Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 30 What kind of mother was she?
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 30 What kind of mother was she?

Watching her husband and Lu Tian disappear, Madam Lu angrily mumbles to herself,
quot;How dare they leave all alone here?!quot;
quot;Mom, how can you forget about me? Iapos;m still here you know.quot;
Madam Luapos;s body froze at the sudden voice.
She robotically turn her head to the owner of the voice.
She faked a smile, quot;ah ha ha.. Han..quot;
She was so into her apos;speechapos; about her oldest son getting marry that she had forgotten all about her youngest son.
How could she have forgotten the second holy masterpiece her and her husband created?
Good lord, just what kind of mother was she?
Lu Han squint his eyes at his mother. He had long seen this coming. Every time him and Lu Tian were force to come back to the old house, his mother would rant and rant like thereapos;s no tomorrow.
Of course, it was always about his older brotherapos;s marriage.
Good thing he was the youngest, or else he would be the one to hear from their mother.
He really pities his older brother.
Lu Han sighed, quot;Mother, I forgive you for forgetting about this great one, but canapos;t you leave older brother alone? He knows what heapos;s doing.quot;
Madam Lu cried at her youngest sonapos;s words.
quot;Why canapos;t your older brother be more like you and show interest every time a pretty girl appears. Aiya..quot;
Lu Han felt as if he was a blown balloon that just been deflated.
He cried inside, apos;Ma, why do you know so much about this one..?apos;
It was true that with his good looks, he had a habit of changing women like changing his clothes, but admires were nothing close to his older brotherapos;s.
If looks could impregnate a women, his older brother would already have countless children.
Lu Han thought, apos;I must be the emperor of the mundane world and older brother is the Heavenly emperor.apos;
In the study, old man Lu sat behind his desk while Lu Tian sat across.
quot;I called you back today because next month is a good friend of mineapos;s birthday.quot;
Lu Tian arch one eyebrow and look at his old man, quot;Youapos;re telling this because?quot;
Old man Lu: quot;I know you donapos;t like attending these kind of events, but you remember grandfather Ji, right? Itapos;s his 71st birthday and his grandson is hosting a birthday banquet at the Ji Mansion.quot;
He paused to look at his son, then continue, quot;Grandfather Ji is someone we Luapos;s cannot offend. I want you and Han to do this favor for me. You donapos;t have have to stay till the end of the banquet, just be there for a few minutes to wish the old man good health.quot;
Lu Tian: quot;His adopted grandson?quot;
Old man Lu nod his head, quot;Mm. Even though that child is adopted, the old man really loves that boy. I hope you can do this request. Not just me, but also for grandfather Ji.quot;
Lu Tian listened attentively to his fatherapos;s words.
Grandfather Ji was a highly well known prestige figure of China. Even at an old age, he is still the General in the army and Chairman of Ji Corporation.
The old man was a figure that Lu Tian really looks up to and respected.
One should know that there are only a few amount of people in this world that Lu Tian respected.
The old man had adopted a little boy few years ago and gave the boy the Ji familyapos;s surname.
And that was how you know someone really cares about another, even if they werenapos;t tied by blood.

Coming to a decision, he didnapos;t say a word but only made a, quot;Mm.quot;
Old man Lu smiles cheerfully inside hearing his son. He nod his head like a proud father, quot;Thats good then. Iapos;ll have my assistant notify Xu Long.quot;
Though it was just a apos;mmapos;, to old man Lu, he knew it meant a yes.
Outside the study, Madam Lu had her ears glued to the door. She made sure no words escaped her old ears.
Suddenly, she grinned from ear to ear, like a wicked witch.
Her oldest son had agreed to attend the birthday banquet!
quot;Why are you grinning like that? Are you trying to scare away evil spirits?quot;
Lu Han said as he rolled his eyes. He couldnapos;t believe his mother would eavesdrop on his father and older brotherapos;s conversation.
How can he have such a noisy mother?
Yet, he ignored the fact that he was no different from his mother.
His ear was also glued to the door.
Suddenly, his eyes shot open and his jaw dropped. He stare at his mother, and said loudly, quot;Donapos;t tell me you plan to x2014; ahh x2014;-!quot;
Before her youngest son could blow their cover for eavesdropping, Madam Lu drags him away by the ear.

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