Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 46 Innocent ears
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 46 Innocent ears

The elevator opens and at the same time Qian Li Li and a male coworker enters.
quot;G-Good afternoon Miss Qian.quot; the man said nervously.
Qian Li Li nod her head and smiled, quot;Good afternoon to you too.quot;
Inside the elevator ride, she sized the man from head to toe. He wasnapos;t extremely handsome but still acceptable to the eyes. He did leaned more on the skinner side and he was probably three inches taller than her. She stood at 167cm and was more attracted to taller men, but this man was very fashionable in style.
If she had seen correctly, this man works on the 125th floor. Anyone who works on the same floor as Lu Tian is highly valued in Lu Corps and receives a good cheque.
Suddenly, her eyes lit up at the thought of something.
She adjusted her posture in standing and slightly twist her ankle, quot;Ahh x2014;!quot;
The man reacted quickly and caught Qian Li Li in time, quot;Miss Qian are you alright?quot;
quot;Iapos;m sorry.quot; Qian Li Li blushed as she place both her palms on the manapos;s chest.
quot;....quot; the manapos;s face turned cherry red. He just realize that Lu Corpsapos; beauty is in his arms! Even her huge breasts were pressed against his body! Just how lucky was he today?!
quot;Itapos;s alright, be careful next time.quot; He said shyly.
Qian Li Li nod her head bashfully and pulls away from the man, quot;Ah-!quot; She lets out a cry.
quot;Miss Qian did you sprain your ankle?quot;
She nod her head, quot;I think so.... it hurts.quot;
The manapos;s expression turned worried, quot;Iapos;ll send you to the hospital. Your ankle should be checked right away.quot;
Qian Li Li shook her head, quot;Itapos;s only a small sprain.quot; She looks up at the man, quot;You can just help me to my office. After a little rest, it should be fine.quot;
quot;Mm.quot; The man nod his head and put one arm around Qian Li Liapos;s waist. He looked like a knight in shining armor protecting his princess.
Qian Li Li, sneered at the man when he wasnapos;t looking at her.
apos;Hmmf. Just another fool in my trap.apos;
Once they reached the 50th floor, the man supported Qian Li Li to her office.
Luckily, everyone on this floor was on a short break, so the floor was empty. If not for that, she would of ever lure the man.
quot;You should rest for the remaining time. Try not to walk around much.quot;
The man planned to leave since heapos;s already helped the beauty to her office, but before he could fully pull away from, Qian Li Li wrap her arms around the man.
And her lips cover his.
The man was so shocked, he could feel his heart beating at full speed.
He tried to pull away, quot;Miss Qian, we are at work.quot;
quot;Shh... its alright, no one will know..quot;
Qian Li Li deepened their kiss with her tongue and the man soon follows.
Pieces of their clothing fell onto the floor with their heavy breathing and moans filling the her office.
Outside of the office, Qian Li Li and the man did not notice that there was another man currently sitting in a cubicle.
His face was paled like a piece of white paper. He looked like he had just seen a ghost.
Xu Long wanted puke blood when he heard the disgusting moans from the closed door.
He sneered, apos;And to think she wants to seduce Boss! Keep on dreaming! Better yet, donapos;t dream at all!!!apos;

Oh god! My poor innocent ears!!!!
Xu Long ran to the elevator like his life was at deathapos;s door!
He swore, when he finds his friend heapos;s gonna murder the man for making him experience such a traumatizing scene!!!!
He was still a 29 year old virgin!!!
x2014; x2014;

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