Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 48 Important visitor
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 48 Important visitor

In just one ring, the door clicked open and an old man opens the door. His eyes glistening with tears.
quot;Y-Young Miss... it really is you..quot; his old voice choking with sobs.
Yue Ling smiles at the old man, quot;Housekeeper Hu.quot;
He was cleaning upstairs when he glance out the window and saw an unfamiliar white car pull up on the driveway. His master hadnapos;t inform him of any visitors so he found it strange that the guard at the gate would just let someone in unannounced.
But it wasnapos;t until he saw the car door open and a figure get out of the car.
It was a figure he was too familiar with.
A figure he had held as a baby.
A figure he had watch grow up beautifully.
It was none other than his Young Miss.
Thinking his eyes were poor due to old age, he rushed down to the door almost missing a few steps.
It had been such a long time since heapos;s seen the child, so he wanted to make sure it was not his imagination before he informed the master.
And when he opened the door, it was really her.
Their Young Miss has finally come!
Housekeeper Huapos;s wrinkled lips tremble and tears pour down his old cheeks.
quot;Young Miss...quot;
Yue Lingapos;s heart softened seeing the old man cry. He was also like a grandfather to her. She part her lips to speak, but suddenly a voice trail from behind the door and her heart started to speed rapidly.
quot;Old Hu, whoapos;s at the door?quot; An old voice spoke. quot;Why are you trembling? Are you crying? Youapos;re so old already why are you crying?quot;
Housekeeper Hu: quot;....quot;
Yue Ling: quot;.....quot;
Housekeeper Hu wipes his tears and nose with his sleeves, quot;Master, itapos;s x2014;.quot;
Before he could finish, he saw Yue Ling smile and gesture with her finger not to reveal anything.
His old face smile in excitement like a little kid, quot;Master, you have a very important visitor.quot;
quot;Hmmf. The only important visitor is my precious granddaughter.quot; the old man reluctantly walks to the door, and whispers to Housekeeper Hu, quot;If itapos;s not her then just drive the person away. Tell him Iapos;m not home and come back later.quot;
Both Yue Ling and Housekeeper Hu weapos;re dumbfounded. Did the old man actually think he was whispering just now?
Yue Ling who stood 3 feet away from the door could hear him loud and clear!
She didnapos;t know whether to laugh or cry at the old manapos;s childish behavior.
But then again, who can blame him. He was a general and has been in the military almost his entire life. Being blunt was his best aspect.
And it was also the part she loves most about the old man. He feared no one.
Housekeeper Hu was at a lost. He glance at Yue Ling then turn his head to the old man hiding behind the door.
quot;Master, itapos;s actually a very important visitor.quot;
Old Man Ji snorted and flung the invisible sleeves he has, quot;Very important? If he was so important, how dare he show up unannounced. What kind of important visitor does he think he is?! Hmmf!quot;
Housekeeper Hu: quot;....quot;

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