Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 32 This noble one
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 32 This noble one

From start to end, Lu Han didnapos;t utter a word. He was too lost in words to say anything.
He had always thought Ji Chu Hua was Grandfather Jiapos;s granddaughter. Well, only because the girl acted like she was the heiress to Ji Corporation everywhere she went.
Then again, who could blame her. Right?
Lu Han: quot;Ma, how do you know so much?quot;
Madam Lu: quot;Thats because An Ling and I are best friends.quot;
Lu Han looked at his mother, his expression saying, apos;yea, sure, you two were best friends.apos;
Lu Han: quot;Ma, what is Grandfather Jiapos;s granddaughterapos;s name?quot;
Madam Lu: quot;uhh... I think I remember An Ling say apos;real beautyapos; or something like that. Heh heh, let me ask your father again.quot;
Lu Han: quot;....quot;
apos;Ma, how can you say someone is your best friend and not know their childapos;s name? You even talked so highly about the girl! Are you sure about introducing brother to this unknown girl?apos;
As a mother, Madam Lu could guess what her youngest son was thinking.
quot;Han, Iapos;m not doing this for you, but for your older brother. Iapos;m clear on my decision this time. This girl will definitely be the right one. Besides, when Lu Tian and the girl were younger, An Ling and I had planned to betroth them, just that things just took another turn.quot;
Lu Han: quot;.....quot;
Without waiting for a response, Madam Lu walked away, leaving her dumbfounded youngest son.
She grinned like a evil witch as she starts brainstorming her apos;evilapos; plans.
No matter what, she has to make Lu An Lingapos;s daughter her future daughter-in-law.
Lu Han stood in a daze.
He sighed and pity his older brother.
Their mother has found another rich familyapos;s daughter and she was a weird one too.
Lu Han sighed again, but this time longer.
quot;How long do you plan to stay there?quot;
Hearing the cold voice behind him, Lu Hanapos;s body tensed up as he felt all the hair on his body stand.
He struggled a gulp and slowly turn his head.
Even though he already knew who it was, he still jumped in fright.
quot;Ah x2014;! Bro! How can you not make any sound at all! Iapos;m too handsome to be scared!quot;
Lu Tian: quot;.....quot;
Lu Han: quot;Hey bro, I just learned something new. Want to hear? Yea?quot;
His eyes beaming with shiny stars at his older brother.
Lu Tian: quot;No.quot;
Lu Han: quot;But it involves your future wife. Itapos;s really interesting!quot;
Lu Tian: quot;No.quot;
Lu Han: quot;Come on bro, just hear me out. You wonapos;t regret hearing what I have to say at all!quot;
Lu Tian: quot;I regret having a brother like you.quot;
Lu Han: quot;....quot;
Like the cold and aloof person he was, Lu Tian didnapos;t want to stay and chat anymore.
His mind had been too occupied with the beauty he found interest in.
He wanted to go back to his place and sort his brain out.
He strode pass his younger brother and walked out of the Lu household.
Lu Han stood rooted on the floor. His mouth slightly open and his older brotherapos;s words floated like clouds on a clear sky in his head.
apos;Regret..... regret... ah...apos;
apos;How can he say that to me... *sob* Iapos;m the... Eh? Where did he go?apos;
A cold wind blew him back to his senses, he glance left and right, up and down but didnapos;t see his older brother.

He jogged to the front door and catches a glimpse of Lu Tian getting inside the car with Xu Long standing by the side.
He grinned and yells out,
quot;Bro! You have no choice but to accept that this noble one is your one and only precious younger brother!! Hmmf!quot;
Lu Tian: quot;....quot;
Xu Long: quot;....quot;

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