Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 35 Imbecile
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 35 Imbecile

While Lu Tian was enjoying the night view and his cigarette, Yue Ling was currently struggling on her king sized bed.
apos;Oh god! Why must my neighbor be him?! Why?!apos;
She tossed and turned under her blanket until her hair resemble a birds nest.
Remembering how the man had seen her just now, Yue Ling wished she could dig a hole deep into the ground and hide in it.
apos;Han Yue Ling! You stupid stupid stupid girl! How can you let that pervert see you?!apos;
apos;Oh god!! Now he knows where I live!! What if he demands money? Or worse... What if he.... ask for responsibility?? Wait, he wouldnapos;t right?apos;
Her embarrassment took over as she completely forgot that the man had already seen every inch of her. Naked.
Twenty minutes later, she fell asleep with an embarrassed and heavy heart.
Late into the night while the people of Imperial slept, a tall silvery blue building still had some lights on. This building is one of the top entertainment company in Imperial.
apos;CNJ Entertainmentapos;, a name known to many in Asia.
On the 60th floor, there isnapos;t a single person in sight.
But, the faint sound of a manapos;s groan after releasing his load could be heard from the closed office door at the far end.
Behind the closed door, a middle aged man was currently fixing his black suit pants, after tucking his grey dress shirt in.
This man was around the age of 45 but he still had a charming face and he had no wrinkles like some middle aged men his age.
He glance at the young figure inside his office, quot;I donapos;t know why you came, but you shouldnapos;t have acted so careless. If someone was to see us together, it would only be a disastrous headline.quot;
The man fix his black and white stripe tie and lean on his desk, quot;I hope you donapos;t pull this stunt again, Ning Mei.quot;
Ning Mei sat on the black leather couch and her hands paused for a second when she heard the man. She glance at him then continue to button her purple blouse.
With an innocent smile, she said, quot;I couldnapos;t wait, so I had to come see you.quot;
She stood up and adjust her white flounce skirt down, then she tuck her blouse in.
She parted her red lips and continued shyly, quot;Director Yeun, I hope you still remember your promise to me from the other night..quot;
Director Yeun has just finished fixing his tie, when he heard Ning Mei, he frown for a second then smile, quot;Donapos;t worry. When have I ever gone back on my words?quot;
He took three steps to the young girl and wrap his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to his chest.
Ning Meiapos;s cheeks blush red, quot;D-Director... we just...quot;
Seeing her innocent reaction like a shy school girl, Director Yeun smirk. He lower his hands and squeeze her bottom as he kiss her neck.
quot;I just wanted to get a sniff of your beautiful scent.quot;
quot;Ah..quot; Ning Mei let a soft moan escape her lips. She wanted protested but before she could do anything, she was gently pushed away.
Director Yeun didnapos;t look at the young girl again, he walked behind his desk and sat down, quot;Itapos;s late, you should go now.quot;
Ning Mei was rendered speechless. She clench her fists tightly at her side.
She couldnapos;t believe that the old man had just pushed her away.
Well, she had wanted to push him away, but who would of thought the man would push her away first!

He knew what kind of girl Ning Mei was. Heapos;s been a film director in the entertainment industry long enough to see how filthy the industry was.
When he first met Ning Mei, she was only an innocent young rookie starting to bloom.
But, it wasnapos;t until later that he finally saw the real her.
Who would of thought that behind that innocent face was nothing but a wild whore in bed.
It was a huge shock for him at first, but after a while, he didnapos;t care. He got to taste her.
Oblivious to Director Yeunapos;s thoughts, Ning Mei wrap her arms around his neck and leaned down to shyly kiss his lips.
quot;Then I hope to hear the good news soon.quot;
She put on her tan trench coat and walked out of his office.
Once she closed the door, the innocent and pure facade on Ning Meiapos;s face vanished.
She glance at the door and scoffed then walked to the elevator with her heels clacking.
quot;Nothing but an old imbecile.quot;
If it meant a step closer to her dream, she would risk it all.
She was a daughter from the wealthy Ning family. Anything she wanted she would get. All she had to do was say it.
But because her familyapos;s company didnapos;t deal with the entertainment industry, that was how she came to CNJ Entertainment.
If not for that, with her familyapos;s background she would of long been Asiaapos;s number model model and not that slut, Han Yue Ling.
Ning Mei sneered inwardly at her thoughts.
This time, she chose Director Yeun despite his age because he was a famous film director whoapos;s won 3 Best Film Awards in the last three years. She knows that the man is married with kids, but she didnapos;t care.
All her partners were always able to give her anything she ask in return. She had slept with single men, men who had girlfriends or fianc xE9;s and married men. It wasnapos;t her fault that these men were so easy to be manipulated..
If anyone was to be blamed, then it would be the girlfriends and wives. It was their fault for not being able to keep their manapos;s p*nis in his pants.
Ning Mei grinned evilly, not realizing that her face had turned into an ugly old witch.
She was getting closer to dream and ruining Han Yue Ling.
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