Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 38 Buy a mop
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 38 Buy a mop

Outside of Jade Condos, Yue Ling leisurely strode to the parking garage assigned for residents.
In her packing space was her new car.
She had wanted a apos;low-keyapos; car so it wouldnapos;t attract attention, but who was Liu Shan? He was someone who would consider a Ferrari a low-key car.
She shook her head, she thought, apos;Liu Shan ah, what goes on in that brain of yours?apos;
The only good thing was, her new car wasnapos;t eye catching like her others car.
She enter her new BMW x5m and started it up. Without any inspection of the interior, she drove out of the garage.
Lu Corps;
All the workers were nervous and trembling. No one utter a sound nor did anyone think to move.
Everyone had one thought in mind only.
What was wrong with their boss?
Were they going to loose their jobs?
He came in to work bringing a winter blizzard with him.
On the 125th floor of Lu Corps, Xu Long stood nervously inside his bossapos;s office.
Unlike the other days, his boss had called him and said he was going to drive himself to the company.
Others may think it was normal, but Xu Long knows exactly what it meant.
It meant his boss was either really really angry or really really irritated.
And driving was a way for him to lessen his mind.
Xu Longapos;s expression was calm as if seeing his boss this way was natural, but if one was to look closely, he had beads of sweats on his forehead.
He at this moment was crying inwardly, apos;apos;God, who made my boss angry??!!.apos;
Thank god his boss only drove his Audi R8.
If he had driven his Aston Martin Vulcan or any of his other million dollar sports cars, that would be a whole different story.
It meant someone was going to disappear from this world!
quot;Xu Long.quot;
Xu Long tried to act normal hearing his bossapos;s low and timeless voice, but he ended up stuttering when his eyes met those cold and ruthless eyes.
quot;Y-Yes bb-boss?quot;
Lu Tian sat in his chair behind the desk with his eyes never leaving the documents in his hands.
quot;I will give you till the end of the day to gather all the information on a man whoapos;s always by Han Yue Lingapos;s side.quot;
Xu Long stare at his boss with mouth in a apos;Oapos;.
He lift his hand and started counting with his finger.
One, two, three... ten.... t-twenty.. f-five....
Xu Longapos;s jaw dropped to the ground and his soul left his body.
His boss who is always short with words.... he said twenty five words!!!
A full and complete sentence!!
Eh? Wait, his boss wants him to do what?!!
quot;Buy a mop.quot;
He stare at his bossapos;s unreadable expression and ask confusingly, quot;uhh, boss, why do you need a mop?quot;
Lu Tianapos;s dark eyes move from the documents and to his assistant.
He said indifferently, quot;Clean after yourself.quot;
Xu Long: quot;....quot;
Lu Tian looked unblinking at his assistant with a straight face.
Xu Long however wanted to cry but lacked any tears to shed.
apos;Boss, how can you joke at a time like this... *sob*apos;
Lu Tian shift his eyes back to the documents in his hand, quot;Thatapos;s all.quot;
Xu Long straightened like a soldier right away and saluted, quot;Yes Boss!quot;
Dragginv his feet out of his bossapos;s office, he sighed. He had till the end of the day to find information on some man by his bossapos;s womanapos;s side.

It was confirmation that their bossapos;s temper had calmed down a little since no one was getting fired.
quot;Assistant Xu, how is Boss?quot; A soft and silvery voice sounded.
Xu Long looked to the owner of the voice and he pursed his lips.
A beautiful lady stood about five feet away from him. She was exceptionally pretty to the eyes of most men, but towards Xu Long, he saw her as nothing but a hoax.
quot;Miss Qian, there is nothing on this floor for you. So, I suggest you go back to your floor. Itapos;s still work hours.quot;
Not waiting for a response or giving her another look, Xu Long strode away to his office without any care.
As Lu Tianapos;s assistant of a long time, heapos;s seen all kinds of women try to get into his bossapos;s bed. Even if they had outstanding looks, none have succeeded.
And neither will this woman.
He has never liked Qian Li Li. There was nothing good about her except being a scheming vixen.
Watching Xu Longapos;s figure disappears into his office, Qian Li Liapos;s temper was calm but at her side were her tightly clenched fists.
The employees on the 125th floor started whispering,
quot;Why is Beauty Qian on this floor? Isnapos;t her office on the 50th floor?quot;
quot;Assistant Xu is correct, there is nothing in her department on this floor and itapos;s still working hours.quot;
quot;Is the beauty possibly here for CEO Lu?quot;
Ignoring all the curious stares and whispers, Qian Li Li flash a sweet smile to everyone and turned around to leave.
Going back down to the 50th floor, Qian Li Li didnapos;t head to her office, instead she walked to the ladies restroom.
Once she made sure no one was inside, she toss away her demure image and kicked the trash bin hard with her black 5 inch heels.
quot;How dare that lowly assistant treat me like this?! Who does he think he is to talk to me like Iapos;m inferior!!quot;
She was the beauty at Lu Corps!
If it wasnapos;t for her needing to keep her kind and pretty image, she would have lash out at Xu Long for speaking to her like she was nothing.
After countless breaths, she gradually calmed down.
She placed her palms on the lavatory sink and looked at her reflection.
Today, she had worn a pink v-neck dress that wrapped nicely around her curves. Her make up was always on point and it hid her flaws well.
So what if she had her nose down and had lip injections, she is one of the most beautiful women in Imperial. She even made her breasts bigger to a size D in American measurement.
Her change in looks was solely for her purpose in working at Lu Corps.
Get the attention of Lu Tian and marry him.
Only she was good enough for Lu Tian and if she canapos;t make the man marry her, sheapos;ll go with her second plan.
Her father.
As a shareholder of 10 percent in Lu Corps and one of the board of directors, she is sure her father can pull some strings.

It was only a matter of time until Lu Tian falls for her trap.
Curling her lips upward, Qian Li Li tug her dress a bit to reveal more of her cleavage.
Nodding her head in satisfaction, she turned to leave.
Just as she was about to take a step forward, two girl employees enter the ladies restroom and halted in their steps when they saw her.
quot;Ah, Miss Qian.quot;
Qian Li Li flash a sweet smile and walked out of the restroom, but just as she passed the two workers, she scoffed quietly in disgust.
apos;I am the beauty of Lu Corps, all these sluts are far below me. Thereapos;s only one person in all of Imperial who is superior to me. But of course, who is Han Yue Ling to just casually walk in here.apos;

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