Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 49 Three years ago
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 49 Three years ago

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Yue Ling stood outside, with her lips pressed tightly together, she tries to hold in her laugh.
Old Man Ji: quot;Old Hu, why havenapos;t you scare away the apos;importantapos; guest? Whereapos;s the soldier I once remember? Huh? Just tell him to x2014;.quot;
quot;Who said it was a him?quot;
Old man Ji: quot;of course itapos;s a him! Eh? Why is it a girlapos;s voice? And it sounds just like x2014;.quot;
Yue Ling gently push the door open and came face to face with the old man hiding behind the door.
She arch a brow and smile, quot;Yeye, Iapos;m here.quot;
Old Man Jiapos;s mouth opened and closed. He wanted to say something but no words came out.
Yue Ling watched her Grandfather turn into a goldfish and held in her laugh.
If she did laugh, it would only make the old man lose face.
Old man Jiapos;s expression changed from shock, to surprise, to angry, to disbelief and lastly his eyes turned watery.
He looked like an abandoned child. His eyes turned watery and his old body trembled.
He lift his trembling hand and hit Yue Lingapos;s head.
quot;You unfilial girl! How dare you show up here?! Go! Go back to Korea! Go back to America!quot;
Old Man Ji looked at his granddaughter and tears fell from his wrinkling eyes.
quot;How can you be so unfilial?! Wuuu... How can you forget that you still have your precious yeye here?! Wuuu...Three years! For three years you didnapos;t even bother to come visit!quot;
Housekeeper scooted to the side and he sob quietly. He was just Old Man Ji. Everyone in Ji Mansion has missed their Young Miss! They always prayed for her to come live here, but she never did.
Until now, their prayers has finally been granted.
Yue Ling looked at her grandfather and her heart softened.
Even though he had hit her on the head, it couldnapos;t be consider a hit. It was more like a soft pat on the head.
He was her grandfather and he doted on her like she was his world.
He was a very honorable and strong hearted person. He didnapos;t show fear when he faced his enemies on the battlefield.
Nor has he ever cried in front of people, but here he is, crying his eyes out.
After what seemed to feel like forever, Old Man Ji finally calmed down.
He sniffed and cleared his throat while wiping his tears. Placing his hands behind his back, he glare at Yue Ling with an intimidating look.
quot;Hmmf. What are you still standing there for? Hurry and come inside!quot;
His aura turned back to the pressuring General he is. It was as if the old man had not cry at all.
Yue Ling grinned and enters the mansion. She lock her arm with her grandfatherapos;s.
Putting on a pitiful expression, tug his arm, quot;Yeye, Iapos;m sorry. I had to take care of some things before I could come here.quot;
Old Man Ji turned his head away and scoffed, quot;Hmmf. Who is your yeye? If I was, then I would be the only thing important to you!quot;
Yue Ling and Housekeeper Hu were flabbergasted.
Remembering something, Yue Ling turned to Housekeeper Hu,
quot;Housekeeper Hu, I have some gifts in my car, can you have someone bring them in?quot;
Housekeeper wipe his tears and nod his head, quot;Right away, Young Miss.quot;
Old man Ji looked at his granddaughter.
He could see the resemblance of his daughter and son-in-law.
Remember them, his eyes softened. How proud would they be if they saw their daughter?

At the time, he didnapos;t mind the girl calling him yeye instead laoye. She was a child and didnapos;t understand the honorifics due to her being Chinese, Korean and American mix. In the end, time flew by and yeye became more of a nickname she planted on him.
For three years since he last saw her, she never once came to visit.
Old man Jiapos;s thoughts suddenly drifted to three years ago.
His precious granddaughter had matured into a beautiful lady and fell in love. Even he approved of the young lad. All because he knew the young lad loves and treasure his granddaughter.
But, who would of thought that fate would be so cruel and take another person from his granddaughter. Hadnapos;t she lost enough people in her life?
He could still remember the day of the young ladapos;s funeral. His granddaughter did not shed a tear at all. She sat quietly on the floor and gaze at the ladapos;s mourning photo. Even when the funeral ended, she did not cry a single tear.
He had thought she was a strong child, but it wasnapos;t until that same night when he went to check on her....
Curled in the middle of the bed, he saw her silently crying her heart out in the dark while hugging the ladapos;s picture and shirt.
That night, he sat outside her room door and cried silently for her without her knowing....
quot;Yeye, are you alright?quot;
Hearing his granddaughterapos;s voice, Old Man Ji came back from memory lane. He smile at Yue Ling, quot;Yeye is fine.quot;
Yue Ling squint her eyes at the old man.
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