Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 2: sss super **** talent
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 2: sss super **** talent

"This...this is..."
The old sacrificial sacred body was shocked, and muddy tears shed from his old eyes, "Goddess of Destiny bless, the saint is born, my human race is saved."
Qin Luosheng didn\'t have the energy to pay attention to everything around.
At this moment, his right hand was burned by flames, and his left hand was frozen by ice. Two energies extended from his arms and went straight into his body. The two extremely incompatible energies collided with each other, turning his body into a battlefield.
The unspeakable pain made him almost faint.
At this time, a soft light fell.
He looked up with difficulty, and saw the goddess of destiny. The divine brilliance was shining, like a god, like a holy, a pair of eyes that were originally carved in earth. At this moment, he looked like a galaxy, and he saw the birth of the universe. Surrounded by stars.
"Ding, after the baptism of the temple, you have awakened the SSS talent-Lord of the stars!"
"Ding, because of the strengthening of the divine light, your basic attributes have been raised to full value!"
"Ding, because your basic attributes are beyond the limit, awakening skills: Qiwu, Saint Body, Spirit Flash, Sanity!"
The vision comes quickly, and so does it go.
When Qin Luo ascended to the gods, he found that he was still in the temple, under the gods.
Everything just now seemed like an illusion.
Looking at the sun brand on the back of his right hand and the silver moon brand on the back of his left hand, he looked complicated.
Holding the sun and the moon in your hand, stepping on the seven stars.
Three birthmarks, the fortune teller said he was the emperor\'s fate.
It is a pity that this so-called emperor\'s fate did not allow him to take charge of the universe and the sun and the moon, nor did it allow him to be rich and wealthy.
He was unremarkable.
Unexpectedly, these three birthmarks actually surpassed the real world and appeared in this virtual game world, causing a vision, seemingly, also awakening his SSS-level talent?
[Lord of the Stars (sss super **** level talent) LV1] Starlight is added to oneself, will not be destroyed, and will be blessed by the stars.
[Passive effect] Permanent charm value is MAX, each time you level up, you will get double free attribute points, health value +1000, mana value +1000, attack power +20%, crit rate +10%, dodge rate +10%, speed +10%.
[Active effect] Starlight miracle: the light of the stars has the power of sublimation miracle.
Qin Luosheng\'s pupils suddenly widened.
Isn\'t it dazzled?
sss talent, so perverted?
Moreover, it seems that this is only LV1, there must be LV2, LV3...the effect?
View properties-
Character: Weeping Soul
Grade: LV1
Occupation: physical novice
Talent: Lord of the Stars
Reputation: 0
Power: None
Money: 13 copper coins
Basic attributes: Strength 20, Constitution 20, Agility 20, Spirit 20
Special attributes: luck 0, charisma MAX, comprehension 0, toughness 0, concentration 0
Health: 1210/1210
Magic value: 1210/1210
Physical Attack: 23 (+25%)
Magic attack: 20 (+25%)
Physical defense: 21 (+5%)
Magic defense: 2 (+5%)
Speed: 70 (+15%)
Dodge: 15%
Crit: 15%
Elemental resistance: water 0%; fire 0%; wind 0%; thunder 0%; earth 0%; light 0%; dark 0%; poison 0%
[August One Chinese Website] Huh?
what\'s the situation?
Originally there were only 4,3,5,3 strength, physique, agility and spirit, why all become 20 points?
Even if it was raised to the initial full value because of the baptism of God\'s light, can the initial full value be 10 points, right? ! !
"Could it be?"
Qin Luosheng was taken aback, as if thinking of something.
Open the skill bar quickly----
QingwuThe only skill, LV1 (Power of Sirius, can be upgraded), breaks the sky with force, and towns rivers and mountains with Wu. Passive effect, strength +10, attack +5%, critical strike rate +5%. Active effect-Sirius: After activation, the attack power is increased by 100%, the critical strike rate is increased by 100%, lasts 30 seconds, and cools down for 5 minutes!
[Holy Body] The only skill, LV1 (Ice Muscle Body, upgradeable), Holy Body, invulnerable to swords and guns, water and fire. Passive effect, Constitution +10, health +5%, defense power +5%. Active effect-Ice Muscle: After activation, the upper limit of health is increased by 100%, the upper limit of mana is increased by 100%, and the full state is instantly restored, the defense is increased by 100%, lasts 30 seconds, and cools down for 5 minutes!
[God Flash] The only skill, LV1 (leopard burst speed, upgradeable), flexible and invisible. Passive effect, Agility +10, Speed ??+5%, Dodge +5%. Active effect-Leopard: After activation, the speed is increased by 100%, the dodge is increased by 100%, lasts 30 seconds, and cools down for 5 minutes!
[Spirit Wisdom] The only skill, LV1 (Super Dimension Wisdom, upgradeable), Gods Wisdom, transcends all spirits. Passive effect, spirit +10, magic attack power +5%, magic crit rate +5%. Active effect-Chaowei: After activation, magic attack power is increased by 100%, magic crit rate is increased by 100%, lasts 30 seconds, and cools down for 5 minutes!
What kind of fairy skill is this?
Could it be officially opened for me?
Any one of these four skills can make the player reborn, and the four are one, don\'t they directly create a humanoid monster?
This can no longer be regarded as affecting the balance, it has completely broken the balance.
Just as an attribute of an ordinary player.
Look at the current one again.
The difference between heaven and earth!
Oh, by the way, there are 5 attribute points that havent moved in the previous upgrade. They are directly added to the strength. Well, level 1, physical attack 35! ! ? ?
Three times more than ordinary players! !
"My child, maybe the future of Human Race depends on you." At this moment, the old priest came over and stroked Qin Luosheng\'s head.
"Don\'t, I can\'t afford such a heavy burden."
Qin Luosheng complained in his heart, but his face was full of determination, and solemnly said: "I am a human race, and it is my duty."
"Ding, because of your charm MAX, the big sacrifice has a good impression of you +500, the current level of friendliness: put your heart down!"
"Good, good!" The high priest was always comforted, "The Human Race has a seed like you, even if the Demon Race has never been so afraid of it?"
"Unfortunately, after the holy war, our ancestors chose to come here to escape from the world and live in seclusion. They were alone and didn\'t leave any good things."
The high priest said with regret: "This scroll is written before the death of our ancestors. It is for the purpose of passing on uninterruptedly. It is just that we are living a life without controversy from generation to generation. No desire, coupled with limited talents, more than a dozen generations down, it has been stranded until my hands."
Hidden career?
Or-super skills?
Qin Luosheng looked at the black scroll in the hands of the old priest, his saliva was about to flow out.
"Your potential is huge, even the goddess of destiny is sacred, blessing you, the future must be incalculable." The old sacrifice said: "You are the dragon of the human race, and you will travel for nine days in the future. Now the dragon is in the abyss, whether it is a **** The high priest of the temple, as an ordinary human race, I should help you..."
Give me the scroll in your hand.
"However, the patriarch\'s will, as a younger generation, I should abide by it."
The old priest changed his words: "Lets do this. I have a tricky thing here. Im waiting to find someone to solve. I will take it as a test. As long as you can complete the task and prove that you are qualified to inherit the power of your ancestors, this scroll I will offer it free of charge."
"Ding, you triggered the hidden mission [Investigate the Source of Devil Qi], do you accept it?"
Do you still need to think about this?
The old priest nodded with satisfaction, and said: "Go, child, the young eagle needs training to become an eagle flying in the sky. I look forward to seeing you again, and hope that you will bring me good news."
Qin Luosheng respectfully said goodbye to the old sacrifice.
"Brother, what is your talent?"
As soon as they walked out of the temple, a group of people came up to talk.
"Um, C-level talent battle, attack +10 points." Qin Luosheng was slightly surprised and made a random.
"C-level talent, not bad, shit, why am I so unlucky that I only got a D-level talent."
"The C-level talent with attack +10 points is very practical."
"Brother, do you want to form a team?"
"Brother, please bring me, little sister Loliyin."
Qin Luosheng squeezed through the crowd with sweat, and ran away in a hurry.
Hiding in the corner, making sure that no one was coming, Qin Luosheng breathed a sigh of relief, rubbed his hands, and opened the taskbar
[Task name] Investigate the source of magic energy
[Mission Introduction] The gentle animals suddenly became fierce and cruel. According to the investigation, they were affected by the devilish energy. The source seemed to be in a cave deep in the forest, but the dispatched investigators disappeared one after another.
[Task content] Find out the source of the devilish energy and determine the life and death of the missing investigator
Task timeUnlimited
Task RewardUnknown
"There is too little information."
Qin Luosheng closed the taskbar and was silent: "Except for knowing that the source is in the forest, the information is basically zero."
According to the radiation principle, with the Novice Village as the center, the further out, the larger the range, and the stronger the monster.
The forest is at the end of Novice Village, and the monsters inside must also be the strongest in Novice Village.
It can be the key point of the hidden mission. It is expected that the level 10 BOSS must be faced.
Maybe more than that.
Level 10 is the limit of the novice village, but it is not impossible to break through the limit for tasks rewarded with hidden occupations or super skills.
If so, it would be tricky.
Even if it reaches level 10, it will be suppressed by the level, and its strength will be reduced. The battle that was not optimistic at first is even worse.
"Oh, I hope not to be so cheating!"
It is too early to think about this now.
Qin Luosheng shook his head and temporarily abandoned this hidden mission.
The top priority is to quickly upgrade the level and find equipment.
Only with capital can you be qualified to challenge.
"The village chief, I\'m back."
The task of removing monsters from the village chief before, if I remember correctly, seems to have the suffix , there must be . Anyway, you have to kill monsters to level up, and if you have the opportunity to take one more task, the reward is equivalent to a free gift. How can you miss this good thing?
"Ding, because your charm value is MAX, Novice Village Chief Wang Laomin of No. 6666 has a positive affection for you +500. The current friendly relationship: put your heart to heart!"
Qin Luosheng:...
Do I have to say this first when I talk to every NPC in the future?
"Looking at the look of the warrior, it should be a big gain."
After the surge in favorability, the village head became more amiable, "Come on, I just have a task here, which is right for you now."
"Ding, the village chief commissioned the task [Clearing Monsters ], do you accept it?"