Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 14 Be good part 2
Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Author :Abeehiltz
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Chapter 14 Be good part 2

[WARNING: This chapter contains scenes inappropriate for younger readers!!]
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The man didnapos;t wait for her to respond, he quickly captured her lips again like a predator devouring his prey.
He grabbed both her hands and place it above her head. One hand holding her wrists together, while his other hand continues to wonder.
Yue Ling tries with all her strength to struggle free again, but the man was like a giant mountain on top of her.
His tongue slips through her clenched teeth and plays with her tongue.
Exploring every ounce of her mouth hungrily.
She tried to resist by biting his tongue, but before she could even do that, she gasped loudly.
quot;Hisss x2014;!!quot;
The manapos;s hand that was freely touching her body was now stroking her little nub!!
The man moved his lips away from Yue Lingapos;s.
The room was silent with only the sound of their gasping breaths for air.
He then lowers his head and suck on one of her nipples while his hand continued to stroke her sweet little nub.
Yue Ling couldnapos;t help but let out a soft moan.
Suddenly, one of the manapos;s fingers slides it way into her wet entrance.
Like a fish out of the sea, she could not catch her breath and gasp aloud.
quot;Haaaa x2014;-quot;
His finger slowly starts to move inwardly and outwardly of her. Making her mind completely filled with thousands of emotions.
She tried twisting and turning to get out of his grasp, but the urging heat that burned her body could not help but make her follow the motion of his hand.
With her burning body, the manapos;s touch sent a cool chill to her body.
Unable to free herself, she could only whimper and plead the man.
quot;P-Please... plea-ahh.. Ahh!quot;
As the manapos;s finger continue to torture her, she felt hollow inside. Her mind was starting to go crazy. She wanted him to stop, but at the same time wanted him to continue.
Was she really going to give her innocence to a man she did not know?
Even worse, she doesnapos;t even know how this man looks like??!!!
And from the dim light of the room, she could make out that the man was staring at her!!
She felt humiliated inside but her body wasnapos;t on the page as her mind.
Hearing her pleading apos;pleaseapos;, the man mistook it as a cue that the woman below him was on the same page as him.
He immediately hasten his actions while he pinch her little nub.
quot;Ahhh x2014;-!quot;
Yue Ling felt something warm flow down of her.
She arc her body upward. Her bare chest sticking to the manapos;s. Her inner walls could not help but she squeeze his finger.
She could not believe that in her entire twenty-eight years of living, she had finally experience what climaxing felt like.
quot;Ahh x2014;!!quot;
All her nerves went erratic and she screamed a moan.
She clench both her hands that were still trapped by the manapos;s hand.
After experiencing what she just went through, Yue Lingapos;s mind and outer body felt extremely tired, but the burning sensation inside her body didnapos;t seem to compromise.
Her head was starting to feel distorted and all her five senses were shutting down.
She donapos;t know if she can continue anymore...
This is too much for her...
Suddenly, the deep voice of the man whispers next her ear, quot;Itapos;s not over yet.quot;

Yue Lingapos;s eyes widen at the manapos;s words. She open her mouth to protest, the man already lowered his head and capture her lips.
He slowly pull his finger out of her sweet spot, replacing it his hot and sticky rod on her entrance.
Slowly entering her. Spreading her inside more than his finger.
quot;Mnn x2014;!!!quot;
apos;It hurts so much!!!!!apos;
She squeeze her eyes shut to the intense pain.
With her wrists still imprisoned, Yue Ling could only endure the abrupt pain as the man enters her.
Her eyes turned watery as force herself not to cry.
Yue Ling who was struggling to ignore the pain did not realize that manapos;s lips had kissed her forehead as he entered her.
He paused as he enters her, slowly breaking her barrier until he was completely inside her.
Without realizing, her body once again accepted everything and opened up to the manapos;s thrustings.
Allowing him to explore her most inner part of a womanapos;s body and eat her tofu until she was completely dry.
Moans and gasping breaths echo inside the dimly lit room as a man and a woman experience an intense apos;exerciseapos;, while the night carried on blushing.
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