Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 31 His REAL granddaughter
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 31 His REAL granddaughter

quot;Ahh, Mother be careful! My beautiful hair!quot; Lu Han cried, pretending to be hurt.
Madam Lu glare daggers at her stupid son.
She thought, apos;What hair?! My hand is on your ear!!apos;
She lift her hand and put her index finger on her lips, quot;Shh! Donapos;t let your brother find out we listened. You know he dislikes others listening behind his back.quot;
Lu Han: quot;Ma, weapos;re his family. Besides, Iapos;m his precious younger brother, he will definitely not mind. Plus, brother already knows that you always x2014; ahh! Ma, why did you hit me?quot;
Smacking some since to her sonapos;s head, Madam Lu glare at her son again.
She did not know why one son was cold and aloof while the other was so... indescribable!!
Madam Lu sighed, then whispers as she leans closer to her son as if telling him some top secret information,
quot;The girl I mentioned I found for your brother will also be attending grandfather Jiapos;s birthday. I want to use this chance to introduce them.quot;
Lu Hanapos;s mouth turned into a apos;Oapos;, quot;What makes you think brother will agree to this?quot;
Madam Lu snorted, quot;He will. Iapos;m his mother, so whatever I say goes. Also, the girl I mentioned is grandfather Jiapos;s granddaughter.quot;
Lu Hanapos;s brows creased at the mention of grandfather Jiapos;s granddaughter.
quot;Ma, youapos;re planning to introduce brother to the old manapos;s granddaughter, Ji Chu Hua?!quot;
Madam Lu scoffed at her sonapos;s words, then she shook her head with a long sigh, quot;Hmmf, not lousy girl.quot;
Lu Hanapos;s eyes lit up, from his motherapos;s word, but he frown again.
quot;Ma, what other granddaughter does old man has then?quot;
He looked to his mother with attentiveness.
He was someone who loved gossips about others.
And this, he wouldnapos;t want to miss at all. Since it wasnapos;t Ji Chu Hua then who else was it?
Especially when it involves finding his brother a wife!!
quot;Grandfather Ji has only one child and that is his daughter, but when she got married, she moved to another country. What people didnapos;t know was that, his daughter gave birth to only one child, and that child is his REAL granddaughter.quot;
Lu Han glance at his mother, on his face was a confused expression, quot;Ma, what do you mean by real granddaughter?quot;
quot;Listen, Grandfather Jiapos;s daughter wasnapos;t like every rich familiesapos; daughters. She was had a pure and kind hearted soul. Not only was her personality great, even her looks were outstanding in all of Imperial. But she liked to keep a low profile, even when she married her husband, no one knew that she got married.quot;
Madam Lu paused and looked to the window, her eyes staring out into the vast sky that had become dark.
quot;Ji An Ling, gave birth to a beautiful healthy daughter one year after she married her husband.quot;
Lu Han remained in silence as he listens to his mother.
quot;Eighteen years ago, fateapos;s cruelty took away the couple, leaving their ten year old daughter behind. I donapos;t know the reason, but that child didnapos;t come live with grandfather Ji, she continued to stay in Korea... I only learned about her arrival when the old man called to brag to your father.quot;
quot;Ji Chu Hua is Grandfather Jiapos;s nephewapos;s daughter. And because many donapos;t know about his real granddaughter, everyone just assumed Ji Chu Hua was the old manapos;s granddaughter.quot;

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