucking blood.
Less than ten minutes.
Clear the first pass.
Hundreds of crazy bulls were all killed and turned into the experience points of the team of five.
"Brother, you are so fierce!"
Feng Xing was full of excitement.
Qin Luosheng said calmly: "Go on!"
"Huh, arrogant!"
Little Pepper Mumu snorted again and muttered, but this time it was much quieter than last time.
"Mu Mu!"
Yato yelled with embarrassment on his face. Little Chili was still not convinced, but was pulled by Qingsi, his lips squirmed, but he didn\'t speak any more.
"Brother, sorry!"
ACTO apologized: "This is explosive equipment. There are four pieces in total. They are all here."
"You take it."
After a glance, Qin Luosheng lost interest in four pieces of white equipment.
"This, you killed all the blame, brothers, and naturally all the equipment should be yours."
ACTO insisted on handing over the equipment.
"I look down on this rubbish!"
Qin Luosheng refused the transaction and passed the teleport stone to enter the next level.

Magic Wolf
Grade: LV5
Health: 1200
Attack: 120
Defense: 30
Speed: 70
Skill: [Sharp Teeth Bite]
Introduction: After being infested by demonic energy, the wild wolf becomes more ferocious and cruel. Once the prey is found, it will lose its reason and die endlessly.
"Oh, I\'m still an acquaintance!"
Qin Luosheng looked at the monster in the second level and was immediately happy.
Nothing to say!
Go straight up!
"Heavy cut!"
Come again!
"Two consecutive cuts!"
Then a general attack!
The demonized Wild Wolf King, who was worthy of passing Qin Luosheng\'s chest, caused 1 point of forced damage. After a screaming cry, he fell straight to the ground and turned into a corpse.
The four of Yato who have just entered the second level:? ? ?
Only a few seconds?
Just killed a demon wolf?
Did you choose the wrong mode, blame it for being so weak?
"Ding, your team killed the Demonized Wild Wolf King and gained 80 experience points!"
80 points of experience broke the doubt.
In addition to the hard mode experience increase, how can there be up to 80 points of experience in a team situation?
"too slow!"
Easily kill the demonized wild wolf, Qin Luosheng shook his hand and turned his head and said: "You are responsible for attracting the monsters, and the rest will be handed over to me. Act faster, save time, and get out early."
The quality of the monsters in the second level is higher, but the number is obviously reduced.
However, this map is a bit bigger instead.
The demonized wolves are too scattered, and relying on him as a berserker to find them one by one is a waste of time.
There are shield warriors in the team, and the monsters come after a mockery.
There are also long hands like archers and magicians.
Of course it must be used.
Yato, who had been robbed of command, nodded, and immediately took action.
It\'s not bad for the big boss to take the trip, but they are so arrogant, have they ever been ignored?
In the first pass, they watched visitors throughout the soy sauce party.
Is it the same in the back?
Even if it is not as good as others, at least it has to show its own value.
Yato strode forward, slammed the wooden shield in his hand, and used his skills, and immediately the five demonized wild wolves around were red with red eyes and rushed forward like a mad dog.
"Penetrating Arrow!"
Behind him, Archer Fengxing and Huo Mo Mumu attacked immediately.
As for Qin Luosheng.
Already acted as soon as the ridicule came out.
When the fireball and arrow fell, the first demonized wolf had already died under the bloodthirsty sword.
The fine iron arrow hits!
Orange fireball!
"What a pervert!"
A certain little pepper pouted and looked unhappy.
Fengxing next to him also looked helpless.
How does this compare?
It\'s simply not a dimension!
Attacking by oneself, the damage is only half a hundred, and someone casually scores A, almost breaking three hundred. If you use skills, according to the rounding algorithm, it is equal to ten times.
Its not okay, just count
Popular: "..."
One was killed, and the remaining four were still being mocked by the demonized wolf, unable to restrain the attack on Yato.
After a round of attacks, Yato\'s health plummeted, and instantly his health bar disappeared by a quarter.
At this time, a holy light poured down.
Qingsi\'s healing technique restores half of the lost health of ACTO.
Qin Luo raised his sword to kill.
Heavy cut + double cut!
Three attacks, triple crit.
A demonized wild wolf in an instant.
With a kick out, the huge power stomped the demonized wild wolf who was about to pounce on Yato again, and the offensive was broken.
Then, using the one-handed sword of Bloodthirsty as a two-handed epee, with a heavy blow, it severely slashed towards the demonized wild wolf on the other side.
Crazy four-digit damage.
Terrible black lethal blow!
The unlucky demonized wild wolf wailed, and was killed in seconds when it was full of blood.
Turn [August One Chinese Website] and turn around.
Level A, level A, then level A.
Three consecutive swords.
The demonized wild wolf that had just been kicked was also killed by the [Bloodthirsty] sword.
In just ten seconds, five ferociously demonized wild wolves, four died, only the one that Fengxing and Mu Mu attacked.
Stride forward.
One [Heavy Cut] + Level A!
The last demonized wolf, pawn!