Chapter 45
Author :Park Saenal
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Chapter 45

Chapter 45
Winston Castles dungeon.
I was trapped in a solitary room on the third underground floor, but was rescued by Euphemina and was now looking for Huroi.
"Damn! Ive looked everywhere, but I cant find him. Where is that bastard Huroi trapped?"
"I dont think he is on this floor. Maybe we should go down further?"
"What? The third floor isnt the end?
"According to information I received, there are four floors."
"I have to go down to the fourth floor..."
The time limit for rescuing Huroi was 1 hour and 10 minutes. I was becoming more and more irritated. If I exceeded the time limit and failed to rescue Huroi, I would receive a really big penalty. I had to find and rescue Huroi as quickly as possible.
But Winston Castles dungeon was very large and the corridors were as complex as a maze, making it difficult to find the way. I decided to follow Eupheminas opinion, but it wasnt easy to find the stairs heading down to the fourth floor.
"Hey, you! Are you sure that the fourth floor really exists? The third floor isnt the end? Maybe Huroi is on the second or first floor..."
"I swept through the first and second floors while looking for you, but I didnt see a prisoner called Huroi. And the fourth floor really does exist. I received the information from a trustworthy person."
"Uhh... But I cant see the way down to the fourth floor..."
"Stop whining. Im annoyed."
"...Yes, sorry."
Time continued to pass while we wandered around. Before I knew it, there were only 50 minutes remaining. Meanwhile, the pursuit of the soldiers didnt stop and there were traps installed in the corridors.
But Im glad. The traps are so obvious that I dont need to worry about falling for them.
This prison was made of rocks. The floors, the walls and the ceiling, everything was made of rocks. In addition, it was underground, so sunlight couldnt reach it. In other words, it was a space where blades of grass couldnt grow.
But funnily enough, I saw places on the floor where flowers and grass were growing. In addition, there was fruit and bread hanging from the ceiling. There were also high-quality items that didnt match the prison space hanging on the walls.
It was clearly an unnatural sight!
They are all traps.
Even a person with the intelligence of an elementary school student would be able to notice such ridiculous traps.
"I think you should bow. Otherwise you might die."
I listened to Eupheminas voice and hurriedly bowed down. At the same time, sharp arrows flew over my back. I checked the arrows stuck in the wall and cried out.
"H-Heok...! W-What is this all of a sudden? I was almost hit."
As I was wiping at my sweat and sighing with relief, Euphemina pushed me in the back. Due to that, I lost my balance and fell down, while a spear shot up where I was just standing. If Euphemina hadnt pushed me, I wouldve been skewered by that spear.
I got goose bumps.
"Hik! Hiyaaack! What the hell is this?"
"Im sorry. I accidentally activated a trap."
Euphemina giggled while walking. There were several colorful flowers in her hands.
...This was crazy.
"Isnt it strange for flowers to grow in this place? Its obviously a trap! So why did you pick the flowers? Eh?! How can you fall for the trap, you dumb girl!? I almost didnt make it! And why would you pick flowers in this situation in the first place? Dammit! Useless person. If I died because of you, I would make you take responsibility. Dont do anything unnecessary and just find the way!"

It was simple.
"I dont have any armor."
The clothes that I was wearing had absolutely no defense. I couldnt fight against soldiers with no defense! At the end of the day, Euphemina was helping me so I could concentrate on rescuing Huroi without fighting.
"Even if you dont have armor, isnt it easy for you to handle the soldiers?"
"No. Im not as strong as you think. Then... Ill leave this to you."
"Huh? What does that mean...?"
I patted Eupheminas back and headed towards the hole caused by the trap she had triggered earlier. "Ill go and find Huroi first. Hold their attention until then!"
The confused Euphemina hurriedly tried to catch me, but it was too late. I ignored her and dove into the hole.
Ku tang tang tang!
[You have fallen from a high place and suffered 200 damage.]
I left the soldiers and Euphemina, falling alone to the fourth floor.
"Cough! Cough! Uhh...fortunately, I didnt get significantly hurt."
I raised my dusty body and moved my gaze to the dusty ceiling. The battle between Euphemina and the soldiers had already begun, as flashing lights and the soldiers yells were heard.
"Good, Euphemia. Youre doing very well~."
If she fought as loudly as possible, the enemies would believe that Euphemina and I were on the third floor, pulling all the defensive troops to the third floor. Then the defense on the fourth floor would be relatively poor.
"Huhut, I can find and rescue Huroi in this gap. Arent I surprisingly smart?"
Did I feel bad for leaving the fighting to Euphemina while I rescued Huroi? Well, no. My conscience didnt exist. I was the type to use others if it would benefit me.
Was I worried about Euphemina fighting alone? Of course I wasnt worried. She was the first epic class and so OP that she could use all types of magic spells without chanting first. She would survive even if hundreds of soldiers and dozens of knights were her opponents.
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