Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 37 An Qing
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 37 An Qing

quot;Liu Shan, did you hear me?quot;
quot;Liu Shan!quot;
Liu Shan glance at his boss. He decided heapos;ll never tell his boss about what just happened to him.
One, it was already embarrassing enough for him. And two, his boss had already offended her neighbor.
He shook his head, shaking away the remembrance of what happened to him.
quot;Ah, sorry boss, what was it?quot;
Yue Ling rolled her eyes at him, quot;I said, you donapos;t have to give me the reports on Ning Mei yet. Until you find every ounce of information on her, Iapos;ll let her live in her world.quot;
Liu Shan: quot;.....quot;
Hearing her words, he felt like a heavy weight had just been lifted from his shoulders.
He had spent the entire night gathering information, he found enough, but he knew that it wasnapos;t enough for his boss.
So when she said what she said, he was relieved.
Yue Ling: quot;Thatapos;s all, you can head to De Lapos;amour.quot;
Liu Shan looked his boss. He hesitated about asking, but gathering all the courage left in him, he asked anyways.
quot;Www-what about apos;thatapos; company?quot;
With one raised brow, Yue Ling glance at Liu Shan, quot;An Qing?quot;
quot;Mm hmm.quot; Liu Shan nod his head three times.
quot;Iapos;ll give them another month.quot;
Liu Shan pout his lips and sighed, quot;Alright, since youapos;re the boss, itapos;s your call. Everything is ready and ready when you give order.quot;
Yue Ling: quot;....quot;
Liu Shan cross his arms over his chest. His scared expression from earlier disappeared, replaced with an ignorant and evil grin.
quot;Heh heh, Iapos;ve been waiting for so long just for this. I canapos;t wait to see the looks on their faces when you walk in there unannounced.quot;
Yue Ling looked dumbfounded at her assistant. The look on his face reminded her of a sinister old minister who was out to dethrone the emperor.
Liu Shan suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up, he grinned at Yue Ling, quot;Boss, Iapos;ll take my leave then.quot;
Yue Ling watched Liu Shan leave out the door. She smiled and pressed her lips tightly together, trying not to laugh.
Liu Shan at this moment was slowly opening the door. He stretch his head out and looked right and left. After making sure that it was safe to leave, he stepped out and closed the door.
The sound of his running foot steps echo in the hallway.
Yue Ling shook her head lightly at her assistantapos;s stupidity.
Sometimes he was a very mature man, while other times he could be such a child.
She walked towards her room and decided to get ready for the day.
While she was getting ready, she thought about Liu Shanapos;s question.
apos;What about that company?apos;
She understands why Liu Shan is so tempted to go over to An Qing and show them whoapos;s boss.
As the founder and creator of De Lapos;amour, she knew the ins and outs of the fashion and business world.
She had started De Lapos;amour as an university student during her time overseas. It started as a small boutique until it shot high rocket after 2 years of her hard work.
After she graduated, she moved back to Korea with De Lapos;amour. Once De Lapos;amour had a strong standing, she attached branch companies all over the world.
Only thing was, because of her motherapos;s heritage and her wanting to keep a low profile, she named these branch companies, apos;An Qingapos; and not De Lapos;amour.

What these people didnapos;t know is, the main headquarters of An Qing is the small De Lapos;amour that Yue Ling kept hidden in the dark with only a few people knowing.
As time flew by, An Qing in Imperial started acting like it was the main headquarters and owner of the brand De Lapos;amour.
Of course, what these branches didnapos;t know was that, Yue Ling has purposely done this confusing act to see who was truly loyal to her and who was not.
She new how corrupted the business and fashion world was.
In the end, she learned that only five out of the twenty branch companies she owns stayed loyal to her, while the rest sided with the An Qing in Imperial.
Only those who are really close knows that she, the supermodel Han Yue Ling is the owner.
Yue Ling chuckles to herself at the thought of how careless An Qing has been.
Did they forget that it was her who called all the shots for An Qing?
Everything they do must bypass her before they could do anything.
Stopping her thoughts, Yue Ling stood in front of her full body mirror.
Her makeup today was light as usual and matched her outfit perfectly.
She wore a short navy round skirt with a white collar shirt that peaked under her black crewneck sweater. The collar and cuffs of her white inner top was folded out to color coordinate her dark outfit. With black stockings covering her slender legs and pair of 3quot; suede knee length boots.
Majority of the clothings in her closet belongs to her brand De Lapos;amour.
Finished getting ready, she grabbed her black Chanel medium boy bag and a black wool coat in case the weather decided to get chillier.
Glancing at her outfit in the mirror one last time, she smiled and thought aloud,
quot;I should prepare a list for my upcoming spring cleaning.quot;

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