Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 41 I want this dress
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 41 I want this dress

Timeless Mall; 10:56am
Due to a week day, the mall was not as packed and hectic as the weekend.
Walking around with the heels from her boots clacking on the floor, Yue Ling leisurely took her sweet time shopping.
She held the handles of three shopping bags in each hand. Each bag was stamped with designer brands.
Yue Ling stopped in front of the mall directory and look for a store.
It was her first time here, so it was only natural that she needed directions.
Besides, she wasnapos;t here to shop only for herself.
She wanted to buy gifts.
quot;Ah hah!quot; She pointed to a store on the directory, apos;Essenceapos;.
She smiled and looked away from the mall directory and walk in the direction of the last store on her mind.
Yue Ling however, did not notice, or rather, she didnapos;t pay attention to all the head turns she caused from both men and women.
Even workers couldnapos;t help but step out of their stores to get a second glance.
Her beauty was natural and captivating. And the peaceful aura emitting from her makes one think of the Greek goddess, Eirene.
Two girls chatted and giggle after Yue Ling walks pass them.
Girl 1: quot;Did you see how pretty and tall that woman was?quot;
Girl 2: quot;Yea! She sooo beautiful! Even her outfit! It was so~ chic! She looks just like goddess Han Yue Ling! Wait, is she..?quot;
Girl 1: quot;They do look alike... no, no way. I doubt our goddess would ever appear in a mall alone.quot;
Girl 2: quot;But their eyes... I feel like itapos;s the same colors.quot;
Of course, the two girls didnapos;t think that the woman they just saw was actually the same goddess they admire.
The two girls continued to chat while Yue Ling was oblivious as ever.
She was never one to care for attention.
This was a reason why she kept a low profile even though she was world known model. She wanted the ability to walk out in public without attracting attention.
Her face may be in magazines, advertisements and on billboards, but nowadays, people can go under surgery or cover themselves with makeup to look like someone.
She leisurely continue to walk on.
Coming to a stop, she stood in front of the store apos;Essenceapos;.
Without any hesitation, she enters the gold double doors.
The sound of her shopping bags shuffling pass the doors made quite a noise that caught the attention of the workers and customers inside.
Yue Ling wanted to cry, because she understood the stares.
It was really quiet inside and what just happened as she walked in was even louder than the music playing.
A girl worker walks up to Yue Ling with a polite smile.
quot;Good morning miss, can I help you find anything?quot;
Yue Ling looked at the way all the girl workers dressed.
Their white button down blouse was tucked neatly in their navy blue knee length pencil skirts. Even their hair was styled the same into a high bun.
The red scarf around their neck reminded her of flight attendants.
She smile to the worker, quot;Thank you, but I just want to take a look around.quot;
The girl smiles back politely, quot;Okay. Feel free to let me or any of the other workers know if you need help with anything.quot;
She turned around back to work while Yue Ling stroll through the store looking at the items on each fixtures and shelves.
apos;Essenceapos; is a store that sells both men and woman clothing and shoes. The only difference in this store and other stores was the expensive price tags.

She raised one hand to couch the dress, to feel the material used to design such nicely made dress.
But, before her hand could touch the dress, a girlapos;s voice squealed at the side of her.
quot;I want this dress!!quot;

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