Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 8: Alchemists hidden shop
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 8: Alchemists hidden shop

What is this?
Qin Luosheng almost stared out his eyes.
"Fuck, this is too BUG?"
Proper magical skills!
Is the reward of the system so perverted?
Can this super-destroying skill be sent out?
"If this is someone else\'s, I have to scold the official. What? It\'s mine? Oh, that\'s all right."
Never seen such a brazen double-standard dog.
Seven stones, two of which are strengthened stones that have already been obtained, skip it.
Type: props
Effect: Strengthen success rate +5%
Introduction: The spar is full of spiritual power, and the energy of neutrality and peace has the effect of warming.
The two spirit crystals, depending on the effect, should complement the strengthening stone.
Crystal Coins
Type: props
Effect: unknown
Introduction: Legend is the currency used by gods, which is of great collection value.
The remaining three pieces were similar in appearance to Qin\'s sword coins, except that the materials were not bronze and shellfish, but crystals with different colors.
"It should be a special item."
Strengthening stones and spirit crystals should undoubtedly be the props for strengthening equipment, but Qin Luosheng couldn\'t guess what effect this crystal coin had. He could only collect it, hoping to surprise him one day.
Bronze Secret Key
Type: props
Effect: Open the bronze treasure chest
Introduction: It is said that it is the master key made by Master Lu of Gongsheng, which can open the lock of Wanjia.
Treasure box key! ! ?
This is incredible.
The official has long revealed that there are treasure chests in all major maps, with different grades, and the contents inside are full of surprises.
The number of treasure chests is very rare, and it is extremely difficult to obtain them.
It is either in a dangerous place that is difficult to reach, or has a strong guardian, or it is related to hidden tasks, or it needs a specific key or unlocking method...
Generally speaking, as long as it is a treasure chest with no special requirements, every player can open it, but the progress is extremely slow, except for thieves who have learned theft and unlocking skills.
The secret key of the treasure chest is different. It can be opened in seconds. Even if there is a guardian, as long as you seize the opportunity, you can still steal the treasure from under his eyelids.
"Take it away, and it will have a chance to play in the future."

"The village chief, I\'m back."
Back to the village, it was already an hour later.
"Oh, village chief, you must be mentally prepared."
Looking at those eager eyes with expectation, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t bear it, and said a word, took out a wolf skin from his backpack. Inside, it was Wang Xiaomin\'s corpse.
The village chief burst into tears instantly.
Qin Luosheng is also very uncomfortable. There is no better way than this.
"Thanks to the warrior for retrieving the corpse of the child, so that he will not expose the corpse to the wilderness."
After a long time, the village chief became a little stable, and carefully put Wang Xiaomin\'s body away, and said in gratitude: "I also thank the warrior for getting rid of the great scourge of the wolf king in my village. I will certainly be grateful forever."
"Ding, you complete the task entrusted by Wang Laomin and get a reward: 50,000 experience points, 5 gold coins, and a good impression of +500!"
That\'s it?
Is this the reward for hidden tasks?
Except for experience and coins, nothing?
Don\'t give a skill book or something, don\'t give a piece of equipment?
"Ding, the friendship between you and Wang Laomin has increased, and the friendly relationship has changed to a life-and-death friendship."
Qin Luosheng was in short supply.
"Warriors stay!"
Just as he was leaving, the village chief stopped him and said with a heavy face: "I heard that the warrior has accepted the commission of the Great Sacrifice as a test. My eldest son, Wang Damin, is the leader of the front-line militia. Here is a letter. He, if he can, he will try his best to help you."
"Thank you!"
Was this the real reward for hidden tasks?
The bond of interpersonal relationships.
"By the way, there is a jade pendant here. Take it to Wu\'s house in the west of the village. I believe you will gain something."
The village chief stuffed another jade pendant over. Without waiting for Qin Luosheng to ask anything, he waved his hand, then fell his gaze on Wang Xiaomin\'s pale face with a sad expression.
Is it another hidden reward?
that\'s nice!

West of the village.
Wu family.
Qin Luosheng looked at the dilapidated little courtyard, wondering whether he had found the wrong place.
With confidence in the village chief, he still knocked on the door.
Waited a long while.
No one answered.
Keep knocking.
"Boy, there is no task here, hurry up."
The tireless harassment finally got the response I wanted, although the response was not very friendly.
"Hello, senior, the village chief asked me to come, with tokens as proof."
Taking out the jade pendant given by the village head, Qin Luo raised his voice.
The dilapidated wooden door slowly opened.
"come in."
Qin Luosheng followed his words.
This is a messy yard, filled with large and small bottles and jars, as well as wood, medicinal materials, and minerals. Even Qin Luosheng saw many animal limbs and organs.
"Let\'s talk about it, why did that old fellow Wang Laomin ask you to come to me for?"
In the pile of debris, a scruffy and thin figure was busy with something, without turning his head back, his voice was hoarse like a night owl, very infiltrating.
"Um... the village chief didn\'t say, just let me come to you."
Qin Luosheng wanted to retreat a little, after all, the old guy in front of him didn\'t look like a normal person.
What\'s more, the most frightening thing is that the all-you-can-eat charm value is MAX. Before, every NPC would add 500 favorability points, but he didn\'t even react.
"How did that jade pendant come from? Wang Laomin wouldn\'t give it to others easily." The strange man continued to ask.
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t figure out the way, did not dare to play tricks, and honestly replied: "The village chief\'s second son, Wang Xiaomin, pursued the demonized wild wolf king to death. I killed the wolf king and brought back his body, which the village chief gave to me. This jade pendant tells me to come to Wu\'s house in the west of the city."
"Really?" The strange man\'s hand movement paused, and his tone changed slightly: "Xiaomin\'s child is dead!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t know how to answer, but was silent!
The weird man was also doing his own thing, no longer speaking, but the figure seemed to chuck a little.
for a long time.
The weird finally remembered that there was another person, and said, "I understand what Wang Laomin meant. I will give him face."
With a wave of his hand, a cloth bag fell into Qin Luosheng\'s hand.
"Ding, you got a gift from the alchemist Wu Lin: powerful life potion*10, powerful magic potion*10, violent potion*1, poisonous potion*1, gunpowder pot*5!"
Follow-up rewards?
Sure enough, how can it be so simple to use experience and coins to pass the hidden task!
"Thank you senior!"
Even without checking the effect, Qin Luosheng knew that these medicines were by no means simple. Just the three words "alchemist" would confirm that they were not popular products.
"My Wu family and Wang family are also family friends. Xiaomin\'s child was also brought up by me. Since your kid avenged him and recovered the bones, I, Wu Lin, will also accept your love and give you a chance. ."
When the voice is over, the system prompt tone will follow.
"Ding, the alchemist Wu Lin opened a hidden store to you, is it open?"
Hide the store?
"Turn on!"
Qin Luosheng did not hesitate, and directly clicked to confirm.
A light curtain emerged.
[Powerful Life Potion] Instantly restore 1000 points of health.
[Price: 1 gold/bottle, remaining 50 bottles]
[Powerful Magic Potion] Instantly restore 1000 points of mana.
[Price: 1 gold/bottle, remaining 50 bottles]
[Furious Potion] Increase attack power by 10%.
[Price: 5 gold/bottle, remaining 10 bottles]
Poisonous Potioncan quench the poison to the weapon and increase the toxin damage.
[Price: 10 gold/bottle, remaining 5 bottles]
[Gunpowder Can] Inflict 300 real damage to a 3*3 meter area.
[Price: 10 gold/can, remaining 30 cans]
Qin Luosheng: (á㧥;)