Chapter 46
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 46

Chapter 46
Blood Witch Yura, the 1st ranked South Korean and 5th rank on the unified rankings. Even she, who was at the top of two billion users, had to chant long spells when using great magic. But Euphemina, who said she was a Duplicator, could use powerful magic equivalent to Yura without needing to chant.
Duplicator...it seems to be a magician type class that duplicates the skills of others. It is an epic class but isnt this too much of a scam? It completely destroys the balance.
What were the disadvantages of a magician class?
While the versatility of magic that could be used for various purposes was certainly an advantage, the magicians strong attack power and high damage were their biggest advantages over others.
The strongest warrior could sweep away dozens of enemies with swords and spears, but the highest attack spell of a magician could destroy an army in one blow. This meant a magician had horrific attack power.
However, every time they had to chant a spell. The higher the level of the magic, the longer the chant. And this was a magicians fatal disadvantage. But Euphemina didnt need to chant when using spells. It meant she could use magic in quick succession, and the biggest disadvantage of a magician didnt apply to her.
To briefly describe the Duplicator class, it was a magician who could duplicate the skills of others and had no disadvantages? She could even learn the Advanced Blacksmiths Craftsmanship skill.
"...Um, so a Duplicator can copy all types of skills and use spells without any penalty...then that is... Ah, I dont know. Anyway, it is a fraud class."
I wanted to guess correctly about the Duplicator class, but it was painful when I thought about it, so I just focused on finding Huroi.
"That shameless human..."
Because Grid ran away, Euphemina was left alone among the soldiers. Why was she in this smelly and dreary dungeon?
Because she had to rescue Grid (the reason for the rescue was to clear the quest received from Rabbit). Why did she retrieve Grids unique rated dagger and return it to him? Because it was a favor so that their relationship would continue to be good in the future (to be precise, she wanted Grid to make a unique rated orb for her).
As such, Euphemia treated Grid nicely, only for him to act like this. He used Eupheminas power to clear his quest and now left her alone with the enemies.
"I know that its wise to use one person as bait while the other rescues the quest target. I know that, but..." Eupheminas anger reached its peak and eventually exploded, "That ungrateful person dared to use me as bait? If I hadnt helped him, wouldnt he be trapped in the prison forever and deprived of his unique dagger??"
The air around Euphemina became cold.
"She is a magician. Dont give her time to cast a spell!"
The soldiers surrounding Euphemina felt the danger as their helmets and armor started freezing. They hurried to attack Euphemina, but it was already too late.
"Frost Queens Breath."
An unbelievable sight unfolded, as suddenly, a blizzard raged and the soldiers bodies started to freeze from their toes up to their heads.
"Hiik! Body... my body is becoming stiff!"
"C-Cold... Coldddd!"
The soldiers couldnt run away because their feet were freezing. They were frozen in place and suffered from terrible pain. After a while, more than 50 ice statues with expressions of fear were created.

50 hours in real time, 200 hours in Satisfy, he was trapped in that darkness alone.
Terrible screams echoed underground. Grid heard the sound.
It was a familiar but also unfamiliar voice. Grid was able to notice that the screams coming from the end of the corridor was from Huroi.
"Okay, here I come! This damn bastard. I will make sure you pay me back for all this suffering."
Once this quest was cleared, he wanted to hit Huroi 200 times. Grid ran in the direction of the screams. But his legs soon stopped moving.
"I have been waiting." It was Leo, the young knight who was insulted by Grid in the interrogation room! He blocked Grids path.
"W-What? Bachelor Ghost? Why are you here?"
Grid had predicted that most knights and soldiers would be on the third floor or blocking the exit. Therefore, he was confused about why a knight was on the fourth floor.
"Who is the bachelor ghost?" Leo turned red with anger and explained. "Werent you allied with Huroi? I expected that you wouldnt escape alone. I knew you would rescue Huroi so I came here to wait for you."
Ah, damn. I only shared a few words with Huroi. Anyway, the NPCs are using their head.
Grid looked around. But he couldnt see anyone other than Leo.
Leo looked at him and ridiculed. "Hah! Did you think I would come with soldiers? Dont be too confident! Why do I need to bring soldiers to kill a lowly person like you? My strength alone is enough to rip you apart. Grid...! You will pay the price for insulting me!"
Leo had an extremely pleased expression on his face. This meant he had a deep grudge against Grid. Grid was forced to blame his actions a few hours ago.
I made him crazy with anger... If I knew this, I wouldnt have been so rude.
Once again, Grid realized that he shouldnt curse people. But regrets always came too late.
Leos blue cloak flapped as he rushed forward.
Grid used a skill.
"Blacksmiths Rage. Quick Movements."
[Blacksmiths Rage has been activated. Your attack power and attack speed will increase significantly for 20 seconds.]
[Quick Movements has been activated. Your agility and evasion rate will increase significantly for 1 minute.]
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