Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 34 I live here
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 34 I live here

[NOTE TO READERS: This chapter is mainly about Lu Tianapos;s thoughts at the moment. Please bare with it. Thank you!]
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Lu Tianapos;s cold and dark eyes stare at Yue Ling with an indifferent expression.
He shrug his shoulder and pointed to his right, quot;I live here.quot;
Yue Lingapos;s eyes followed his finger and her face flushed red.
She felt so stupid for asking something that was so obvious to the eyes.
The man was sitting in his own balcony and yet, she had just ask him why he is here.
To ask someone how theyapos;re in their own home is truly humiliating!
Without any intentions of continuing to embarrass herself, Yue Ling dash into her penthouse and slam her balcony door shut.
Hearing the loud lock of her door, Lu Tianapos;s indifferent expression finally changed. His lips curl upwards, revealing the smile he had been trying to hold in the moment she stood up from her chair.
When he left the Lu household, he decided not to go back to Lu Corps, but to Jade Condos.
He had purchased a penthouse here to get away from his motherapos;s nagging.
But the truth was, he hardly came back here. He spent most of his nights at work.
Coming back to his own place, he realized how dark and cold it was.
Itapos;s appearance truly matched his personality.
After he showered and changed into a set of light grey loungewear, he grabbed a cigarette and lighter from the drawer by his bed.
Without much thinking, he walked out to the balcony.
Walking to the balcony chair, he sat down and Xu Longapos;s information about Yue Ling also living in Jade Condos appear in his mind.
The only thing was, she could be living in any of the condos here.
He place the cigarette on his lips and flick the lighter.
Before the lighter could lit the cigarette, his eyes caught sight of the light from the penthouse next to his, then the figure sitting down.
His brows creased. When he first moved in, Manager Lou had told him that no one was living in the penthouse next door.
How was vacant penthouse suddenly owned?
Staring at the figure, he felt like heapos;s seen her somewhere. Even his heart was suddenly beating at a rapid speed.
All of a sudden, his cold and aloof eyes held a glint of surprise.
He was just thinking about her and just like that, she appears before him.
He thought about when they met at the airport, when they shared an entire night together, and then when they bumped into each other going to the elevator.
They had encountered each other three times.
Was this luck?
Even he, who had never felt this way before found this feeling inside him childish.
He sat quietly without lighting his cigarette and watched her enjoy the view of Imperial at night.
She looked like a fairy in a painting. A painting that makes one afraid to touch out of fear in ruining it.
The longer he watched her in silence, he realized that she looked so far and alone.
Her eyes at this moment looked so.....sad.
Completely different from the eyes she had earlier from their first encounter and this morning.
It reminded him of someone who had been abandoned by the world.
And just when he wanted to continue watching her, she suddenly stood up with her arms stretched out with the front of her body turned to him.
Seeing her sudden move, he didnapos;t notice that he had held in his breath.

He thought, apos;Even from looking, she can turn me on?!apos;
When she finally noticed him and their eyes met, he was even more turned on. He had to fight the burning desire in him to go over and devour her again.
But he knew he couldnapos;t... just not yet.
Watching her cute reaction as she ran into her penthouse, Lu Tian finally revealed his smile.
He had a charming smile that makes one become hypnotized and canapos;t help but stare.
Of course, no oneapos;s ever seen this smile before.
Even he didnapos;t know he could make such a smile.
He lit the cigarette in his hand and began smoking. He leaned lazily on the chair with his head slightly tilted and his dark pupils staring out to Imperial.

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