Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 40 Sanitize
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 40 Sanitize

x2014; x2014;
Lu Tianapos;s eyes softened at the sudden thought of Han Yue Ling.
Then... remembering that a foul odor was still in his office, his eyes turned ten shades darker and the temperature of his office turned to a freezing winter night.
Just who the hell is this woman?!
Qian Li Li who was nervous became more nervous when she didnapos;t hear a response from the handsome god like man sitting behind his desk.
Did she make a mistake in taking this risk?
No! Every man who sees her always fall for her charms!
She was too lost in her plans that she did not notice the murderous look emitting from the man.
With a quick step forward, she spoke in a brittle voice, quot;Ah, CEO Lu, i-itapos;s like this, I wanted to x2014;quot;
She reach her hands out and put both her palms on Lu Tianapos;s desk.
But before her palms could even touch his desk, Lu Tianapos;s cold voice abruptly stops her in place.
quot;Find Assistant Xu.quot;
Qian Li Li was flabbergasted. If she hadnapos;t steadied herself, she would have fallen onto the floor. Face first.
She calmed her mind and played with her fingers, looking like a shy school girl speaking to her crush.
quot;I came to you, because this matter is something I thought only you can do..quot;
She didnapos;t forget to throw her world famous innocent glance at Lu Tian. No man can resist her seductive charms.
quot;Do I need to repeat myself?quot;
At his words, Qian Li Li wanted to cry. No man has ever treated her this way.
She could only reply reluctantly, quot;No, CEO Lu.quot;
Qian Li Li stretch her arms out to pick up the documents and folders she had put down.
quot;Leave the contract.quot;
quot;Mm.quot; She grinned ear to ear happily when she heard Lu Tian. She nod her head, quot;Iapos;ll take my leave then.quot;
Glancing at the handsome cold and aloof man one more time, Qian Li Li strode out of the office cheerily.
Lu Tian glare daggers at the stack of papers and folders.
He frown deeply and called Xu Long to come to his office.
In less than fifty seconds, Xu Long sprinted into Lu Tianapos;s office, quot;Whatapos;s your order Boss?! Whoapos;s going to die this x2014;eh?quot;
Xu Long stare at his bossapos;s figure.
Lu Tianapos;s eyes didnapos;t look away from his computer screen but his finger pointing to the things on his desk.
quot;Revise them then give me a new copy.quot;
Xu Long follow his bossapos;s finger and his almost left their sockets! He gulped and thought,
apos;W-wwho in the world brought these to boss?! Everyone here knows that everything must be handed to me, then I pass it to the boss!! Did someone not want their job anymore?!!apos;
Lu Tian paid no attention to his assistant, he stood from his chair once he finished with what he was doing on the computer.
He put on his black suit jacket then his black wool coat and walk out of his office.
quot;Before I return, replace my desk and have my entire office sanitized.quot;
His tone of voice sounded like his usual cold and indifference self, but Xu Long could hear a trace of intense disgust.
Now he got an idea of what happened. It was that scheming vixen!!
quot;Right away boss!!quot; Xu Long saluted facing his already departing bossapos;s figure.
apos;Eh, wait! Where is boss going?!apos;
Chasing after his boss, Xu Long left Lu Tianapos;s orders to the secretary.

Secretary Ye shook her head in pity.
She could already guessed that her bossapos;s sudden order is due to Qian Li Li. It was common knowledge in Lu Corps that their boss hated when others enter his office. The only one exceptional was Xu Long. Even she, who was his secretary dare not to enter the devilapos;s lair.
Everyone in Lu Corps fear the ruthless man, so everyone just toss whatever assignments they finish and questions they have to Assistant Xu.
Secretary Ye sighed, and thought, apos;Qian Li Li may be a beauty to other men, but just who was boss? He is far from Qian Li Liapos;s league.apos;

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