Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 33 Also her faul
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 33 Also her faul

After she left De Lapos;amour, Liu Shan had dropped Yue Ling off at Jade Condos before heading home.
Yue Ling did not hesitate to take off her clothes and hopped into the shower when she got home.
The weather in Imperial was getting colder, so a nice warm shower was what she needed.
She had hoped to take a nice and long warm bath but when she remembered the huge window, she decided not too.
Sheapos;ll remind Liu Shan to get some window curtains.
She wonder what Uncle Lou was thinking when he constructed Jade Condos.
As the water from the shower head pour onto her skin, she thought, apos;Maybe when I have some free time, Iapos;ll take a swim in the heated pool.apos;
She shampooed her hair and cleaned her body.
Getting out of the shower, she didnapos;t change into anything warm. The temperature in her penthouse was warm enough.
She wore a beige matching sleepwear set: a flowy silk tank and silk shorts.
Pairing her sleepwear with her white house slippers.
And out of habit, she did not wear a bra, allowing her breasts to have some breather. She tied her hair into a high ponytail after blow drying it.
Walking out to the kitchen, she glance at the wall clock; 9:43pm.
Seeing that it wasnapos;t time for bed, she made herself a glass of warm milk brought by one of the stores she shopped at during her errands.
While the milk warmed up, she strode to her closet room and grabbed a long oversized knitted cardigan in the color mauve.
She put the cardigan on and grab the warm milk.
Yue Ling didnapos;t sit in the living room, she decided to out to the balcony in her room.
She wanted to watch the scenery of Imperial at night.
Sitting on a lounge chair, she stare out to the panoramic view covered by the dark sky. Imperial from where she sat looked like the night sky full of stars.
Yue Ling has always been a girl who loved sight seeing and she had a love for city views.
To her, sight seeing gave a peaceful feeling.
A feeling that could ease oneapos;s mind and soul.
She should really thank Liu Shan for such a breath taking view.
Her bluish green eyes reflected with the lights of Imperial.
She sat quietly and enjoyed the view while casually drinking her warm glass of milk.
The oversized cardigan she wore was like a blanket keeping her warm from the cool night breeze.
Yue Ling started thinking about about the people she cared about back in Korea, then to the oneapos;s here, and finally, she thought about her day.
Suddenly, the rude manapos;s face pops in her head and she frowns.
How dare that evil bastard rob her of her innocence!!
Any girl whoapos;s innocence was robbed from them by a stranger would cry and want to kill themself.
But she knew she couldnapos;t do that..
If she hadnapos;t been drugged, the man would have suffered from her might wrath!
Even though she didnapos;t cry or get mad, it wasnapos;t that she didnapos;t care. Her innocence being taken was also her fault.
Her fault for being careless and trusting the wrong person.
It was her fault for falling into Ning Meiapos;s ugly scheme.
Others may call her stupid for not getting mad, but can she really get mad when she was to blame too?
Thinking about it, her eyes turned dark then moist like she was going to cry.
But she didnapos;t cry. She had shed too many tears in almost her entire life.
Throughout her life, she had learned that crying wonapos;t solve anything.

The night became colder and Yue Ling felt a small chill brush her skin. The glass of warm milk in her hand had become cold.
At the same time she could feel her eyes becoming heavy as if telling her it was time for bed.
She stood up and stretch her arms while she open her mouth to yawn.
While doing so, she turned her body at the same time to the left.
With her arms still stretched out, her heavy eyes bolted wide open at her neighborapos;s balcony.
She froze on the spot.
Sitting in a lounge chair in the dark was the one person she did not want to see.
The man was a very handsome being. His dark brows made him look like a wolf in the shadows. Especially his dark eyes... he had eyes that seemed as if they could pierce oneapos;s souls.
Yue Ling was so speechless and shocked, she had forgotten to move.
quot;I actually like what Iapos;m seeing.quot;
His deep voice rang like melodious rhythm, but to Yue Ling it was like the buzzing of a bee.
It took Yue Ling a few seconds to come to realization that her arms were still stretched out and her cardigan was widely open, fully exposing herself despite the clothes she had on.
To make things worse, she wasnapos;t wearing a bra!!
apos;Oh god!!!!apos;
She quickly wrap her cardigan over her chest and pointed at the man with glaring eyes, quot;Y-You! How are you here too?!quot;

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