Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 9: Berserker
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 9: Berserker

Qin Luosheng cried out involuntarily.
"Your sister, what is the origin of this old man?"
Healing potions, amplification potions, poison quenching potions.
This is good to say.
But gunpowder cans shouldn\'t appear in places like Xinshou Village.
3*3 large area, 300 real damage.
Real damage!
This is ignoring all harm.
With it, even level 1 players can kill level 10 bosses.
"That one"
Qin Luosheng wanted to say "I have all the goods here, I have all the goods here," Qin Luosheng wanted to say, but unfortunately his pockets were not allowed.
"Boy, don\'t think about prostitutes for nothing. If you want goods, you can, as long as the gold coins are in place, you can sell them all."
Wu Lin was so mature that he could see through Qin Luo Shengqiong B at a glance. Without waiting for him to speak, he waved his sleeve and the light curtain disappeared, and the drooling potions were also taken back.
"Senior, I..."
"Boy, don\'t be too greedy. For Wang Laomin\'s face, I have already given you some, but don\'t be too greedy."
Qin Luosheng\'s expression was faint, speechless, clasped his fist and said, "I\'m going to say goodbye, thank you senior."
"and many more!"
"It\'s not impossible that you want these garbage potions."
"If you don\'t have any money, you can use wolf eyes to exchange it. 100 coins count as 1 gold coin. You need as many as you want, unlimited."
"Remember, don\'t bother me without 10,000 wolf eyes."
Qin Luosheng walked out of Wu\'s house with regret. When he was bemoaning that he had missed one hundred million, Wu Lin\'s voice suddenly came from his ear. When he turned his head in surprise, the door closed suddenly, almost hitting his nose.
Convex (ܳܳܳ)!

Wolf eyes, like wolf skin and wolf teeth, belong to a kind of material.
the difference is--
Wolf skin can make armor, handguards, boots, and helmets.
Spikes can build weapons, arrows, and hidden weapons.
And wolf eyes, farts are not useful.
Qin Luosheng, who started by demonizing wild wolves, is naturally no stranger to this stuff. In fact, the hundreds of wolves who died tragically under his sword gave him almost a thousand wolf eyes.
All was lost.
No way, wolf eyes are a must-explosive product, 2 per wolf, 100 per set.
The player only has a backpack with 50 grids. At that time, even wolf skin, fangs and equipment were not enough. How could the wolf eyes remain?
"Forget it, after a while, wait until most players can kill the wolf, then go buy it."
Qin Luosheng was a little depressed: "This gadget is so popular that it is useless for ordinary people. It is sold to NPC. A set of 100 coins is 10 copper coins. I would like to collect 1 copper coin and 1 coin by ten times. I don\'t believe it."
Shaking his head, temporarily putting the matter of wolf eyes down, Qin Luosheng looked for the direction and ran to the temple quickly.
Waited in line for half an hour and successfully transferred.
There are two types of warriors, one is a shield warrior who focuses on defense and life, and a pure blood bull who completely abandons attacks.
This is definitely not suitable.
So, what he chose is
Berserker who focuses on combat.
"Ding, congratulations on your successful transfer to berserker, health +50, mana +50, attack +20, defense +10, skill [Critical Strike] forgotten, and learned the Berserker skill [Elementary Double Slash] [Elementary] Heavy cut] [Elementary Encouragement] [Elementary Rage]!"
[Elementary Double Cut] LV1, 0/500, consumes 10 mana, quickly attacks the target twice, the damage is 70% and 80% of the normal damage, and the cooling time is 10 seconds!
[Elementary heavy cut] LV1, 0/500, cost 5 mana, hit the target with a heavy blow, causing 120% damage, cooling time 5 seconds!
[Elementary Encouragement] LV1, 0/1000, consumes 20 mana, increases the physical attack of a single friend by 5%, duration is 1 minute, and cooling time is 5 minutes!
[Elementary Rage] LV1, 0/1000, consumes 30 mana, falls into a rage state after casting, increases physical attack by 10%, -5% physical defense, duration 30 seconds, cooling time 5 minutes!
"Finally, there are skills available!-Unfortunately, skills are learned directly, not skill books, and without a carrier, the Starlight Miracle cannot work."

"Investigating the source of the devilish energy must go to the front line. The monsters there are at least level 8, which is not suitable."
Qin Luosheng touched his chin: "Let\'s get the trial first, and see what rewards you can get."
Just do it.
However, before that, Qin Luosheng went to the grocery store first and bought two City Return Scrolls for two gold coins.
Expensive is a bit more expensive, but it is more important to use.
He didn\'t want to experience the experience of running back to the village from the Wolf King\'s cave for more than an hour before.
Doesn\'t the time wasted by running to brush monsters and leveling up?
"Level 5 Berserker, fully equipped, 55 attacks, seeking to help his teammates use Hard Mode."
"Pastor Guangming, you have plenty of milk and rich experience. I want a big boss to lead him."
"A shield warrior with 400 HP and 80 defense is waiting for you to drive."
"Big brothers and sisters, poor little brother, let me be one."
"The team has started, come to the shield fight, Guangmu, output, no thieves and summoners."
The teleportation NPC in the Trial Land is in the middle of Novice Village, not far from the village chief.
Next to him, there is a new NPC
When Qin Luo came up, there was already a huge crowd.
"Brother, do you want to team up together? In the hard mode, you can burst out equipment ROLL points. Those who are suitable for your profession have the first right to buy."
At this time, a handsome young man came over and sent an invitation to Qin Luosheng.
"Brother Yatu, you shouldn\'t just pull people on the street, okay, if you pull another bastard, we will have to fight again." Before Qin Luosheng spoke, a girl next to the youth couldn\'t help but say.
Sight shifted.
Qin Luosheng\'s pupils shrank slightly.
"What a beautiful girl!!"
She is about fifteen or six years old, with a melon seed face, willow eyebrows, cherry lips, tall body, fair skin, waist-length hair like a black waterfall, elegant and silky.
The most distinctive feature should be her eyes, big and shiny, with dark pupils like exquisite black pearls, with a hint of cunning in their agility, and a bit of a green and ignorant of this age.
Like a girl walking out of a comic.
The only pity is that the angry expression on his face, although it looks cute and charming, it ruins the sense of beauty.
"Sorry, sorry."
The young man apologized again and again: "Because a group of passersby was formed just now, my sister was a little angry, so she was so open-hearted. Brothers shouldn\'t be so knowledgeable with her."
"It\'s nothing!"
The girl is really beautiful. Qin Luosheng admitted that he was amazed, but he was not licking a dog. Since people look down on it, why bother with a hot face and a cold ass?
"Brother, we are back."
Qin Luosheng was about to leave when a young man suddenly squeezed in. He looked over subconsciously, and his gaze drifted away from the young man unconsciously, as if there was a magnet attracting him, falling to the beautiful figure slowly coming behind him.
Wearing a snowy white priest\'s robe, lightly enveloping her exquisite and graceful figure, behind her three thousand waist-length green silk, like a nine-day galaxy rain, the lines hang down, swaying slightly with her graceful steps , Just as if the willows are floating and clear, out of the dust, yet...
The eyebrows are as distant and slender as a crescent moon; the eyes are like a bright moon, clear and squiggly; the lips are like pink cherry blossoms, and the petals are in full bloom; the delicate white is like jade, warm and moist, and shiny.
Is she a fairy?
No one knows, because everyone is lost at this moment, except for her who is dreamlike in his eyes, nothing else can be seen.